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1 Math

Math itself was alright... Then ALGEBRA came. Letters are for the alphabet, not math problems! Even worse if you got a bad teacher.

Maths is awful. Like, thanks I know how to calculate the angles of a triangle. How will that help me in life.

Really people... Really... It actually saddens me that everyone here seems to think math is a useless subject. I am years beyond highschool and I still use all of the material. Yes, I use the angles of a triangle quite frequently. Yes, I use algebra VERY often. Yes, trig comes up nearly every day. I'm sorry if your teachers sucked, but being taught is a two person process. They teach, you learn. If they don't teach then you take the initiative and LEARN by yourself. You're expected to get an education in spite of the teachers.

Good for you that you use algebra. But that doesn't mean that everyone does - 906389

It is my luck that in biology I have to use King Henry which is the metric System I am praying that I did it right. Oh and worst of all I have to do greater than less than and equal to and I have not done well with that since the day that I first day I learned. I am so bad at math but I will give my best and be slower than I used to be like I was in biology class today to make sure I do it right. I used to be able to correct stuff but now I can't do it is important that I give 100% into everything. Anyhow I realize that nothing is impossible even stuff that I have not understood since elementary school. God bless you guys and I hope you all have a great 2017-2018 school year.

Maths is lame they don’t teach you anything like seriously,nobody likes maths,we don’t need to learn maths,it’s stupid it’s the worst subject in history.I just hate maths.

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2 PE

I don't understand PE at all-I know exercise heightens academic performance and all that science, but it's the one class I am continuously dreading. If anything, it makes me dread school-why, just why would you suck the fun out of school by making me do stuff I hate (ex. Moving), I swear I love every other subject! Just that being embarrassed and a dead weight on a team is not my idea of fun! Also, every year they make you run a mile or do a push up, sit up, running test-and even if you're below the healthy fitness zone (which I am in running-oops! ) THEY NEVER DO ANYTHING TO GET YOU IN SHAPE. They evaluate you, embarrass you, compare you to fitter people, and then offer no tips, no encouragement, and no way to actually get healthier. If they wanted to make me fitter and healthier-then why don't they tell me how to? - keycha1n

I'm in the same boat as you. I'm not the most athletic person, but I'm not the worst. But for some reason, I always seem like dead weight for people to pull. And it never actually gets me in shape at all, it just makes me feel more embarrassed about my low physical activity. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

It's only bad if your bad at it, which I am... What irritates me is when people don't understand why some people don't enjoy sport! And when I run away from the ball when it comes towards me, and people are like: WHY ARE you SCARED OF THE BALL?!?!?!?

Come on! Unless you're going to be a sportsman/sportswoman, why have we got to do this? It won't help us in our future! I wanna be a scientific, an running behind a ball won't have repercussion in my future!

I only like the swimming unit - lovefrombadlands

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3 Language Arts

If the point of a book is to convey a message, what is the point of concealing the message with literary nonsense? This isn't a game of hide and seek. If the common man can't understand what you are trying to say after 1 maybe 2 times of reading it, that doesn't make you a literary genius. It makes you someone who is incompetent at conveying information. Don't get me wrong. I love really good metaphors and analogies and whatnot. But when I have to spend minutes just to interpret the full meaning of line, then it's a bad line (or I'm a retard).

Also, earth to teachers: No one, and I mean NO ONE, sits there adding symbolism and other literary every 5 lines. If you were to do that, a novel would take a lifetime to complete. So stop over analyzing past what the author intended. Obviously, when questioned, an author will pretend that everything was on purpose because it makes them look better. But that is physically impossible. Read a book. Analyze a little. Move on.

In my opinion, language arts are the best and most important subject. It is fun to read and write and everyone seems to get really excited when they are about to write and read. Typing and making books is really fun too! Who doesn't love to sit in a quiet, comfy, cozy little corner and read a book that takes you anywhere else in the universe, maybe even another universe? And who doesn't love to let their imagination run wild with some writing? Yep, LA are the best subject EVER!

English is just STUPID. And there is so much homework. Jeez...

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4 Algebra

I like most school, but algebra is EVIL! - moonwolf

Multiplication: No problem. Divisions: No problem. Negative divisions with decimals: No problem. Algebra I: Insane. I was failing the class with a 41 until I decided to just deal with it. - DogsUnleashed

What to the person who invented algebra. How could someone create something so evil, bad, outrageous that destroys brain cells! Algebra should be wiped of the whole universe! It should be a punishment for ultimate criminals, not sweet and harmless children! Boo, get lost algebra, no one wants you

Algebra and Simultaneous Equations is a partnership in Hell. - Hellohi

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5 Geometry

I hate this subject so damn much! We got a semester exam recently and I got a 52%. Now my parents blame me for failing instead of being it obvious that it was the teacher's fault. My geometry teacher can't teach at all. She just calls people on the phone and wait for the call back so she can continue teaching. The worst part of it is she expects us to pass the test even though the entire class is failing! Now this is risking my chances for getting a cell phone because I want one and my dad says I have to get a B to get it. If I get anything possibly lower, I'm totally blaming the teacher!

I can totally relate. My school is supposed to be one of the best math schools in the district, yet all the math teachers suck there. And I got stuck with the worst of them all, oh my god, I can't put up with it any longer. Now I can perfectly see the reason why some high schoolers are dropouts. Shoving all this gibberish down our throats won't pay off in the future unless you're planning on being one of these teachers. This is why I lost all respect in math teachers. They're all the same: boring, monotone robots who give lectures 24/7. Their asses should be fired

I hate it so much! I only have an A- in Geometry because I get full credit for doing the homework and trying, but it's still the most confusing thing ever! I'm basically dyslexic when it comes to Geometry. It's just a ton of numerical squiggles to me.

Mensuration is a cancer to the world since we have to take in meausuring the earth. - Hellohi

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6 Science

I despise Geology and Biology. I can't memorize everything and it's not very helpful for a future author. My teacher says Biology would be "useful" for writing murder mysteries and stuff. Who said I'm going to write murder mysteries?! I just want to write science fiction novels because Astronomy ids the only interesting kind of science so far. Maybe next year when I start Chemistry, I'll like it.

I started crying in biology so I never feel the same about it. Not that I liked it any way. And I hate Chemistry even though I'm good at it. When will I use it in my life. Coke tastes good enough without people telling me I could die or something from drinking it :( help

This subject is pretty useless. I mean, I've never heard my parents ever use the word endoplasmic blah blah blah. Whatever. At least my teacher is good, I'll tell you that. - Ultron123

its bad

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7 Writing

I love writing stories! But then my wrist starts hurting because if my evil pencils...

I love writing but the only thing I hate is it hurts your hand

All you do in writing is WRITE

It's because it is writing class. But my school merges it with reading in "English Language Arts". - Turkeyasylum

I love subject ever.

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8 Foreign Language

It's not like I'm moving to France or whatever. - ArpstaAmy333

My school doesn't have Foreign Language. I want to learn French, German, Polish, Japanese, Swedish, Russian, and many other languages. I would do almost anything to have classes that teach me these languages. I plan to travel a lot when I'm older.

I get that this is nice to know, but in my county, in order to get an Advanced Diploma, it is mandatory that you take either at least 4 years of 1 language or 3 years of 1 language and 2 of another. I only take Spanish so I can graduate, and this class I can guarantee is a waste of my time. I'd rather be taking something like Marketing or IT

I hate French class

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9 Biology

Well I HATe this, except microbiology. Well because you need to know perfect definition, eutrophication is the process where... And lake chocked. Even if you write the spelling of chocked wrong, you get no marks, even if rest is correct (the... Section )

Biology and Geology are the worst. At least Astronomy is interesting! I miss when my class was taught about stars, planets, and galaxies. I find outer space to be interesting.

Hey guys! You will need this when you need to take care of pets when your grown up, or if you have a disease. Anyone who says that this is horrible, should go to Uganda and look how important biology there is.

Biology is awesome, The human body is really interesting to learn and now I know how people get killed the way they do - Nateawesomeness

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10 Religion

I just called this lesson "Sleep". So boring, especially with a bible bashing teacher telling me I'll go to hell.

I'm an atheist. We shouldn't have this subject. - AnonymousChick

I I'm better than the idiot who put this on the page

You're exactly the kind of person because of which this is on the list - Curious

I'm interested in this subject yet I hate it because I'm the only agnostic in my school everyone else modern orthodox Jewish - Ihateschool

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11 Dance

Oh. My. God. In my old school (I've moved to a better one now) we had a dance lesson every fortnight. Our teacher was cranky and old, and she had about THREE SONGS (really annoying ones) on her iPod and we had to do stupid dances as a warm-up, walk around and do stupid stuff like retarded hand gestures, and we had to compose a dance. Dance is so stupid! And I'm shy, so a dance lesson is like hell for me! - Wolftail

The teacher that you're describing sounds exactly like the teacher I have now in my dance class. - JaysTop10List

God... I hated this! It wasn't a subject, more of a topic in pe. Good thing we only did in year 7 (usa: 6th grade, I think :/) Anyway, since gangnam style was the main craze at that time, the teacher put gangnam style on REPEAT and we had to dance to it like 200 times. I hate that song as well and didn't want t hear it for a LONG time after that. That's why I hate this topic a lot!

I have no coordination. It was hell. Worse, for about 5 weeks, my crush was in a wheelchair after breaking his thigh bone, so he watched us, including probably me. Also, I had the music stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

We do line dancing. It is the biggest waste of time in the world. We do not need to know this in life. Useless school curriculum!

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12 History

Come on guys, history isn't that bad.

History is taught horribly.

They spend too much time giving homework and projects that don't help at all. History is the type of subject where all you do is memorize facts. Yet teachers force you to do unnecessary work that does nothing but weakens your understanding of the subject. Here is an example. There's no need for a teacher to assign notes on a section. Science usually assigns reading, but notes are not required. There will be a quiz or test on the material, so your funeral if you don't read. The individual can choose how to study. I actually do worse when taking notes than when not because I'm more focused in the actual material rather than filling up the paper. So I read the chapter in science and understand it. However, there really isn't homework history teachers can assign. History is almost always memorize a bunch of facts, so it is difficult to test critical thinking and application skills. Therefore, they assign notes just for the sake of assigning homework. ...more

History is the worst thing on Earth. Tons of dates and names and titles are shoved down your throats, and you're expected to have remembered everything at the end of the day. Memorizing every single President is a huge waste of time in my opinion. The countless acts and tariffs are so hard to remember what they were for. I realize the whole "Don't repeat history" thing, but I've never laid awake at night deciding to become an all powerful dictator who wants to hurt everybody on Earth. It's quite a boring subject most of the time, and the projects have nothing to do with anything.

You learn stuff that you don't care about and then have to write essays about it. It is just the worst.

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13 Typing

This is a school subject? Laugh out loud! - Wolftail

The teacher makes you type about 40 mph and use both hands! How are people supposed to do that? It makes NO sense!

The fastest way to type is with 2 fingers which my WPM with 2 fingers is 58. But NO the teachers say that's the wrong way to type. They forcefully put your hands on the standard keys and you're just super slow like that. I mean when I type like that my speed is 23. In fact the essays and everything are timed and you have to be faster than a certain amount of WPM. Intact the smartest kid I know who makes straight A's on every other subject but typing cause he's a bit slow at typing. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

What the heck why is this a subject. Is it a subject. Is it exclusive to certain countries

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14 Astrology

Pretty sure this is supposed to be astronomy, but I guess reading the future could be useful too.

I love it. Anyone who says astronomy sucks is an idiot.

Id rather be a star!

Best subject to learn about lel - Nateawesomeness

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15 Band

At my school, we have Music instead of Band. Band is optional unlike Music. The last Band teacher I had before I quit reminded me of a werewolf. The Music teacher I had in 6th grade looked like a witch and the one I have now looks like a vampire. There seem to be a lot of musical monsters teaching at my school lately...

How could band make the list it kicks so much ass! - Artattack

Dude band is awesome! The only bad things about it is that the ban directors get really mad ( at my school) and sometimes you sit by jerks (currently happening)


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16 Textiles

A bad subject if you're a perfectionist. At least in my school, every teacher we had for this subject moved from thing to another so fast I never got to finish the things I started... Thank god it became optional for me since 8th grade. - Cookies

Was required to take this class in grade 9 as part of Home Economics. I was terrible at it, I hated the teacher. She was also super forgetful and never took attendance except the first day. To be honest I skipped 80% of that course by hiding in the bathroom and playing games on my phone the whole period. Passed with a C+. Thank god It's an elective for me now after grade 9. Good riddance.

YES. I HATE TEXTILES SO MUCH. It's so useless, stupid and boring. It really should be an optional subject, because no-one likes it.

The worst subject ever especially if you have a irresponsible teacher
#textiles is pointless

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17 Journalism

It is basically making newspapers or yearbooks! We have a newspaper club for a use!

This is the dumbest subject ever!

18 Art

I like to draw, but I do not like it when the teacher wants the art done THEIR way. Isn't art about being creative with your ideas? I know Van Gogh didn't do what the teacher told him... - Turkeyasylum

Art sounds pretty easy, but no. I suck at art, and that's just me. Back a few years ago in Grade 7, we had to do a art project about optical illusions and I screwed up a bit while everyone else did it right, so I had to stay in 25 minutes after school to finish it. I didn't, and then I got a very low grade in art. Worst subject!

From the very first day of Year 7 I already knew it was gonna be painful. The first thing the teacher said was "Draw anime, instant 0. Draw any kind of Asian form of art, instant 0. Draw something which I don't approve of, instant 0. Draw too slowly, instant 0." Then we had 4 stupid assignments, where we had to study the life of Frida Khalo or some woman. Even if I *was* gonna major in art I don't think memorising the life of Vincent Van Gogh would get me a job. Thank god I can drop it next year.

Biggest mistake of my life, hasn't offered anything in the form of jobs etc. Waste of a subject.

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19 Home Economics

I think cooking is very fun. Why is this one so high especially with no comments.

This is a subject?

"Ouch! My fingers! "


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20 English

I mean it would make sense if people who spoke other languages like French, German, Spanish, and Korean would take this class. As for people who speak English already, why do they have to take this class? Is it so they speak English better? They can already speak that. Besides, what good will English classes do for those that already speak the language? If you're a person who DOESN'T speak English, GO AHEAD TAKE IT! This class is for you!

One of the worst subject

It's literal cancer

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