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41 The City of Clipsville

It's a clip show. Also, the powerpuff girls turn into extremely stereotypical boy-crazy teenagers with terrible character designs. A waste of time to watch.

42 Criss-Cross Crisis

This is a stupid episode

43 Dream Scheme

This episode didn't sit right with me. Not even as a child did it sit right with me. Out of all the sympathetic villains I've come across in cartoons, the Sand Man is easily one of the ones I sympathize with the most. All he wanted was to take a break from his job and get some sleep, but nope! The girls had to be selfish idiots by keeping him awake all night! I honestly don't blame him for putting the entire world to sleep, the poor guy was exhausted! And then when he finally gets his chance to recharge his batteries, what do our loveable heroes do? They torment and traumatize him with nightmares to the point where he never sleeps again! It's so sad that even the narrator feels sorry for him! Now I would be perfectly okay with them invading his dreams if they actually tried to reason with him first or tried to help him sleep. Then if the Sand Man still refused to wake everybody up, then the girls could scare him. Heck, the Sand Man himself tried to reason with them into going to ...more - regularponyfan09

44 I See a Funny Cartoon in Your Future

This episode deserves to be on the list. Why? Because it's an INSULTING PARODY of Rocky and Bullwinkle, not a TRIBUTE to it! Seriously, am I the only one who knows for a fact that this episode is an insulting Rocky and Bullwinkle parody?!

45 Equal Fights
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