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21 SonicxRainbow Dash
22 ShadowXSIiver

They are Rivals! For the sake if it just understand that there rivals! Never that way ever!

This a wrong couple just like Sonic and Shadow!

Homosexuality is great, but Sonic yaoi for the most part makes no sense at all.

Yes they're rivals so? You idiots probably have no problem with knuouge even though their just rivals. They're also the same species, like sonamy. There's no problem with shadiver

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23 KnucklesXCosmo V 1 Comment
24 ShadowXTikal
25 JetXAmy
26 Cream x Fox McCloud
27 BlazeXKnuckles

Different dimensions date? Well the end of the world as we know it... Good job shippers you destroyed the world...

Age, animal, dimension, end of world, why does blaze have so many shippers

This couple could and should happen.

No, Blaze and Silver and Knuckles and Rouge

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28 WaveXStorm

They are a group and Jet and Wave are better

29 Tails x Cream

They never had any romantic interaction in any of the games or comics.

Pairing Cream with Tails or anyone isn't cute. It's pedophilic and disgusting.

Also, Cream can't be in a relationship.

Such an awful idea for a pairing. Not to mention that it's not canon and there is no ship-teasing of this fanon ship in any of the games, comics or shows.

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30 Tails x Zoe

Tails and Zooey are perfect for each other. Take this off the list.

I think it's cute.

I think it's a cute couple.

Tails and Cream is better.

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31 BlazeXAmy
32 SonicXTails

They are brothers! Who comes up with this?

They be friends, not in a relationship


They are NOT brothers. How can a fox & a hedgehog be brothers? -_-

33 SonicXCream

Did anyone see that game Babysitting Cream? If you haven't...just don't...unless you want to be scarred for life! Sonic is not a p***! - DCfnaf

I just played babysitting cream I'm scared for life! I mean eww! Sonic would NEVER do that! Rip my eyes and my English.

34 Tails X Eggman
35 Eggman x Cream
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