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241 Tangrowth
242 Tangela
243 Electrode
244 Vullaby
245 Marshtomp
246 Servine
247 Ivysaur
248 Axew Axew

Worst partner for Iris and he's too afraid to peek during Ash's battles. 98% crap because of it's evolutions

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249 Togetic
250 Simisear
251 Snover

My friend wasted his only Master Ball on this crap

May Arceus have mercy on your friend.

I also wasted a Master ball on a Zebstrika once... - Goatworlds

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252 Ralts

Well, this guy requires some patience, but honestly, Gardevwar and Gallade are tied for the seventh or eighth best psychic types throughout the generations. So, I think it's worth it.

It's French name is "Tarsal" for gods sake

Why name a Pokemon after a human muscle?
Sometimes, Nintendo are such idiots.

253 Panpour

Panpour is cool and his evolution

Panpour sucks so much he's trash

254 Lumineon Lumineon
255 Garchomp Garchomp

Am I the only person who thinks people are putting great Pokemon on this list only to troll? If so, then troll harder next time, mate.

I have had a Garchomp and its really strong and that's why cynthia the champion of SINNOH league has it

No, they're putting on the liat for a reasob. Delibird with choice band ice shard has the potential to 1 hit ko garchomp. Delibird!

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256 Doublade Doublade

He has some beast stats for a mid evolution

I wasn't happy when Honedge was revealed. I mean, it's just a sword! But it was a cool Pokemon still. Duoblade is just two of it put together with a different ribbon. It's the superglue issue and the unoriginal issue put together!

Honedge and Aegislash are awesome, but Doublade? Nah. It look ugly, for one. Also, its height doesn't even increase (its stats are SO sucky too! ).

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257 Smoochum Smoochum

Smoochum is not better than dialga

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258 Altaria

It's the best Pokemon moon blast+hyper beam+sky attack+toxic+bold nature=success it devastation

Run hyper voice or return over hyper beam, take off sky attack for roost, and moon blast for flamethrower with mega. Tou had a good point, just not a good moveset.

259 Gallade Gallade

What? Somebody PLEASE take this list down now! Reason: WAY TOO MANY BRAIN-DEAD PEOPLE!

THis is my Favorite. Why are Scrafty, Cloyster, Ponyta, and Klink above it?

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260 Darkrai Darkrai

God I hate this thing. The cheapest pokemon ever. Without dark void it's subpar.

This and kyurem don't belong here - deathcraft

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