Ten Worst Plane Crashes Ever

The Top Ten Ten Worst Plane Crashes Ever

1 March 27, 1977. Two Boeing 747s, operated by KLM and Pan Am, collide on a foggy runway at Tenerife, in Spain's Canary Islands killing 583 people.

so horrible but that's why pilots should listen to the people who tell them when to take off

Worst plane crash in history!

Worst of the worst!

Its horrible because the pilot didn't follow the directions! but if ATC says Please wait till takeoff but pilot said ITS TOO FOGGY RIGHT NOW! but pan am Still moving into runways! If ATC says Takeoff after pan am left the runway then klm will let takeoff
BUT NOT SOMEONE PILOT WILL SAY I WILL TAKEOFF during pan am moving in runways! - SpencerJC

2 August 12, 1985. A Japan Air Lines 747 crashes near Mt. Fuji after takeoff from Tokyo on a domestic flight killing 520.
3 November 12, 1996. An Ilyushin IL-76 cargo plane from Kazakhstan collides in midair with a Saudia 747 near Delhi; all 349 aboard both planes are killed.

Wow jees that's why the copilot should look more at the friking radar

4 March 3, 1974. In one of the most notorious and gruesome crashes ever, a THY (Turkish Airlines) DC-10 crashes near Orly airport killing all 346 passengers and crew.
5 August 19, 1980. A Saudia L-1011 bound for Karachi returns to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, following an in-flight fire that broke out just after departure. 301 people on the widebody died.
6 July 3, 1988. An Airbus A300 operated by Iran Air is shot down over the Straits of Hormuz by the US Navy destroyer Vincennes. None of the 290 occupants survived.

Must be delayed if got war

7 May 25, 1979. As an American Airlines DC-10 lifts from the runway at Chicago's O'Hare airport, an engine detaches and seriously damages a wing.
8 February 19, 2003 . Iran Ilyushin II-76 carrying members of the Islanic Revolutionary Guard crashed in the mountain killing all 275 people on board.
9 June 23, 1985. A bomb planted by a Sikh extremist blows up an Air India 747 enroute between Toronto and Bombay (with stops in Montreal and London). The airplane fell into the sea east of Ireland killing 329.
10 September 11, 2001 - four airplanes were hijacked by the terrorist group Al-Qaeda and flown into several different locations across the U.S.: Two planes in the twin towers (destroying them), one in the Pentagon, and one into a field in Pennsylvania

It should be 1st because it killed over 3000 and no survivors

The Contenders

11 December 21, 1988. Two Libyan agents are later held responsible (one is convicted) for planting a bomb aboard Pan American flight 103, which blows up in the night sky over Lockerbie, Scotland killing 270 people
12 September 1, 1983. Korean Air Lines flight KL007, a 747 carrying 269 passengers and crew from New York to Seoul (with a technical stop in Anchorage) is shot down by a Soviet fighter after drifting off course - and into Soviet airspace - near Sakhalin Isla
13 March 10, 2019. Ethiopian Airlines ET302 (Boeing 737 MAX 8) crashed 6 minutes after takeoff near Bishoftu killing all 157 people onboard the flight from Addis Ababa to Nairobi
14 July 17, 2014. Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 shot down in eastern Ukraine killing 298 people onboard the flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur.
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