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61 Unown is introduced

Even creepier: they appeared with the lavender town ghost in the lavender town missing frequencies, they spelled "LEAVE NOW

They wasted a movie on those things. And it was horrible. At least I kinda like them because Oliver sang a song about them.

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62 Serena's new design

It's better because she isn't ASH ASH I LOVE YOU anymore. She stopped FREAKILY obsessing over him.

I actually think she improved a bit. She actually cares about her goal now at least

I think she now loves Satoshi a little less. Serena's character arc is going downhill for sure.

Serena should really stick to a design.

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63 Misty got Togepi

All she did was baby it and she STOLE it from Ash because it was cute.

She didn't deserve it she didn't take care of him and she never let it battle seriously.

Stop picking on Misty,she did the right thing, gymleaders can do what they want.

64 Iris' Axew didn't even evolve once

And it wanted to too...

At least in black and white 2 it's a haxorus

65 AJ didn't appear in the Indigo League

And he had 100 wins in a row he made Ash look like a joke why couldn't we see him again?

66 Ash went to Unova/Isshu

Gen V is really underrated most people hate it because it is new Gen V is good like all the gens

They wouldn't have needed to extremely nerf Ash's knowledge if they had a new main character...

Unova is the best region ever! What is wrong with you guys!?

The new epsodes aren't bad, but why can't ash catch a legendary

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67 Ash releases Goodra

Why can't Ash have nice Pokemon? Yeah, yeah, I know he has Pikachu, but now he gets a psuedo-legend, only to drop it off after a few episodes. If it was gonna be like Lapras or Larvitar, they should have made that clear from the first episode Ash had Goodra as a Goomy. And yet, they handed Iris a Dragonite in late BW, which she could keep forever. Geez, it's almost as if the writers love to piss us off.

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68 Chikorita evolves
69 OP Flailing Magikarp Gets Killed Right Away
70 Trying to catch a Pokemon when the pc box is full (Gen I & II)

You encounter Mewtwo and decide to use a master ball only to find out that you cannot catch any more Pokemon because the pc box is full. I am so glad that Gen III onwards does not have this problem!

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71 Ash's Torterra didn't win a single battle (excluding battles against Team Rocket).

The writers should've let Torterra win at leat in the final gym. He won battles as a Turtwig and Grotle at least.

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72 Gary Oak Loses To Melissa

Honestly, Seeing Gary Leaving The Pokémon League Right Before He Can Compete In The Platnium Stadium Just Doesn't Feel Right, He's Worked Hard To Get Up To That Point, He's Promised To Make Pallet Town Known, And He's Even Challenged Mewtwo Without Orders, I'll Be It He Lost, Meanwhile Ash Ketchum Has Done Very Little Training And Only Caught 9 Pokémon and 2 Of Them Didn't Even Stay With Him, Gary Worked Much Harder And Caught More Than 152 Pokémon, Gary's Hard Work and Confidence Defintley Makes Him More Worthy Of Being The Champion Than Ash Ever Could, Plus His Fans Were Devastated, And Despite What Gary Said I Don't Think They'll Get Over His Loss Anytime Soon.

Basically, Who Deserves The Win More? A Supervised Whiny Brat Who Didn't Even Train For The League, Or an Orphan Fighting For His Fame Full of Confidence?

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73 Ash meets Serena

Awful horrid moments came true.

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74 Shiny faints itself
75 Running into a shiny pokemon that explodes

This actually happened to my friend one time. He told me a story about him finding a shiny geodude, (and a shiny geodude is gold) he said he was so excited, but when he tried to catch it, it used Self-destruct. Sad huh?

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76 Ash and May kiss

They don't. And it would be stupid if that happens.

Eaughhh! Yuck! They are too young even younger than me (13 years old) - JolteonIsAwesome

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77 Ash is defeated by Tobias V 1 Comment
78 A magikarp owns Ash
79 Defeating Wally on Victory Road in RSE/ORAS

Wally was really sickly, but he grew stronger and wouldn't give up. He went from shy and weak to bold and strong and then on Victory Road you literally crushed his hopes and dreams of being a great trainer, not to mention he's really ill. It was the only battle I ever wanted to lose because it made me so bad defeating him. I want to have mean, powerful rivals again so

80 Pikachu being too overpowered and beating Legendaries
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