Worst Powerpuff Girls Episodes

You know, even good cartoons can have bad episodes.

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1 Moral Decay

Everything is wrong with this episode buttercup beats up the villains for their teeth and her sisters team up with the villains to beat up their sister and the professor acts like a ass and not noticing that blossom and bubbles have let their sister beat buttercup up by the villains

Professor your not noticing that buttercup is sorry and you're a bad parent and I should know that blossom and bubbles have buttercup get beaten by the villains

Well I don't like the fact that Blossom and Bubbles decided to side with the villains and beat Buttercup up for knocking their teeth out. Even though Buttercup is my second favorite aside from Bubbles I still like her better than smug ass Blossom. She knocked out the teeth of threats to the city so why should she be punished? As she said in Makes Zen To Me they're bad guys they deserve it (I also hate that episode because of that reason and once again smug ass Blossom! Doesn't she normally beat up the villains of Townsville?

Blossom and Bubble are the worst sisters! They should got grounded for let Buttercup get beat up!

I hate this episode.Blossom is not a very good leader,good leaders NEVER let villains beat up their teammates.Bubbles has no heart,people with heart never let villains beat their sister up.

Bad Blossom,cruel Bubbles

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2 Sweet 'N Sour

Worst episode, the animals are not even cute, the ppg are cuter. The people were so mean to the girls. I wish the ending wouldve been the people realizing how terrible these animals are.

3 Cover Up
4 Girls Gone Mild

You know what I hate about this episode? I hate it because Stanley and Sandra Practice banned the Powerpuff Girls for using their superpowers to save Townsville.

5 A Very Special Blossom

A police officer arresting a five year old powerpuff girl would be a worst thing that a officer can do because it ends up getting him fired

So bad its twice on the list.

Stupid writers made it worse

This episode is already on the list. - FondaSu

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6 Painbow
7 Pee Pee G's

Just repeats the same thing over and over again.

All of them suck

Yeah this is my least favorite too. Boring and they use butt humor. I am a ppg super fan but even I have to say this. -Mamie Slusher

Oh my god I'm actually writing out a top ten worst list of this show for a video I'll be uploading on YouTube in the future and I guarantee you that this will be number one. This is one of the nine things I hate about this show as a whole not including the remake. I'm only gonna go over my complaints briefly because of the video I'll be making when I have an account for YouTube. I didn't like the plot, it was supposed to go for a moral but it feels like random shenanigans, I hated seeing the girls lose each other's trust just because of something normal, the people they talk to don't even give good advice, they stayed in trances ALL DAY, what went on right before the end were they trying to make us wanna piss, just... every little thing is a mess in here especially since the Powerpuff Girls is one of my favorite cartoons of all time. Look out for the video I'll be making about which episodes I think are the worst. Oh and if you wanna know if it's the right one then this episode will ...more

8 City of Frownsville

Chris Savino ruins everything. LITERALLY!

Worst episode everr - spodermanfan1000

It is total hell lou gubrious is dead to me

9 Sun Scream

This episode is torture should be 1

"The Splinter" of the Powerpuff Girls

10 Town and Out

This episode should be #1

This episode was very mean spirited. Trevor Phillips Should Beat Up The Mayor of Citiesville. - kcianciulli

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11 Live and Let Dynamo

How the hell did the Mayor even get into Dynamo in the first place? It isn't enough reasoning that he just pressed the autopilot button. I still ponder as to what his purpose was for controlling Dynamo. I'd rather settle for something like he was trying to open a pickle or cookie jar than no reason at all. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I actually like this episode. It shows a really good action sequence even though it lasts for a majority of this episode but I wasn't really that bored. And it's also really clever to have the audience try and guess who's in control along with the girls. It builds up suspense as the episode proceeds. Even though the ending didn't really make sense I could at least commend the episode for making it completely unexpected. Also did anyone else hear Brick say the b word?

This episode didn't even end well

Will he an idiot

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13 A Very Special For Blossom

Stupid writers of this worst episode just had to affect all the fans and all the other fans.

Worst episode ending ever.

Stupid writers just had to ruin everything.

Bubbles and buttercup were horrible in this episode also

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14 Bubblevicious

I have a love/hate relationship with this episode. While I liked how Bubbles wanted to show she wasn't a total wimp and I found the ending where she showed Mojo Jojo who's boss in the end to be awesome, I also didn't like how she went overboard with her hardcore rampage when she started ravaging innocent citizens (including a talking dog driving a car). - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Bubbles attacked blossom three times already in the series
A very special blossom
The powerpuff girls best rainy day adventure ever

15 Octi Evil

Are you kidding me?! I love this episode it's very personal to me. As a girl whose parents have been divorced since I was really young I can connect with this in a very special way. Blossom = my mom, Buttercup = my dad, and Bubbles = me. And the professor = the person that I wish was there during these times. I used to be like Bubbles as a kid (also why she's my favorite) and when Him reveals the truth. It gets even more personal. I used to think that this was my fault and now I'm over that. But even today I sometimes feel like I have to choose who to follow. Overall a very well written episode.

Man, Blossom and Buttercup did nothing but scream at each other with sensitive Bubbles around. Blossom and Buttercup deserve separate time outs for the sisterly drama. It's all the episode writers' fault for affecting us and making us complain easily.

This was an interesting episode, although kind of sad.

I hate this episode with a greater burning passion.

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16 See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey

God this episode was terrible. From the singing, to the communism, to the seizure inducing effects near the end, to the story itself, this was a a bad episode altogether

The gnome could actually sing, Ace was okay, Buttercup honestly sang better than Blossom and Bubbles.

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17 Dance Pantsed

This was a special and was not made from craig mckraken so it should not count

18 Child Fearing

I just honestly don't like this one


19 All Chalked Up

Okay what the heck is wrong with you guys?! This episode is amazing! Even though Buttercup was a little mean I love the moments that Bubbles had with her magical chalk because it was so nostalgic to me. Whenever Bubbles takes on a moment especially ones where she's alone or like looking down at the big loud party in Octi Gone I get so much nostalgia. That was me the whole time. The fight scene was amazing and we got a one time power which I love seeing those. The defeat of him was so badass. And with the end Buttercup wanted to express she was sorry but just couldn't get it out. And do you think it's easy to hug with those big heads (no offense)? It was awesome in my opinion

They made Buttercup too mean in this episode, she usually isn't this mean. Why couldn't the writers fix buttercup in this episode.

I didn't like buttercup at the beginning at least she forgiven bubbles at the end

This episode does not stay with the chapter book of the same name
I don't think buttercup feels remorse in the T.V. version she just forced to forgive bubbles and did not feel guilty for it in the chapter book she explained it was her fault and feels guilty for it and she hugged bubbles but in the T.V. version we don't get anything like it and it looks like bubbles is just touching buttercup's shoulders instead of wrapping her arms around her chest

This is very disappointing I have to say

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20 Not So Awesome Blossom

I like this is episode

Why is this there?!
I thought this episode is okay

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