Top 10 Worst Places to Take Her On a Date

Picture this: you've finally mustered up the courage to ask that special someone out, and you're determined to impress them with a memorable evening. But hold your horses, dear suitor, because there are places you should avoid like the plague if you don't want to leave your sweetheart questioning your sanity and affection.

These destinations are the antithesis of romance, where Cupid himself would surely cower in fear. Taking your girlfriend to these locales may result in her doubting your affection, scratching her head in bewilderment, or worst of all, plotting an elaborate revenge that will live on in infamy.
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1 A Family Planning Clinic

I guessed seeing the list that a strip club would be number one. This is a funnier and more original choice, though.

She may be a bit miffed. If you're actually thinking about it, either don't do it or let it be a nasty surprise.

So awkward. Is it a first date? You want to make her happy? Then wait until you're married to do this.

2 The Studio Where They Film "Embarrassing Bodies"

"Tina, darling. Just imagine this is the EXACT spot where they examined someone's piles! Amazing isn't it?"

"Goodbye Lee!"

Can you imagine this? Seriously?!

3 A Strip Club

If my girlfriend took me to one, I would break up because I hate prostitution!

4 A Rap Concert

I would break up if my girlfriend took me to one.

I'm Black and I'm a girl, and I hate rap music!

My boyfriend dislikes rap 'music' as much as I do. So if he took me to any gig like this, I'd know he was trying to tell me it's over. Wonderful list, P. Wildhawk!

5 A Hospital
6 A Prison

How would you even get into the prison in the first place?

7 A Justin Bieber Concert

This one is the worst because it would have to be followed by a funeral.

8 A Sumo Wrestling Stadium
9 A Funeral

See how romantic this place is. They talk about dying together. May our love be that eternal.

10 A Dump

Why would you ever take them to a dump?

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11 A Fast Food Restaurant

Why take them to a fast-food restaurant when you can take them to a much fancier restaurant? You should be buying dinner, not lunch food.

The thing is, my father did this when he first went out with my mother. It was before he knew she was vegetarian.

Didn't Chris Chan want to take his date to McDonald's? What an idiot!

12 Your Parent's House

A nice family dinner. If not awkward.

13 A Gay Bar

Especially when you're not gay.

14 A Political Rally
15 A Gas Station

Dude, I'd be happy if a guy took me to a political rally or the dollar store.

16 A Pro Golfing Event
17 An NFL Game
18 Your Other Girlfriend's House
19 A Bathroom
20 A Dollar Store

You could buy her gifts from dollar stores, but take the price tags off first.

21 A Car Wash
22 A Miley Cyrus Concert
23 A Casual Dining Restaurant
24 A WWE Wrestling Event
25 A Black Metal Concert
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