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Victorious is an American sitcom created by Dan Schneider that originally aired on Nickelodeon from March 27, 2010 through February 2, 2013 . The series revolves around aspiring singer Tori Vega, a teenager who attends a performing arts high school called Hollywood Arts High School, after taking her more.


Here's the analysis of all the characters

Tori: Absolutely no personality outside of being the over-glorified singer of the show

Andre: The bland best friend

Cat: The girl who's jokes are there just to cater to the 2 year olds that might be watching

Jade: The ass of the group

Beck: The bland, 1 dimensional pretty boy

Robbie: The weird kid that's just there so everyone else in the group can make fun of him

Trina: The self-centered, untalented hack

What? This show is really best than iCarly or Sam & Cat!

And no one should care about their children watching this show because it is watching because parents leave. It is not made for children, and has jokes mature and innuendo. This show portrays the reality of more teens than Zoey 101, despite showing some characters outside the normal real life, as Cat Valentine and Robbie. I really love this show. It is very delightful to watch.

I disagree, Cat is just doing what she is asked to do, you can't blame her for it. Jade is super sweet in real life and she does have feelings. She brings most attention to the show. Beck is dramatic, you never know what to excpect, like if he will stand up to Jade. Rex is always the weird one, he always talks about random things, that's what funny people do. Robbie, oh robbie, he is an awkward person, he always have an awkward twist, that's his character. Victoria, she is the main star, she brings drama and mischief into the show. That is the best part, Altogether they make a show with drama, mischief, awkwardness, that's what the people wanna see, this show shouldn't be on the chart at all

Um... we aren't basing the show on what the Actors are like in real life... We are basing what we like/dislike about the SHOW & characters portrayed. - anicoebaker

I can't stand this show. The characters are stereotypical as well as the setting. Not all schools use lunch trays, and I couldn't stand Cat. She acts like Patrick Star on drugs and an extremely hyperactive SpongeBob. Trina also acts like a SpongeBob character whose main personality is at high extremities, in this case, Trina acts like a very angry Squidward. It's not funny either.

This show is corny, bland & laugh track infested, except for her songs, but Seriously, This is a horrible show about a prissy little dumbhead atttending a stupid play to actually annoy the audience, she thinks she's good at acting (she is good at singing), she's actually BAD at it, not to mention one episode had violence involving a hot celeb getting her hand hit by an arrow during a script, when that guy thought she said touch, which NOBODY said, Why would children watch a show with people getting hurt? Glad it got cancelled, but it ran too long for 4 seasons.

Besides of this show being raciest, I knots that the main actors always degraded there fellow actor's. It's like if your not part of the main "actor's crow" in the show that it is ok for the main actor to smacked down and humiliated the other regular actor's. Ex, there was this one episode were the crow were not allowed to use there seal phones and one of them at lunch sad that one of the advantage's of not having there seal phones is that they knots that the students in Hollywood art are "ugly". I mean rely I never seen this behavior in professional T.V. show's.

This is just a ripoff of iCarly! It seems like Victorious is the reason why iCarly is a hated T.V. show. Horrible Acting! The Puppet reminds me of that other dumb show Lazy Town!

Oh my god this show is ass. I'm so happy they finally cancelled this show. I hope this show never comes back. I hope it never gets popular again, I hope it never gets revived from being cancelled, this show should just stay irrelevant. Before it first aired, and after. Because nobody is buying the DVD copies of this show. Everybody says this show sucks. Victorious is one of the worst Nick shows EVER! Really.

Victorious is wonderful, the person who wrote the victorious play has victory.Whoever wrote that shouldn't be aired maybe that person doesn't watch it well the show is VICTORIOUS!. All I know is that victorious is very interesting, I could go on forever, all the actors act well Victoria Justice, Ariana Grande, Avan Jogia, Leon Thomas

I hate this show now. Cat is so annoying. I am happy it's going to end. Watch full house and other nick at nite shows instead. I don't watch new episodes on Saturdays. Even though some of my friends enjoy this I don't. This show has a horrible laugh track. It's not even funny.

That was a hit. An awesome show, although many of the characters (even Tori) were selfish. I mean, LET EVEN SOME OTHER GIRLS SING WITH ANDRE TOO! I MEAN, IF YOU WANT NOT TO LEAVE OTHERS SING WITH HIM, THEN WHY DON'T YOU MAKE UP WITH HIM. Anyway, other than that, this show was really awesome! They shouldn't get it cancelled. OR EVEN GET IT IN THIS LIST!

Are you kidding? This was the end of good Nickelodeon! After this and ICarly ended, stupid shows started airing!

I disagree with that actually. I believe that good Nickelodeon ended after Avatar: The Last Airbender ended, then they started making stupid shows. - Anonymousxcxc

You know when that say that someone is super gorgeous and they rant even that pretty, this is one of those shows, she was so much prettier in zoey101, but every girl in the show are prettier than her, they say that she's just super pretty but she's not

This show had it moments, it was actually probably one of the best shows on Nickelodeon (AT THE MOMENT NOT COMPARED TO HOW Nickelodeon USED TO BE) which really it doesn't have much competition.
Victoria Justice, is a good actress... but seriously she needs to stop singing, she is pretty average, where as Cat Valentine (Ariana Grande) is such a better & talented singer, all though... her annoying character & Cat just got even more stupider than started off, does anyone actually know anyone THAT stupid?
Jade, just got meanier for no apparent reason, she too is also a stronger singer, where as victoria justice is just a basic singer, the other characters were all like-able characters. - anicoebaker

Why does everyone dislike this show so much? I actually kinda like it. Sad it got cancelled. You guys should probably be happy, but there are people out there who do like the show. I know you guys have opinions, but what's all this hate for? The actually show or the acting from the cast?

I thought victorious was actually creative and well thought out. And in my opinion the characters were likable and all unique. Much better than these newer trash Nickelodeon shows

I loved this show I thought the cast was really talented so don't go saying that cat is annoying because that's her part shes supposed to play shes a great singer and was on Broadway along with Liz Gillies!

Really? Why is this show on here? I thought it was the only GOOD show on Nickelodeon until it got cancelled.

It was canceled? I just thought the season ended. It's a good show though.

It was stupid, and it was canceled so that Nick could make room for more garbage, so that they could steal money.

Not true this show should be in the best show's!

Cat was the problem. As the show got further cat started acting like she was drunk and high

You know, it's a strange pattern with these writers. Every show they develop is worse than the one before it.

I hate this show so much now. The laugh tracks laugh at things that are so annoying. I rather watch everybody loves Raymond or something in Saturdays at 8:00 pm. Home improvement and full house are so much better than this junk. I know my parents say 13 year girls are susposed to like this. But I chose full house and home improvement over this. I rather eat peanuts which I'm allegic to than watch this. Home improvement has a good laugh track. I think Cat is more annoying than Kimmy Gibbler and Wilson Wilson Jr. Home improvement has more positive messages for the whole family.

Stupid racist american show witch only purpose its to show how other nations are inferior to usa

This show is basically icarly if you took the web show out of it, and it's just as corny as icarly too

I don't like this show, it's so LAME. I don't watch new Nickelodeon premires of anything anymore. Cat should be on the top 10 most annoying T.V. characters. Everything that the laugh track laughs at is not even funny. Why can't Tweens and teens watch full house and home improvement instead of this LAME and ANNOYING show.