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61 Critical hits by your opponent V 2 Comments
62 Haunted House

There is a spooky scary skeleton in there. And I have to pay the man in there like about 1k pokedollars >-<

63 Charizard coming back

Why, Ash, why! Why did you bring back that lazy, fat thing!

If he mega evolves into Mega Charizard X I will never watch Pokemon again. If he mega evolves into Y, I'll be okay. Why are you guys hating on Chary? He's so much better than Haxorus, Druddigon or any of that Gen V stuff. KANTO ROCKS!

Ash, you still over use your charizard and ignore your others except Pikachu. Though, I'd still rather have him Maga evolve Charizard than have some bs happen like Pikachu Maga evolving. I WILL QUIT the anime if that happens and tell kids who have yet had the chance to see it to avoid it like the plaque cause it's an awful show

It's here twice

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64 Trying to obtain Mystery Gift in order to find Darkrai
65 Fainting Snorlax in Pokémon X & Y

It attacked in a grumpy rage (fart noise) farting snorlax is awesome

Comes back every time you beat the Elite four and champ

Thought it said 'farting snorlax in Pokemon X & Y' lol

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66 Meloetta leaves

I watched that episode, but I cried looking meloetta leaves (expect for looking oshawott cries) - DragoniteTheMinerz

I Heart meloetta


67 Your computer shuts down when you catch a good pokemon

It's terrible that the computer won't even give us a chance to save before it runs out of battery when the battery is critical, shuts down by itself for stupid updates while focusing on saving, or something like that.

68 Too many annoying or hard trainer battles

You DON'T KNOW! On Alpha Sapphire, I couldn't get to Lavaridge Town because of the DUMB TRAINERS!

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69 You're tired of training your pokemon

Y can't I have a 3/2DS so I can have that one item to just raise your Pokemon all evenly...

70 The Kakuna Crisis

All your Pokemon have fainted except that kakuna you caught to fill your pokedex. then you get in a trainer battle and bam your screwed. kakuna use harden! Kakunas defense rose. the opposing geodude used rock tomb. minus three hp. kakuna use harden! Kakunas defense rose. geodude used rock tomb. minus two hp. five minutes later of the exact same boring thing, kakuna is out of moves! Kakuna used struggle! The recoil damage fainted kakuna! NO! RAGE QUIT!

71 Ash and Serena's flashback

This is ONE awful moment.

The flashback was cute. - AnonymousChick

I love the flashback.

MEAAA! This is the best shipping yet!

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72 Ash helping Serena after she got wounded in the flashback

She obsesses over him and he doesn't care for her.

I like how he yelped her out, but now she is so clingy because of OT on my opinion! - HeavyDonkeyKong

73 Misty leaves Ash

This is indeed the saddest of the sad why did you remove Misty. Misty is better than all her replacements, like in indigo league got to protect Ash's Pikachu from Team Rocket.

Saddest moment I've seen. Sadder than Pokemon Movie 1. This beats all sad moments.

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74 GameFreak creates Unova

No. Just no. As I said with Ash going there, Unova is one of the best regions! - RiverClanRocks

This isn't bad at all I liked Gen V you don't hate any gens

Games good. anime not so much - flash101

Change it to GamesFreak creates KALOS. Unova was actually the best region with the best characters.

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75 Unown is introduced

Even creepier: they appeared with the lavender town ghost in the lavender town missing frequencies, they spelled "LEAVE NOW

They wasted a movie on those things. And it was horrible. At least I kinda like them because Oliver sang a song about them.

Stupid alphabet Pokémon. Seriously? WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THESE THINGS! - RiverClanRocks

76 Serena's new design

It's better because she isn't ASH ASH I LOVE YOU anymore. She stopped FREAKILY obsessing over him.

I actually think she improved a bit. She actually cares about her goal now at least

I think she now loves Satoshi a little less. Serena's character arc is going downhill for sure.

Serena should really stick to a design.

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77 Iris' Axew didn't even evolve once

And it wanted to too...

At least in black and white 2 it's a haxorus

78 AJ didn't appear in the Indigo League

And he had 100 wins in a row he made Ash look like a joke why couldn't we see him again?

79 Ash went to Unova/Isshu

Gen V is really underrated most people hate it because it is new Gen V is good like all the gens

They wouldn't have needed to extremely nerf Ash's knowledge if they had a new main character...

Unova is the best region ever! What is wrong with you guys!?

The new epsodes aren't bad, but why can't ash catch a legendary

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80 Ash releases Goodra

Why can't Ash have nice Pokemon? Yeah, yeah, I know he has Pikachu, but now he gets a psuedo-legend, only to drop it off after a few episodes. If it was gonna be like Lapras or Larvitar, they should have made that clear from the first episode Ash had Goodra as a Goomy. And yet, they handed Iris a Dragonite in late BW, which she could keep forever. Geez, it's almost as if the writers love to piss us off.

I don't know why people are so upset by this. Yes goodra was powerful & awesome & was close to ash. But it should have been no surprise that goodra was going to leave. It had close friends with the wild Pokemon too, and just wanted to be strong so he can protect them, and now he can do that so he doesn't need to travel with ash anymore.

And honestly goodras arc was the best. I can't complain because of that. & his reasoning for leaving is 10000% better than amnipam. Plus we need a bittersweet Pokemon leaving the group as we hadn't had one since the after mentioned one. I really like that Pokemon have more of an agenda then to blindly serve their master the rest of their life then get oak'd. Yes it could have been another Pokemon to leave, but honestly ash already has three same type Pokemon & he doesn't need more.

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