Top 10 Worst Places to Live In Yorkshire, England

Yorkshire is by far the most beautiful and biggest county in the whole of the U.K.
With many famous landmarks, castles, treks, and green green land. It's hard to believe that it's home to some of the roughest places that time seems to have forgotten.

Much due to the collapse of the mining and steel industry its sometimes just a 10 minute drive of the motorways to end up in ghost towns.

With over 40 yrs experience of moving around here's my choices
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1 Bradford

I am a very happy resident of bradford, on a morning I wake up and pray to a three headed god. next I relieve myself of any waste on the street then call the nearest taxi to take me to my workplace. after a long day of work, I grab a local takeaway, the owner of the takeaway skins the deformed rat right infront of my face, its nice to see my food is locally sourced. I take my food home while fighting off the 24 immigrants trying to snatch it from my hand and lock myself in my council house. I then pull out the matress from under my floorboards, making sure the heroin needles are removed from it and once again pray to the 12 armed god. I then go to sleep, rinse and repeat, standard day in bradistan.

I'm 16 and have lived in Bradford for 10 years as I moved from chapeltown, Leeds. Don't come here I am mixed race (black and white) and a minority about 90% of Bradford are Asian. Some are nice but if you come to west bowling the roughest area or bd5 where I live you basically live next door to Asian drug dealers and at 8pm till early hours of morning quad bikes and police cars leave you with no sleep it is dull and dangerous don't come here your lucky if you live somewhere else

Massive problem with social housing and illegal immigrants. Another of the larger city's widely acknowledged for the curry capital of England but that's where the fun stops as more fast food shops closed down per pound than any other city.

Bradford never recovered from the riots over a decade ago and it is neglected. abused and financially exploited by the ruling local Labour Party Council and its local MPs. Bradford is now nicknamed 'Bradfordistan' and is rumoured to be under Sharia Law.

2 Castleford

Castleford is nothing like it was twenty years ago. The chemical works have gone. It has a popular little shopping centre, Junction 32 with its designer outlets. The brilliant Xscape and lots of new housing developments shooting up all over. So it's about time people stopped slagging it off from an outdated reputation of many years ago.

It's a small town in the much more glamorous Wakefield. The townsfolk are very much dedicated to their home town but seem to have stayed in the 1940s and not progressed.

Many buildings are bordered up and the Crime level is high, a bad smell of sulphur due to factorys in and around the Town Centre.

Crap hole, got the hell out of there as soon as I could

So many chavs.

3 Leeds

Been here for over 25 years now, just a bit more than half of my life and totally disagree. In fact, I think it's probably the best city in the UK, even makes my Top 10 of best cities in Europe, plus has a spot somewhere in my Top 50 of best cities in the world. Some of the cities before Leeds are Florence, Amsterdam, Havana, Munich. Prague, Ho Chi Minh, for example, but only as a visitor, not to live there permanently.

It's the Crime Capital of Yorkshire and is one of the U.K.s worst Drug areas
Notorious for prostitution and drug dealing at the City's bus stationthe police have issues patroling one of the biggest Cities in England.

High unemployment

I think Leeds is the best. I have been here all my life so yeah.

Ask the scars on my back

4 Rotherham

Rotherham has had a significant amount of bad press in recent years, however it is not such a bad town. True the Town centre is a little run down but there are some quite nice people of varying ethnic backgrounds and the problem with drug abuse and prostitution is being addressed. There used to be a quite nice cinema called the Regal which ended up renamed as the Scala it had a pretty nice Conacher pipe organ. The organ has been preserved somewhere I think but the cinema is no more.

As to be in due to the sad and frightening breaking stroy over the last 2 years that 4'000 plus girls were molested in the 80s 90s 00s and that wide spride paedophile rings are rife in the city and its boundaries.

The number could exceed 25k they reckon and its come to light that social services knewaabout this.

Rotherham town centre is dire full of asian
not a nice place to reside.

5 Hull

Hull is a place of mixed fortunes, There are some very attractive buildings both old and new, some fine pubs and restaurants, theatres, libraries and museums. An attractive shopping complex built over the old docks is well worth a mention. It is a Port where millionaires keep their yachts, but also, rather sadly a town that has a problem with unemployment and drug dependency. I suspect it is that diversity that makes the place so fascinating. There are some interesting street names "Dagger lane" to name but one.
It was a t

I think that Hull has some great pubs like the Minerva and the English Gentleman, also it has some interesting history relating to early Jewish immigrants some great public toilets and a lot of Brothels The Discretion is a good one although it is in a bit of a depressing area just of Hessle Rd it was I once spent a night in a pub called the Alexandra Palace Hotel. It used to have the C ecil Theatre
but I think that is gone now.

Not many places on the coast in Yorkshire arec considered a slum, Hull come top in many lists that you don't want to be like school age pregnancies.

A shame because its on the beautiful East Coast

Hull stinks and nothing's special and plus I lived there for 14 years

6 Doncaster

Doncaster is full of crack heads and dope ass. Ain't no place like Donny, scum.

I live in Doncaster. It's a super nice place to live

Filled with spice heads in the centre and Chavs around the outskirt

High crime rate

7 Barnsley

Bransley is twinned with Bradford. They are both socially & economically deprived. They are also run by the Local Labour Party Council.

Total eyesore of a place, town centre a complete joke. The best thing in the place is a road leading out of it.

Downtrodden pit town, see above.

Barnsley is the best place in the world it’s like Disney world and universal in one. Huddersfield is wayy worse!

8 Harrogate

Harrogate is a very smart town. The population is largely made up of well educated professionals who have style and sophistication. People are appreciative of the arts and culture and have civic pride. The only downside is the problem with car parking. Great Hotels, fine restaurants and high end retailers all help to make Harrogate a superb place.

If you're not born with a plum in your mouth or silver spoon up your bottom then this city is not for you.
Next to some idilic surroundings but housing is way over priced and if you drive less than a BMW then you will be snubbed.
Middle class downton abby wannabes but without the real cash to back it.

I've never felt so lonely living somewhere.

9 Knottingley

Knottingley is derelict lavatory where people urinate and defecate on the floor. No one ever washes their hands and the people are mainly uneducated, toothless, obese, mentally retarded, idiots, travellers or drug addicts. Some very special people belong to all these categories.
The Pigeons fly backwards so they don't get soot in their eyes. No one can speak English only swear words!. Everyone who lives there should be exterminated and the whole place raised to the ground and replaced with a massive biomass power station and the name Knottingley removed from the English language.

I once went to Knottingley and shopped at Morrison's, I had the occasion to visit the toilets, I complained to the manager about the standard of cleanliness and the amount of rubbish and food wrappings in the carpark. He just said "Well, it is Knottingley"! I occasionally used to swim at the sports centre, the ladies changing area was unfit for humans to use, I complained about various things like the unwashed grey stained floors the cracked toilet bowls and the lack of anywhere to dispose of sanitary products, A few weeks later it was closed down, people were throwing bricks through the windows and then it was demolished. I occasionally visited the library but I was told that it was impossible for the service to continue due to people not returning books and drinking alcohol on the premises. It was demolished and a cheap supermarket stands on the site now.
I think Knottingley should be avoided and left to the inbreeds who are happy to wallow in their own excrement..

I have read all these posts, My experience is as follows, People born in K nottingley are the vestigial remnants of the old fashioned, uneducated, unambitious and parochially minded working class. People who were once a necessary and all important part of our countries economy who's lack of intelligence and education left them with little opportunity to do anything other than low paid repetitive, unskilled jobs, often in unsanitary and life threatening environments. Most of the industries that employed these people have now either disappeared or have modernised. The people have pretty much remained the same and have become an embarrassment to the evolved, educated and civilised majority. Due to their inability to benefit from education and their tendency to breed almost exclusively with other similar types, they have degenerated into an underclass of feeble minded inbreeds who derive pleasure from smoking, drinking cheap alcohol and sitting among the refuse that adorns the canal bank ...more

I would say that Knottingley is the most disgusting place on earth. The inhabitants are degenerate, feckless, uneducated, crude and subhuman. Usually drunk, morbidly obese and often interbred. I was sat in one of the few non derelict pubs recently and overheard a fat slag telling her bastard daughter all the places where she had indulged in intercourse. Morrison's car park, back of library (Before it were demolished) and several other places where she had "Gotten her Bush sticky artside".sic, She was so proud it was amazing.
Knottingley is a place where degenerate behaviour is the norm and where hygiene and decency are never experienced. There is a woman who has no teeth and who appears to be suffering from bubonic plague is so fat that she looks like she has a tractor tyre inner tube around her waist all her face is a mass of
swellings and she wears the cheapest almost transparent leggings and nylon slippers, and she works in a pub and describes the customers as "Turds". You ...more

10 Featherstone

A little pit village where the residents are so violent that they will beat you for stopping at ared light. Again like Castleford this finds itself as a tiny suburb of Wakefield but these residents take it one step further. If you shop in the city of Wakefield where the named stores are or work then you are shunned.

A village hit by pit closings in the 80s 90s still have high unemployment and high number of people claiming to be disabled

If the dunt come from t village what yer doing ere. Usually followed by a punch in the face. A charming little destination not on anyones map.

An awful place with mostly drug or drink abusers living there however it has a very small community of nice people.

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11 Sheffield

Sheffield is beautiful. Very close to the Peak District, Pennines and Hillsborough.

Drug and knifing all the time city is a dump

Not a day goes by with criminals and arguements. But scenery in Peak District and Derwent hills is nice. I’m a kid by the way and Ilive here

chavs everywhere loads of knife crime pregnant woman everywhere

12 Selby
13 Wakefield
14 Huddersfield

Huddersfield is a hole full of immigrants, chavs and dicks. It's crime ridden, lifeless and bleak.

Have some alright people but full of violence and abuse

Full of wankers n drunken gits

Just a pure wank hole

15 Pontefract

A mixture of Castleford and Featherstone people who marry and social housing. A lot better than Featherstone but some areas like ferry Fryston has a huge power plant that really does pose a threat to health

Great place to live you get to go into the wilderness of valley gardens and find valuable treasures of airdale "the heroine needle"

16 Dewsbury

A Town that has connections with some very notable people, Betty Boothroyd, Eddie Warring and cross Channel swimmer Eileen Fenton where all born in Dewsbury. Wallace Hartley the violinist who died on the Titanic although originally from Lancashire had his home in the town. and in more recent times the Mathews family rose to infamy due to their foiled attempts at extortion by kidnapping their own daughter Sharon. The town has a long standing association with Rugby League and in days gone by was a significant producer of Mungo and Shoddy as well as some fine wools and blanket making. The town once had a fine Theatre called the Empire Several.Cinemas, 2 railway stations and a famous Ice cream parlour. It now has lots of Pakistani taxi firms.

I believe the name of the Mathews daughter was SHANNON not Sharon but otherwise a pretty fair account of the town

Full of smack heads and prostitutes and crime ridden kids Leon Robinson little knobhead lies about getting sent down

17 York

York is lovely, welcoming. Weary. With all that is happening. Generally people are of the opinion "not all appear as they seem". It has a lot of tourists from all different backgrounds. Same as Harrogate. Both historical places. Anyone who doesn't like Yorkshire has alternate motives,. Leeds is a lot like London.

York us an all round decent fast-growing city. Like any other urban area, it has it has crime and fairly dangerous areas, but nothing on the scale of Leeds, Bradford or Hull.
Only a handful of areas where its not safe to walk at night

18 Mixenden
19 Batley

Full of asian drug dealers and gangs. Out of towners can't even step into staincliffe without asians attacking scary place

Never been attacked in Batley ever. Maybe the writer of the last post is a scroat

Hate the place couldn't wait to leave.

20 Thorne
21 Halifax

Worst roads, worst transport, boring as hell and always seems to rain here

Best place where to live I have lived there for 17 years

Absolute tip. Cannot wait to leave.

Love Halifax I’m young so I love all the bad stuff

22 Woodlands

Full of southerners

23 Bridlington

Full of scums

24 Bradistan
25 Knaresborough
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