Top 10 Worst Places to Live In Yorkshire, England

Yorkshire is by far the most beautiful and biggest county in the whole of the U.K.
With many famous landmarks, castles, treks, and green green land. Its hard to believe that its home to some of the roughest places that time seems to have forgotten.
Much due to the collapse of the mining and steel industry its sometimes just a 10 minute drave of the motorways to end up in ghost towns.

With over 40yrs experience of moving around heres my choices

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1 Bradford

Massive problem with social housing and illegal immigrants. Another of the larger city's widely acknowledged for the curry capital of England but that's where the fun stops as more fast food shops closed down per pound than any other city. - elfman73

It's a mini India

I live in Bradford. It's the scruffiest place ever. And so dodgy. However only the centre of Bradford is like this. I live in a nice part of it in the Yorkshire dales called Bingley.

Sad place..

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2 Castleford

Castleford is nothing like it was twenty years ago. The chemical works have gone. It has a popular little shopping centre, Junction 32 with its designer outlets. The brilliant Xscape and lots of new housing developments shooting up all over. So it's about time people stopped slagging it off from an outdated reputation of many years ago. - OldLeedsMan

Crap hole, got the hell out of there as soon as I could

It's a small town in the much more glamorous Wakefield. The townsfolk are very much dedicated to their home town but seem to have stayed in the 1940s and not progressed.

Many buildings are bordered up and the Crime level is high, a bad smell of sulphur due to factorys in and around the Town Centre. - elfman73

So many chavs.

3 Leeds

Been here for over 25 years now, just a bit more than half of my life and totally disagree. In fact, I think it's probably the best city in the UK, even makes my Top 10 of best cities in Europe, plus has a spot somewhere in my Top 50 of best cities in the world. Some of the cities before Leeds are Florence, Amsterdam, Havana, Munich. Prague, Ho Chi Minh, for example, but only as a visitor, not to live there permanently.

Leeds is lovely some bad places most good just a lot of drug and hooligan football fans but most biggest, famous city in England

Ask the scars on my back


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4 Rotherham

As to be in due to the sad and frightening breaking stroy over the last 2 years that 4'000 plus girls were molested in the 80s 90s 00s and that wide spride paedophile rings are rife in the city and its boundaries.

The number could exceed 25k they reckon and its come to light that social services knewaabout this. - elfman73

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5 Featherstone

A little pit village where the residents are so violent that they will beat you for stopping at ared light. Again like Castleford this finds itself as a tiny suburb of Wakefield but these residents take it one step further. If you shop in the city of Wakefield where the named stores are or work then you are shunned.

A village hit by pit closings in the 80s 90s still have high unemployment and high number of people claiming to be disabled - elfman73

6 Harrogate

If you're not born with a plum in your mouth or silver spoon up your bottom then this city is not for you.
Next to some idilic surroundings but housing is way over priced and if you drive less than a BMW then you will be snubbed.
Middle class downton abby wannabes but without the real cash to back it. - elfman73

7 Barnsley

Total eyesore of a place, town centre a complete joke. The best thing in the place is a road leading out of it.

Downtrodden pit town, see above. - elfman73

Bransley is twinned with Bradford. They are both socially & economically deprived. They are also run by the Local Labour Party Council.

8 Pontefract

A mixture of Castleford and Featherstone people who marry and social housing. A lot better than Featherstone but some areas like ferry Fryston has a huge power plant that really does pose a threat to health - elfman73

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9 Doncaster

Doncaster is full of crack heads and dope ass. Ain't no place like Donny, scum.

10 Hull

Hull stinks and nothing's special and plus I lived there for 14 years

Not many places on the coast in Yorkshire arec considered a slum, Hull come top in many lists that you don't want to be like school age pregnancies.

A shame because its on the beautiful East Coast - elfman73

Complete toilet

The Newcomers

? Ossett

Full of old people who think they rule the town and the year 11 kids from ossett are sound


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11 Wakefield

Wakefield is bare scruffy and full of drugies

I like pontefract better


Wakefield or 'Wakey' is a completehole, its deng and there's BARE mongs

12 Huddersfield

Just a pure wank hole

Huddersfield is a hole full of immigrants, chavs and dicks. It's crime ridden, lifeless and bleak.

13 Grimsby

Grim by name,...

Next to hull and many of the same problems BUT 1 smaller and 2 a town not a city. - elfman73

The best place without a doubt. Lived here for over 8 years and enjoy the true British tradition.

14 Selby
15 York
16 Knottingley

It a dump!

17 Sheffield

Sheffield is beautiful. Very close to the Peak District, Pennines and Hillsborough.

18 Mixenden
19 Heckmondwike


it is full of pakis and a drug dealing town its full of police who touch kids and full of pissheads

20 Thorne
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