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41 Kris wasn't in Heartgold/SoulSilver but Lyra is

Ugly design and wasn't needed Lyra they had Kris from Crystal

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42 Charizard Came Back

Ash was acting like a baby when he brought Charizard back. Charizard is lazy and fat.

Seriously Ash? Why did you bring that fat thing back?



43 Anime Serena created

Misty: had a strong character who was determined to prove her sisters wrong about her.

May: great development all around, fun character, mature, had relatable sibling problems, and had a good mix of tomboy and girly girl traits (maybe in to fashion, but the way she dresses and how she was just interested in traveling is pretty tomboy).

Dawn: great example of girly girl. Creative, brave, outgoing, optimistic, but ditzy and was a bit too overconfident. Great background and story that was with her.

Iris: unique creative backstory, real tomboy who like to climb and swing from trees and wasn't afraid to fight a Pokemon with her bear hands, speaks her mind but isn't too harsh like misty was.

Serena: stupid female sterotype who only swoons over ash and rudely ignores clemont even when he's being nice/helping her. Overreacts to ONE loss and gets moves and Pokemon evolve out of no where. And went after boring contest ripoffs which is the 2nd worst pokegoal ever ...more

Worst character ever...


44 When you urgently have to go to a Pokémon Center but then a trainer battles you for no stupid reason!
45 Cress won't shut up!

In "Triple Leaders, Team Threats" Cress wouldn't shut up about how strong and smart he is.

Worse than cilan chili should have been the one

I don't even watch BW series, and this is one of the reasons why. Some of the characters are so annoying.

46 Trying to catch a chansey and use a master ball, and all this happens before you go to the main game legendary pokemon

The Chansey line is worse than you think. Low defense and attack. If a lv 70 Lucario attacks a lv 75 Blissey with ONE Close Combat, Blissey is dead.

Catch the main game legendary Pokemon rather than this piece of crap.

47 Your save file doesn't work anymore and you have to start a new game.

I was playing soulsilver I got really far in the first day I had it my 3ds sucked and it wouldn't charge I was just playing it and BAM it's dead I have to start a new thing and my brother WONT STOP PLAYING IT I GOT IT FOR MY BIRTHDAY! Plus I had to get a new 3ds I blame it on the perfume I used to wash it when I first got it

I had a level 100 Arceus on Pokemon X and my save file corrupted yesterday :, ( - N64Dude

IT HAPPENED ON EMERALD! My poor Rayquaza and Blaziken.


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48 Ash's Oshawott battling

Just accept the fact that you can't battle man

If it was a samurott

At least when chestpin comes out & wants to help out clemont it's actually pretty useful & is able to win. Ash's oshawatt is incapable of anything

49 Shiny Houndour used roar

Well, I guess it's time to cry in my bed for a week

50 Sad Pokedex Entries

Yea But Cubone's is the worst of all!

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51 People Being Racist to Iris

Iris is not African-American. She is Indian. - RiverClanRocks

On YouTube, everybody keeps on saying that Iris sucks because she is black!

Iris is awesome. She is South American

I love Iris! My Pokémon OC has the name Iris, and on Y, I made my OC. Iris is my second favourite character (right after Citron)!

52 In a Cave Without Any Repels/Escape Rope

Once I was in a cave and I couldn't find the exit so I looked in my bag 3 times in a row and I couldn't find it
So I walk around looking for exit and run into ten million Pokemon
No repel

Once I got stuck in a cave with no escape ropes and I was very, very lost so I had to kill all my pokémon. I hope they forgave me...

53 Double team spam

Ninjask used double team.
Ninjask used double team.
Ninjask used double team.
No wonder why this move is banned.

No Guard. Aerial Ace. Swift!
You guys suck if you can't strategize correctly! - Thifer20

54 Ash releases Gliscor for remainder of season

And then it comes back and kicks ass against Paul! - HeavyDonkeyKong

55 Shiny Abra using teleport

Pee in your little nose up to your fruity tooting feet is why I eat little Pokemons and ketkhuppz in my pees!

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56 May leaves

? Rivals can leave? Because May is one of the rivals in Alpha Sapphire. She didn't make any contests either... Weird. Is

May introduced contests to the Pokemon world and everything. I really miss her. And her Pokemon were OP

57 Misty got Togepi

All she did was baby it and she STOLE it from Ash because it was cute.

She didn't deserve it she didn't take care of him and she never let it battle seriously.

Stop picking on Misty,she did the right thing, gymleaders can do what they want.

58 Ash and May kiss

They don't. And it would be stupid if that happens.

The one with Serena is more inappropriate than this! - AngusMacdonaldMii

Eaughhh! Yuck! They are too young even younger than me (13 years old) - JolteonIsAwesome


59 Pikachu being too overpowered and beating Legendaries
60 Trying to get Regigigas on Pokemon Black and White 2


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