Worst Powerpuff Girls Episodes

You know, even good cartoons can have bad episodes.

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1 Moral Decay

Everything is wrong with this episode buttercup beats up the villains for their teeth and her sisters team up with the villains to beat up their sister and the professor acts like a ass and not noticing that blossom and bubbles have let their sister beat buttercup up by the villains

Professor your not noticing that buttercup is sorry and you're a bad parent and I should know that blossom and bubbles have buttercup get beaten by the villains

Well I don't like the fact that Blossom and Bubbles decided to side with the villains and beat Buttercup up for knocking their teeth out. Even though Buttercup is my second favorite aside from Bubbles I still like her better than smug ass Blossom. She knocked out the teeth of threats to the city so why should she be punished? As she said in Makes Zen To Me they're bad guys they deserve it (I also hate that episode because of that reason and once again smug ass Blossom! Doesn't she normally beat up the villains of Townsville?

Blossom and Bubble are the worst sisters! They should got grounded for let Buttercup get beat up!

I hate this episode.Blossom is not a very good leader,good leaders NEVER let villains beat up their teammates.Bubbles has no heart,people with heart never let villains beat their sister up.

Bad Blossom,cruel Bubbles

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2 A Very Special Blossom

First of all (I'm the one who wrote that long comment), I feel what I want to feel not what other people want me to feel. And second, I have every reason to hate Blossom. She's the living image of what every girl wants to be and that makes her a lot less relatable than the other two. And there's no reoccurring flaws she has within the show. Making mistakes doesn't count everyone does that. And she shoves that in everyone's faces whether inside or out of the show. Especially Buttercup. And she's said to be the smart one but is she really that smart? She did boast about her natural beauty in a Made Up Story (so offensive Blossom) and it's hard to make her ugly. She committed a very major crime. Bubbles didn't break the law in Bubblevicious which is why I'm happy that she got off Scott free. Buttercup didn't break the law in Moral Decay which is why I'm pissed that she got a terrible punishment. Blossom did break the law so you should be happy that she got a consequence. Still disagree? ...more

Yeah. Let the little Miss Perfect get off Scott free. Really smart guys. I will admit that I do feel a little bit sorry for Blossom but I do think she got a proper consequence. Who cares if she's only a five year old she has the mind of a young adult and she's a long smarter and mature than the average five year old. At least in Bubblevicious Bubbles didn't break the law. I hate Moral Decay because Buttercup didn't break the law she just made it harder for the villains to put any plans out which is justified even though people say it isn't. Blossom did break the law here and the officer was right the law is the law. That is that! Get over it all you Blossom fans. SMH.

A police officer arresting a five year old powerpuff girl would be a worst thing that a officer can do because it ends up getting him fired

Whoever says I hate blossom and she deserves it needs to feel ashamed of himself

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3 Sweet 'N Sour

Worst episode, the animals are not even cute, the ppg are cuter. The people were so mean to the girls. I wish the ending wouldve been the people realizing how terrible these animals are.

4 Girls Gone Mild

Me too but I don't think it would've been as frustrating if Blossom, (yes it's me again), just let the other two and herself use their powers. They don't have on antidote X so they're perfectly capable of doing this. So what if you're not allowed to do something. You might have consequences, people might be mad at you, but you should do what you think is right. You're a coward Blossom. A cowardly coward. My ass (shout out to Gattor Martin). (A few seconds later) Wha- is this real life right now? Why would you tell your sisters not to even use their powers but then you just go ahead and shoot your eye beams out? You're not only a coward Blossom, but you're also a spotlight stealer and a hypocrite!

You know what I hate about this episode? I hate it because Stanley and Sandra Practice banned the Powerpuff Girls for using their superpowers to save Townsville.

5 Cover Up

Ok I have had it with you Blossom! Now you've hit my breaking point. You let Bubbles tease Buttercup in a loving way and take advantage of it to bring Buttercup down. That's so wrong! Why do you scold Buttercup for teasing Bubbles when that's really how Buttercup expresses her love for her sister. And why do you scold Buttercup for having insecurities? That's like scolding a kid for having a stress ball! You may not need a comfort object to fight cause you're this sweet, innocent, and perfect girl where nothing is wrong with you. No reoccurring flaws except making mistakes sometimes but that technically doesn't count because everyone does that! No character development nothing. Buttercup needs her blanket to help her overcome her stress. Also you scold Buttercup for not acting like a "normal" girl her age but now she is doing what you think is normal for a girl her age and you scold her again? What kinda sense does that make? I really wish that you weren't in the show anymore. I'm ...more

6 Painbow
7 Pee Pee G's

Just repeats the same thing over and over again.

All of them suck

Yeah this is my least favorite too. Boring and they use butt humor. I am a ppg super fan but even I have to say this. -Mamie Slusher

Oh my god I'm actually writing out a top ten worst list of this show for a video I'll be uploading on YouTube in the future and I guarantee you that this will be number one. This is one of the nine things I hate about this show as a whole not including the remake. I'm only gonna go over my complaints briefly because of the video I'll be making when I have an account for YouTube. I didn't like the plot, it was supposed to go for a moral but it feels like random shenanigans, I hated seeing the girls lose each other's trust just because of something normal, the people they talk to don't even give good advice, they stayed in trances ALL DAY, what went on right before the end were they trying to make us wanna piss, just... every little thing is a mess in here especially since the Powerpuff Girls is one of my favorite cartoons of all time. Look out for the video I'll be making about which episodes I think are the worst. Oh and if you wanna know if it's the right one then this episode will ...more

8 City of Frownsville

Its wrong its wrong its wrong also for skank hunt its also worst episode

WAY too much crying that overstays its welcome! What more is there to say?

Chris Savino ruins everything. LITERALLY!

It is total hell lou gubrious is dead to me

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9 Sun Scream

Oh god this episode is disgusting, but not among the most disgusting cartoon episodes

This episode is torture should be 1

"The Splinter" of the Powerpuff Girls

10 Town and Out

This episode should be #1

This episode was very mean spirited. Trevor Phillips Should Beat Up The Mayor of Citiesville. - kcianciulli

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11 Live and Let Dynamo

How the hell did the Mayor even get into Dynamo in the first place? It isn't enough reasoning that he just pressed the autopilot button. I still ponder as to what his purpose was for controlling Dynamo. I'd rather settle for something like he was trying to open a pickle or cookie jar than no reason at all. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I actually like this episode. It shows a really good action sequence even though it lasts for a majority of this episode but I wasn't really that bored. And it's also really clever to have the audience try and guess who's in control along with the girls. It builds up suspense as the episode proceeds. Even though the ending didn't really make sense I could at least commend the episode for making it completely unexpected. Also did anyone else hear Brick say the b word?

This episode didn't even end well

Will he an idiot

12 A Very Special For Blossom

No they weren't! Bubbles and Buttercup stopped Blossom from committing and getting away with crime. How is that horrible? And yes she should've been put in jail and got 200 hours of community service. She did deserve it! That's a suitable consequence for stealing $2000.00! golf clubs! So you people are mad at the episode Bubblevicious for letting Bubbles get away with what she did but you people are mad that Blossom who went against the law unlike Bubbles got a punishment of the law?! The "stupid" writers didn't affect all the fans because you all decided that you were going to side with the little Miss Perfect and blame the writers for your decisions! Best episode ending ever! Knowing that the other two don't have to deal with her (if the fans got to see what went on while Blossom was punished) I was actually really relieved. I would've loved to just see the relatable characters alone for at least one episode instead of having to deal with the little not so relatable miss perfect ...more

Stupid writers of this worst episode just had to affect all the fans and all the other fans.

Worst episode ending ever.

Bubbles and buttercup were horrible in this episode also

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13 Bubblevicious

And all three times she did Blossom deserved it. Here she was rubbing how much she thinks Bubbles is a baby in Bubbles, her favorite sister's, face. In A Very Special Blossom Bubbles stopped Blossom from getting away with crime. And in The Best Rainy Adventure, Blossom pulled the game out of the system which could damage it. It's happened to my dads system before. And did Blossom seriously consider getting milk "setting up the town"? I agree that Bubbles did go overboard but she did stop technical crime. Although road blocking, stepping on grass, littering, and parking in a no parking zone aren't that affective they're still reckless actions. And I don't think it's a good idea to kick out Buttercup but I was rooting for her when she kicked Blossom out. And yes I did post all of those negative comments about Blossom and how we would've been perfectly fine with just Bubbles and Buttercup. Because I can't emphasize this enough. We really do need Blossom gone!

I have a love/hate relationship with this episode. While I liked how Bubbles wanted to show she wasn't a total wimp and I found the ending where she showed Mojo Jojo who's boss in the end to be awesome, I also didn't like how she went overboard with her hardcore rampage when she started ravaging innocent citizens (including a talking dog driving a car). - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Bubbles attacked blossom three times already in the series
A very special blossom
The powerpuff girls best rainy day adventure ever

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15 Fallen Arches

How about I slap you in the face and see how you feel?! Why are you siding with the little Miss Perfect who begs for attention and doesn't stop unless she gets it! Blossom like any other episode of the series was acting ridiculous! She wants the VILLAINS to get off Scott free even though they COMMITTED CRIME just because they're a little bit older! It would've been more convincing though still ridiculous if she said something like the elderly are more fragile than us young people but no she doesn't wanna DEFEND THE TOWN ALTHOUGH ITS THEIR DUTY AS HEROES because they have to respect their elders. There should be a consequence for them instead of letting them off Scott free. And little cocky pants here lied just to get her plan to work. What about the other two who are right. And I don't care if she's the leader or not it's 2 against 1. She made not only herself but her sisters the heroes of Townsville and possibly the world look like crap! And you feel bad for her?! Get it together ...more

First of all, I'm a girl. Second, unless you're the person who said quote on quote, "It's times like this I wanna slap the two siblings in the face" that doesn't apply to you. Third, you missed an opportunity to talk about why you hate this episode but I'm pretty sure it's because like everyone else you love Blossom too much. You know how Alpha Jay feels about Chloe, I feel the same way about Blossom. And since I've stressed the exact reasons I don't like her so much I'm not gonna do it again. But if you still wanna beat me that's fine. I hate Blossom and I don't care what other people think.

I'm sorry but I think you got the wrong episode. Not So Awesome Blossom airs in season 5. In the end of the first scene she looked embarrassed too and went right back to her old ridiculous logic. This is one of the several reasons why Blossom is my least favorite character, including the one time characters, of the entire series.


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16 See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey

God this episode was terrible. From the singing, to the communism, to the seizure inducing effects near the end, to the story itself, this was a a bad episode altogether

I think both Bubbles and Buttercup can sing. Bubbles sounded soft and smooth and it's adorable. Buttercup is good she sounds like a rocker. Blossom just sounded like her voice was cracking the entire time.

The gnome could actually sing, Ace was okay, Buttercup honestly sang better than Blossom and Bubbles.

I thought the episode was great!

17 Octi Evil

Are you kidding me?! I love this episode it's very personal to me. As a girl whose parents have been divorced since I was really young I can connect with this in a very special way. Blossom = my mom, Buttercup = my dad, and Bubbles = me. And the professor = the person that I wish was there during these times. I used to be like Bubbles as a kid (also why she's my favorite) and when Him reveals the truth. It gets even more personal. I used to think that this was my fault and now I'm over that. But even today I sometimes feel like I have to choose who to follow. Overall a very well written episode.

Man, Blossom and Buttercup did nothing but scream at each other with sensitive Bubbles around. Blossom and Buttercup deserve separate time outs for the sisterly drama. It's all the episode writers' fault for affecting us and making us complain easily.

This was an interesting episode, although kind of sad.

I hate this episode with a greater burning passion.

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18 Candy is Dandy

Man, I felt so sorry for Mojo Jojo in this episode. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Well at least it'll take him longer to put any evil schemes out

19 Child Fearing

I just honestly don't like this one


20 Not So Awesome Blossom

I'll tell you why it's on here because this episode does not do what it wants to do. It wanted to show that Blossom is imperfect but it once again fails miserably (the first time being A Very Special Blossom). She's upset because she's been messing up. First of all as the "smartest" and "most mature" of the three she should know that everyone makes mistakes even her the "Little Miss Perfect"(yeah right). It's just annoying and the first scene oh my goodness the first scene is just too obvious! They're about to intersect! But no! She just tells her sisters to wait far away so she could steal the spotlight from them. "It's just you and me"? I don't think so! That's the best she could come up with?! Come on! And is it not obvious on why everything is getting destroyed, not that that's a big deal in a situation like this, because you kept dodging them like the scaredy cat you are and not stopping them like the "brave leader" that you are. And why did you look upset when Buttercup saved ...more

I like this is episode

Why is this there?!
I thought this episode is okay

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