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Subjects where you definitely don't sleep in their periods.
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1 History

For the most part, my history teachers were the best. I like this subject (US History in particular) because it's more interesting than other subjects. First, it strengthens your critical thinking skills, helps us analyze information from the past, and teaches us a lesson not to make mistakes that were made in the past.

It can be important if you want to vote for someone. It helps us to understand multiple perspectives, use information from the past to solve problems in the present, helps us understand people's cultures, challenges us to be creative, and see the bigger picture in stuff.

2 P.E.

PE is ace. You get to run, play games and sports, jump, and throw stuff. My favorite is athletics, and I quite like gymnastics (I'm quite independent).

Everyone in my old class liked PE. Well, at least I know no one hated it, which was more than could be said for all the other subjects...

English is fine, science is fascinating and a test to the brain, and maths is nothing without science. ICT is a fun subject, where you use a computer and enjoy your time. History is where you get to learn stuff you have never known about. Drama is a fun subject, but can anyone guess what fits all of this? P.E.

3 Music

Music is so important as it shaped the way we think. There is too big of a focus on STEM subjects that the arts are annexed when they are far more important.

Music is the best therapy that makes you feel better. Through it, you find yourself more into it. Music was my favorite subject in school because it made me born again, to find passion in writing songs. I can listen to music all day and never get tired of it.

I love music. I am awesome at that!

4 English

English is extremely important. However, it's not just about clauses and subordinate clauses and things like that. It can involve reviews, analysis, and sometimes narrative.

Awesome! I love English and studying different novels! This should be #1. There is so much depth, and I don't find it boring at all!

So many things to learn and discover.

5 Drama

Actually, it doesn't suck. It's the only subject I actually enjoy going to. You can see a drastic change in my attitude and mental stability on the days that I don't have drama.

I love drama! Like when we got to create new characters, I almost died from happiness.

Oh, drama! I love drama because it could always make me laugh, or cry, or whatever!

6 Information Technology

Very interesting and plays a big part in our lives.

7 Science

How can you not love science? The thing about science is that we know little to nothing about it. There are things waiting to be discovered in this universe and any other universes that might be. It inspires me to learn more, to discover things that no one else has discovered.

Astronomy has always intrigued me. How was the universe formed? What exists at the end of a black hole? Is there life outside of Earth? Are there multiple universes, or even an infinite amount of universes? Is time travel possible? The possibilities are literally infinite.

8 Art

You can express yourself through art - your feelings, each and every one of them. And it's just creative and fun. It has more meaning if you understand it.

So calming, I don't know why. Gives you good feelings and lets you express your feelings and imagination. Love it. I've had enough of math! Teachers stress us too much.

My dream is to become a great manga writer (manga is a Japanese comic). I don't necessarily want to be famous, just to be great at art. Art is basically my life.

9 Math

I love mathematics in all its forms. Anybody who disagrees has no good reason why because it's their fault, and it will be their problem in the future. Everyone who agrees thatmathematics is sane, and might I add, a very backed-up person. If I've told this once, I've told it a thousand times. People who love math have a million reasons to support them. People who do not like math do not.

It is fun if you're good at it, and I am not bad at it. It isn't too hard or bad for me, so I can tolerate it. It is important in a way that can help your problem-solving skills, strengthen your mind and thinking skills. If you struggle, you can train your brain to overcome struggles. It teaches you to ask for help if you need it.

10 Literature

My favorite classes at school are Drama, English, Art, and Literature. I voted for Literature because it's the lowest on my list. Come on, guys, books are awesome!

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11 Religion

Religion is a great subject because it tells children a little about their culture as well as their gods and traditions. Sometimes it can be a little boring, but I think it is very informative and should be taught at most schools no matter the religion.

Religion is not the worst. I am Muslim, and for me, it's fun to learn about Islam.

Yes, I'm a Christian in SHS. I study C.R.S and I'm proud to engage in it.

12 Physics

"All science is either physics or stamp collecting." ~ Ernest Rutherford

Without physics, let's just say this website, Google, YouTube, and the entire internet would not exist. And don't let me get started with astrophysics, quantum physics, or particle physics...

Goes hand in hand with maths as the most beautiful thing ever created. Describes the patterns and concepts that build the world around us.

13 Biology

Biology helps adults and children understand nature and the human body. If they learn this, it could help them in the future to provide their bodies with the right foods and drinks to stay healthy.

This is an incredibly fascinating subject. It will honestly change your worldview. All life is connected, and unique carbon-containing molecules make it possible.

Biology is just perfect. It's the most interesting class, and even if you don't go into a scientific field in the future, it is still important to learn about the world around you. 10/10.

14 Chemistry

Chemistry is quite a fun and interactive subject. It involves different elements and creating new things. I think it's quite vital to have a few interactive subjects in a school, so that's why I like chemistry.

The explanation for the chemical interactions of the world around us. A truly beautiful subject.

I do not have much chemistry experience, but I can agree that this subject is awesome.

15 Algebra

I think this is the most interesting subject.

I like algebra. Others don't, but they're wrong.

I find algebra really good, rather than stupid geometry, which I cannot get a word from.

16 French

French is an easy language to learn, so I believe it should be taught at all schools. It may also help children communicate with those who only speak French and do not understand English. I am learning it at the moment, and it is very interesting and addictive.

Beautiful language, widely spoken, and increasingly relevant.

I think it should be above all other languages here. It sounds better than other languages and is also not too hard (though still very hard).

17 Psychology

Psychology is by far one of the most interesting subjects there is. Learning about the human mind and human nature is just absolutely fascinating, in my opinion. I'm a criminal psychologist, though, so I might be a little biased.

I just love the study of mind and behavior. It is related to who we are in relation to other humans as well. Something so worthwhile to learn.

It's very fascinating. I plan on becoming a forensic psychologist.

18 German

I'm almost a senior, and I took this class last (school) year! It was very fun. Learning a language isn't boring or difficult. It sharpens your vocabulary, and people who speak more languages have a higher IQ.

I really enjoyed this class when I had it. I am not that good at this language, but it is way better than learning French, in my opinion.

I loved taking this in primary school. It's so much more interesting than French.

19 Geography

I care about the current situation of the world, like how earthquakes, floods, rainfall, and volcanoes are formed.

The world is so different and varied! From volcanoes to the ocean, there's so much to learn.

I love to learn how things happen!

20 Economics

I love economics. It is engaging, and you get to learn about the world.

21 Archaeology

It's so cool to see fossils and learn about them!

22 Computing
23 Astronomy

Astronomy is a very interesting subject. It explains to children what is beyond Earth and talks about our planets and stars. It answers a lot of questions about what is after our solar system and what is after our galaxy, the Milky Way. It is a very fun and interesting subject that should be taught in most secondary schools.

24 Film and Television
25 Graphic Design

I love making weird and crazy masterpieces with Photoshop!

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