Top Ten Worst Personality Traits

I was inspired to make this list after meeting someone who had many of these. So, which traits are the worst to be around.

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1 Arrogance

Arrogance is SEXY

Wish this wasn't a trait of mine, but it is. I have severe depression because of it.

Being POMPOUS and ARROGANT is a GREAT trait

Arrogance doesn't make you better than others. - Userguy44

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2 Ignorance

I once told someone I was depressed and suicidal, and they told me I should've slit my throat... Then their friend joined in and they started going back and forth on ways I should've killed myself. I cried for a week straight about that :(

Ever slept in the darkness of ignorance, yet considering themselves wise and learned..The fools go round and round..staggering to and fro, like the blind led by the blind. - Ananya

3 Dishonesty

I am the opposite... I can actually be a bit too blunt at times... - Misfire

I don't think this is the worst personality trait because sometimes people lie to avoid hurting other's feelings.

But is that really a good thing after all? Is it better than the person knowing the hurtful thing? If you were the one that wouldn't be told, would you rather know a hurtful truth or not know something that affects you at all if it's bad? - sofiav

Liers should be hang to die

Well let's not go that far, everyone lies at some point in their lives:( - AnnaOfArendelle332

All relationships, whether among friends, family, acquaintances, business partners, class mates, not to mention S.O's. All of them are based on trust.

If you can't trust someone, nothing else matters. They're a "good for nothing" on a good day, and nothing but a backstabber and a cheat on a bad day.
It can be as little as lying about spreading a rumor to cheating on husband/wife.

4 Mean spirited

Yep. Deserves to be #1 in my opinion. This trait sucks. - Camaro6

Oh come on arrogance is not as bad as those who are constantly being mean! In fact it shouldn't be number 1 it should be a number between 7 and 10. Arrogance is bad but not THAT bad. - AnnaOfArendelle332

5 Servility

Had to dictionary serach this- but yes :D

6 Selfish

I'm surprised this isn't first.

Cannot stand this

7 Disrespectful
8 Rudeness

Oh pulease, pessimism is great. - MoldySock

9 Demandfulness
10 Violent

I'm not a big fan of being violent, but there are some parts in my life where violence is necessary... - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

*raises hand* I'm a big fan of watching violent stuff.-Vestalis

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11 Pessimism

Hmm. ,this was a toughie to decide. I chose this because at least with traits such as arrogance, temperamental and demandfulness, they will get you moving and not sitting around thinking that nothing will go right and everything is against you.
Interesting list. I like! - Britgirl

12 Psychopathic

Ah yes, everyone has probably met a so called "psycho" at least one time in their lives! This is one of the most well known personality traits in our universe! Plus, this isn't hard to define, so I'll define it right now. A psychopathic person is someone who is just plain crazy, and it gets to the point where their craziness has huge consequences! So there's really not much to a psychopath!

13 Domineering
14 Evil
15 Gullible
16 Narcissism

I think this should be at the top of the list. Narcissists are absolutely vile people.

Totally and hypocrites!

17 Annoying
18 Hypersensitivity

It's obvious I added this LMAO - DarkBoi-X

19 Insecure
20 Temperamental

Being moody

21 Greed
22 Meow!
23 Disloyalty

This is the worst(along with making up excuses for everything you do wrong and never to taking the blame.) I rank disloyalty te worst because it is. I mean someone can be arrogant. But, if they have at least one person who they would die for they are probably a good person. I hate any T.V. show character or real life person who demonstrates this quality.

24 Cynicism
25 Manipulative
26 Short tempered
27 Dull
28 Guiltless

If you have no shame, you have no will to change your behavior into a better one...

29 Nihilism
30 Callous
31 Immature
32 Lazy

I'm sorta lazy. - DarkBoi-X

I'm too lazy to fight my laziness... - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

33 Avarice
34 Girly

Hoew is this badcyfjkmctnxdf

35 Promiscuity
36 Stupidity
37 Sociopath
38 Clingy
39 Whiny
40 Emo
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