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281 Vivillon Vivillon V 1 Comment
282 Jellicent

I had a Jellicent at one point and it kicked ass! It was a really good defense Pokémon and got me passed the rest of the game up until the elite four. Then my progress somehow vanished. :'(

283 Glaceon Glaceon

This is suprisingly good. Assaut vest gives it 300+ defenses invested in definitely. Movepool isn't very good though


284 Makuhita Makuhita
285 Goldeen Goldeen

Lol no he's not. It's subpar at best.

Hate goldeen

One of yous must have been retarded to put goldeen in this list. He is one of the greater water pokemon!

It's derpy I named mine derpsicle

V 1 Comment
286 Torchic Torchic

The heck do you expect? He isn't fully evolved. When he is he kicks butt! Also whoever put him here is a idiot.

He's actually good, even for a baby starter. Speed boost baton pass is very strong

Torchic is rlly good at the beginning, but not later...

It's so dumb it just evolves from this [a chick] to a big fire breathing monster who can mega evolve

287 Tangrowth Tangrowth
288 Tangela Tangela
289 Marshtomp Marshtomp

So ugly

290 Servine Servine
291 Ivysaur Ivysaur
292 Pachirisu Pachirisu
293 Minun Minun
294 Skuntank Skuntank
295 Mimikyu Mimikyu

This thing sucks - WarriorCatsHater


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