Top 10 Worst Places to Live In Yorkshire, England

Yorkshire is by far the most beautiful and biggest county in the whole of the U.K.
With many famous landmarks, castles, treks, and green green land. Its hard to believe that its home to some of the roughest places that time seems to have forgotten.
Much due to the collapse of the mining and steel industry its sometimes just a 10 minute drave of the motorways to end up in ghost towns.

With over 40yrs experience of moving around heres my choices

The Top Ten

1 Bradford

Massive problem with social housing and illegal immigrants. Another of the larger city's widely acknowledged for the curry capital of England but that's where the fun stops as more fast food shops closed down per pound than any other city. - elfman73

I have lived in Bradford all my life and it is just awful and I don't feel like I am In England instead more like India

I live in Bradford. It's the scruffiest place ever. And so dodgy. However only the centre of Bradford is like this. I live in a nice part of it in the Yorkshire dales called Bingley.

Its tiny Pakistan the immigrants!

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2 Castleford

Castleford is nothing like it was twenty years ago. The chemical works have gone. It has a popular little shopping centre, Junction 32 with its designer outlets. The brilliant Xscape and lots of new housing developments shooting up all over. So it's about time people stopped slagging it off from an outdated reputation of many years ago. - OldLeedsMan

Crap hole, got the hell out of there as soon as I could

Lies it is great

I've lived in cas all my life and I can tell you I’m institutionalised

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3 Leeds

Been here for over 25 years now, just a bit more than half of my life and totally disagree. In fact, I think it's probably the best city in the UK, even makes my Top 10 of best cities in Europe, plus has a spot somewhere in my Top 50 of best cities in the world. Some of the cities before Leeds are Florence, Amsterdam, Havana, Munich. Prague, Ho Chi Minh, for example, but only as a visitor, not to live there permanently.

Leeds is lovely some bad places most good just a lot of drug and hooligan football fans but most biggest, famous city in England

I think Leeds is the best. I have been here all my life so yeah.


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4 Rotherham

Rotherham town centre is dire full of asian
not a nice place to reside.

As to be in due to the sad and frightening breaking stroy over the last 2 years that 4'000 plus girls were molested in the 80s 90s 00s and that wide spride paedophile rings are rife in the city and its boundaries.

The number could exceed 25k they reckon and its come to light that social services knewaabout this. - elfman73

From 1997-2013, 1400 children were groomed, raped, and threatened with violence by gangs of Muslim Men (most from Pakistani heritage). Those crimes were ignored by the Police, Social Services, and the ruling local Labour Party Council and its previous local MP, Denis MacShane and its current MP Sarah Champion. Anyone who raised this issue were labeled 'racists', 'Islamophobic', 'Xenophobic' by the local authorities. Those crime still continue to do this day and are consistency covered up.

5 Featherstone

If the dunt come from t village what yer doing ere. Usually followed by a punch in the face. A charming little destination not on anyones map.

A little pit village where the residents are so violent that they will beat you for stopping at ared light. Again like Castleford this finds itself as a tiny suburb of Wakefield but these residents take it one step further. If you shop in the city of Wakefield where the named stores are or work then you are shunned.

A village hit by pit closings in the 80s 90s still have high unemployment and high number of people claiming to be disabled - elfman73

6 Harrogate

I've never felt so lonely living somewhere.

If you're not born with a plum in your mouth or silver spoon up your bottom then this city is not for you.
Next to some idilic surroundings but housing is way over priced and if you drive less than a BMW then you will be snubbed.
Middle class downton abby wannabes but without the real cash to back it. - elfman73

7 Barnsley

Total eyesore of a place, town centre a complete joke. The best thing in the place is a road leading out of it.

Bransley is twinned with Bradford. They are both socially & economically deprived. They are also run by the Local Labour Party Council.

Downtrodden pit town, see above. - elfman73

Barnsley is the best place in the world it’s like Disney world and universal in one. Huddersfield is wayy worse!

8 Pontefract

A mixture of Castleford and Featherstone people who marry and social housing. A lot better than Featherstone but some areas like ferry Fryston has a huge power plant that really does pose a threat to health - elfman73

Great place to live you get to go into the wilderness of valley gardens and find valuable treasures of airdale "the heroine needle"

It's great

9 Doncaster

Doncaster is full of crack heads and dope ass. Ain't no place like Donny, scum.

High crime rate

Filled with spice heads in the centre and Chavs around the outskirt

50% crackheads
49% crack dealers
1% normal people
I am party of the 50%😊😊

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10 Hull

Hull stinks and nothing's special and plus I lived there for 14 years

Not many places on the coast in Yorkshire arec considered a slum, Hull come top in many lists that you don't want to be like school age pregnancies.

A shame because its on the beautiful East Coast - elfman73

Complete toilet

Hull is a place of mixed fortunes, There are some very attractive buildings both old and new, some fine pubs and restaurants, theatres, libraries and museums. An attractive shopping complex built over the old docks is well worth a mention. It is a Port where millionaires keep their yachts, but also, rather sadly a town that has a problem with unemployment and drug dependency. I suspect it is that diversity that makes the place so fascinating. There are some interesting street names "Dagger lane" to name but one.
It was a t

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11 Huddersfield

Just a pure wank hole

Have some alright people but full of violence and abuse

Huddersfield is a hole full of immigrants, chavs and dicks. It's crime ridden, lifeless and bleak.


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12 Knottingley

Just found this site and read the revue about Knottingley. At first I thought it a bit unfair, but on reflection I have to agree with it all. It really is the most degenerate town filled with the most disgusting people, who are uncouth, uneducated, lack any sort of culture listen to the most dross music, swear continually laugh at the most disgusting things and urinate in full view of others. I have seen a women squatting behind a filthy take away shop urinating and then eating her frozen processed chips and never washing her hands. The Winston pub has no hand drier or paper towels in the gents and if asked how one is suppose to dry ones hands the toothless halfwit bar women just shrugs and says " A dunt think no one bothers like"
"women's bogs driers bust anawl and that dunt need to bother if thas ony had a pee like".
I have watched the same bar tender and she has never washed her hands after using the toilet and then touches the drinking glasses. If one needs to evacuate ones ...more

Knottingley is a very depressing dirty and largely boarded up town, The people who live there are mainly uneducated obese toothless, who never wash there hands after using the toilet. It is a good place to dump refuse and to empty Gipsy caravan toilets. The drug lady drives about in a white pickup truck and can be seen selling drugs openly to the smack heads, she has a private registration plate and looks menacing.

Knottingley is not all bad, there is a problem with litter, boarded up pubs, some disgusting old fashioned clubs, obesity, lack of education, poorly raised children, drug addicts kids riding illegally on motorbikes, refuse being brought and dumped and a few other things, but there is new litter bin opposite the drug house and that is ok, also there is a seat by the canal that although covered with and graffiti and has been set on fire is still useable.

A thoroughly disagreeable place full of degenerate people who are sort of bound to the place due to them being unacceptable and incapable of adapting to decent civilised communities. For example a Knottlaist would not feel comfortable in company where the word "" does not precede every other word. Or where there is a habit of cleanliness and hygiene.

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13 Wakefield

Wakefield is bare scruffy and full of drugies

I like pontefract better


Wakefield or 'Wakey' is a completehole, its deng and there's BARE mongs

14 Grimsby

Grim by name,...

Next to hull and many of the same problems BUT 1 smaller and 2 a town not a city. - elfman73

The best place without a doubt. Lived here for over 8 years and enjoy the true British tradition.

15 Selby
16 York

York is lovely, welcoming. Weary. With all that is happening. Generally people are of the opinion "not all appear as they seem". It has a lot of tourists from all different backgrounds. Same as Harrogate. Both historical places. Anyone who doesn't like Yorkshire has alternate motives,. Leeds is a lot like London.

17 Mixenden
18 Dewsbury

Full of smack heads and prostitutes and crime ridden kids Leon Robinson little knobhead lies about getting sent down

19 Batley

Never been attacked in Batley ever. Maybe the writer of the last post is a scroat

Full of asian drug dealers and gangs. Out of towners can't even step into staincliffe without asians attacking scary place

20 Halifax

Absolute tip. Cannot wait to leave.

Best place where to live I have lived there for 17 years

Worst roads, worst transport, boring as hell and always seems to rain here

Child sexual grooming by the local Pakis, lovely place if you want to be raped in a Taxi.
No go areas, if your White your dead.
Smack heads circling the Town pestering for money.
Another forgotten Northern town taken over by scum.

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21 Sheffield

Sheffield is beautiful. Very close to the Peak District, Pennines and Hillsborough.

22 Heckmondwike


it is full of pakis and a drug dealing town its full of police who touch kids and full of pissheads

23 Thorne
24 Bridlington

Full of scums

25 South Kirkby

Yes south Kirkby is a bad place to live now it use to be nice

It is rubbish

26 Bramley
27 Sherburn

If this is Sherburn as in Sherburn In Elmet... well I moved here from Leeds and lived here for 7 years. The locals look inbred and stare at you if you're an outsider and it has the most cliquey community imaginable. can't go to the shops without walking past a fresh pack of unruly chavs each day, up near the library. Absolutely boring place to live, no leisure centre so have to use the terrible transport links to go to the Selby or Tadcaster one. The high school is just plain rubbish in terms of dealing with bullies. Full of weirdos in my opinion, can't wait to go elswhere! More like SherBURN IN HELLmet

28 Keighley

Best people ever. Full of druggys

Why hasn't anyone mentioned this depressing,boring,grubby,little hole. Full of old fat people and some thick kids.council members even thicker. Remember why tour de Yorkshire had to quickly skip the section going through the high street?. Sez it all!

29 Ilkley
30 Mirfield
31 Cleckheaton
32 Todmorden

Six fingers inbread town ygm
screwing my sister since 03

33 Bradistan
34 Pellon
35 North Halifax

Ovenden, Illingworth, Mixenden, Boothtown; high levels of social depravity and all the trappings that comes with it.

36 Ossett

Full of old people who think they rule the town and the year 11 kids from ossett are sound


37 Hebden Bridge

Don't believe everything you hear or see. If you are unlucky enough to grow up there and your not well off then good luck in getting out. High drug usage and alcohol abuse amongst young people. Depressing to see. Jobs are few and far between, education is run down... Lets not talk about the flooding.

38 Pocklington

Lovely place but full of bellends

39 Woodlands

Full of southerners

40 Skipton

Full of smelly smack head 15 year olds

41 Thornhill

Full of smackheads and the little knobs from ths

42 Goole

Mini Hull
Absolute Dumphole
Only crackheads and seagulls to see here

43 Rye Lane
44 Warwick Estate

Great place

Best place to live in my opinion. it is located south of Knottingley aka "knottla", also a great place to live, not far from Ferrybridge aka "Ferry" which is also a great place to live. Now Warwick estate may be nutorious for drugs mainly weed, but it is a homely place and the people there may come across as mean and rough but in reality they are kind people, just don't get on the wrong side of em because thill get shanked.

45 Hadleigh

We need ukip

46 Jaywick

This isn't even in Yorkshire.

Full of crackheads, terrible places and litter everywhere. not to mention the alcoholics

47 Streethouse

Absolutely Terrible Village

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