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1 Locker Won't Open

You're often late to class because of this, or have to get a teacher's help. And it's pretty embarassing standing there and yelling and slamming at your locker as people walk by. - emraldYE

My locker is easy to open - Captaincrunch2015

So true! it's so funny seeing peoples reactions

2 Drawing #1 for a Presentation

Presentations are already embarrassing enough, but it's especially bad when you don't know what to do AND you have NO EXAMPLES to help you! - emraldYE

Every time there is a presentation either the kid in front of me or a random kid gets it. I am normally #10 or 12 but sometimes I am 2. - Captaincrunch2015

Going first is my worst fear for presenting or a speech - Ajkloth

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3 Missing the Bus

Especially bad if it's the afternoon. Then, you have to walk home or go into the office and look like an idiot. - emraldYE

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4 Passing Papers Back the Row; Forget to Take One

This isn't the worst pet peeve, but is certainly one of the most humiliating. Then you have to ask for the paper because you DIDN'T TAKE ONE! - emraldYE

5 Getting the Period Numbers Wrong

I once went out of my Maths class, feeling like it was break, went into the school library, and only just realised I'd missed the next lesson when the librarian said "pack up, folks; it's nearly break". I nearly died. - PositronWildhawk

That happened to me once. I accidently skipped 5th period because I thought it was 6th. - Pegasister12

Walking into the wrong classroom...just horrifying. - emraldYE

Once in primary school I started eating my lunch after phys ed because the year before we had lunch after phys ed on wednesdays (early in the year still), and I had my lunch at the table as we had to eat indoors before going out, then my teacher asks me "what is that? " (Imagine just sandwich crusts in a glad bag at this point), and I say, innocently, "my lunch...". He tells me to throw it away as he tells us what we'll be doing next. I almost died.

6 Detention For Something You Didn't Do

Yes can totally relate

7 Student Behind You Kicks Your Chair/Desk

It's REALLY hard to concentrate with your entire desk and papers rattling. - emraldYE

It drives me crazy when people do that! I can't concentrate like that!

A stupid boy kept doing that during my exams, I wanted to break that smug ugly face of his. - ArtyLily

I simply wanna kill that student : )

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8 Forgetting Lunch Money

Well at my school everybody brings their own lunch and sometimes people will bring money for the canteen so this is not a problem but forgetting your lunch box sucks

Always bad when you have to starve or ask someone to buy you lunch. - emraldYE

9 When Kids You Don't Know Have A Crush On You

It's this boy in 6 grade and he likes me and I'm like :( I don't know you

10 People Walking Extremely Slow In Front of You When There Is No Way Around Them

Like at my school there be a crowd of people and it's a slow walker and there isn't no way to get around them so you would have to walk slow

This annoys the heck out of me, MOVE OUT OF THE DAMN WAY.

I just push them and they have to deal with it

So true

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? When People Chew on Pens

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11 Kids Who Rush Through Their Work
12 Kids Who Tell Every Classmate They Possibly Know If You Do Something They Think Is Bad

Thinking they do everything right...girl bye

13 Reacting Too Much Over Farts

Why is it so important that you have to embarrass the closest kid next to you that farts just so you can be "popular" for be being just rude!?

14 Surprise Quizzes

People who don't study are pretty much done for when they forget about a quiz or the teacher just surprises everyone with them. - emraldYE

15 Getting Too Much Homework

I hate homework when I get a lot of it

Myt teacher says there is no homework 30 min later he say there is homework

16 When Kids Annoy You And Get Away With It

I be want to be choke them and the teacher

My brother

17 When Teachers Treat You Like You Don't Know Anything

Like, shut up! I'm not a five year old, stop trying to make whole lectures about everything

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18 Tripping In the Hallway or On the Stairs

I tried to walk cute and I wasn't looking and just fell

Not just embarrassing, but it HURTS. - emraldYE

19 Feeling Gum Under the Desk

Just gross. Enough said. - emraldYE

20 Nosy Teachers And Kids
21 Getting In Trouble for Something You Were the Victim Of

That always happen because The Annoying Orange is on the air and Justin Bieber exists

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22 Teachers Who Turn Unfair Into Fair
23 People Walking Slow In Front of You

"Hey excuse would you mind WALKING FASTER poorly HOW THE HELL IS ANYONE GOING TO GET TO CLASS WITH YOU WALKING LIKE A ZOMBIE?!?! " I just think it's so disrespectful when people walk so damn slow in front of you or worse, just stop and start talking. What the hell?!?! Why would you do that? Why can't you just move to the side and talk with your friend and let me through?! No you just have to stop and tell your friend about what Jennifer said to Amber (or whoever) sorry I do not care about them. When I tell you to kindly move to the side you start to cuss me out?!?! And then my teachers ask me why I'm late to class...if only they knew.


24 When your pencil cracks off whenever you sharpen it and you are left with a stub
25 Kids who sniff during tests and don't bother to blow their nose
26 Bullies
27 That one kid who always ruins everything
28 People Kicking Off Your Shoes

Save your foot fetishes for your fanfiction!

29 Teacher's Favorites

Every staff member in my school favors the same kids, every year.

30 Bad Lunches

Yes dude!
(spits out food) that's disgusting.

Except at my school... Believe it or not... We have good lunches.

31 Kids who say swag and yolo repeatedly
32 Teachers Who Send You To Detention Over The Littlest Things
33 When your teacher won't let you go to the bathroom

I need to pee, jeez

34 Clicking of Pens
35 When the Teacher Hovers Over You
36 Not Letting You Go to the Bathroom
37 People Forcing You to Go Faster In Line

I am sorry that I didn't become a jock and now I don't want to go so fast!

38 Teachers That Don't Know Anything

I used to have the best biology teacher, it is my favorite subject. but she quit and got repaced with some random dude off the street. I knew more than him (no joke) I could flunk a test and then reclaim it and get a perfect score.

39 Teachers that don't understand people are different

I despise my teachers because of that, one even kicked me out for not using her "methods". I've spent so many classes arguing with teachers who don't understand my brain is different and that's why teachers hate me. - Internet-User

40 When Someone You Thought You Were Friends With Betrays You

Like what the hell! I thought we were friends and now you're ignoring me? What have I ever done to you?

41 Those Annoying Kids on the Bus

Those kids on the bus you just want to choke to death

42 Kids Who Love Whispering Secrets but Have Bad Breath
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