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21 JetXAmy
22 Cream x Fox McCloud
23 SonicxRainbow Dash
24 ShadowXRouge

Still better than KnucklesXRouge and any crossover pairing.

25 ShadowXBlaze
26 SonicXBlaze

If I was a Sonic character and Sonic made moves on Blaze, he would already be halfway to the other side of the universe. THIS COUPLE SUCKS

I loved this couple it's so cute they belong together so much in common you know

This doesn't suck, but they're just friends. - DCfnaf

Silver and Blaze belong together. End. Of. Story.

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27 BlazeXKnuckles

Different dimensions date? Well the end of the world as we know it... Good job shippers you destroyed the world...

Age, animal, dimension, end of world, why does blaze have so many shippers

This couple could and should happen.

No, Blaze and Silver and Knuckles and Rouge

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28 WaveXStorm

They are a group and Jet and Wave are better

29 Tails x Cream

They never had any romantic interaction in any of the games or comics.

Pairing Cream with Tails or anyone isn't cute. It's pedophilic and disgusting.

Also, Cream can't be in a relationship.

Not a fan, but THIS NO PEDO!
He's only 2 years older.
Y'all play wayyy too loose with the word "pedophilia"
Pedophilia is
24 year old dating a 10 year old aka Frans.
This is an 8 year old and a 6 year old.
I'm sorry, but y'all sound STUPID.
Also I don't support this.
Cosmo and tails is a pure canon pair, this is... I just don't know.

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30 Tails x Zoe

Tails and Zooey are perfect for each other. Take this off the list.

I think it's cute.

I think it's a cute couple.

Tails and Cream is better.

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31 BlazeXAmy
32 BlazeXSliver

By the way I give the mdf to Slivaze I doubt they remember each other, one because Sonic, Shadow, and sliver defeated the Sun god so Crisis city doesn't exist so, Blaze was never a fragment of Slivers Mind also that Blaze 500 years younger than him because two he's from another dimension in the future and three Blaze just giving him advice not interested yes when she went away it made me cry because she's my favorite and I was 9 when that happened so yeah that's why I hate Sonic 06 and Slivaze!

Blaze and Silver typically never met. The entirety of Sonic 06 isn't canon, AND Blaze was OOC. Blaze is too forward and introverted, Silver's more emotional. Besides, in the mannuals it even states that Silver and Blaze see eachother as sister/brother. Since they never met, Silver's in the future while Blaze is just in another dimension, no.

Ship it
1. They look great together
2. They get along just fine :D
3.meant for eachother
But blaze sees him as a bro so meh

I honestly just don’t see any good reason on why Silver and Blaze would work as a couple. It doesn’t make any sense to me.

First of all, I don’t like what SEGA did with Blaze in SONIC 06. She doesn't have any character in that game and has a new personality, they've ditched her backstory from SONIC Rush, and made her as a ‘sidekick’ for Silver who resembles in the future of Sonic’s dimension, and no longer residing in the Sol Dimension.

As for their relationship, I just don’t really see them being a couple. I haven’t seen any chemistry between them. Now, they’ve only been together in a non-canonical game (SONIC 06), and, like I’ve just said, the game is non-canon, which means the events of that game were undone in the end, resulting in Silver and Blaze never meeting each other.

I’ve heard people give their opinions on why they think Silver and Blaze work together, and I don’t think that they’re even close to good enough reasons. Some ...more

33 SonicXTails

They are brothers! Who comes up with this?

They be friends, not in a relationship


They are NOT brothers. How can a fox & a hedgehog be brothers? -_-

34 SonicXCream

Did anyone see that game Babysitting Cream? If you haven't...just don't...unless you want to be scarred for life! Sonic is not a p***! - DCfnaf

I just played babysitting cream I'm scared for life! I mean eww! Sonic would NEVER do that! Rip my eyes and my English.

35 Tails X Eggman
36 Eggman x Cream
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