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1 The Star Wars Holiday Special

Hell even the last jedi makes this film look like a masterpiece.

Everyone who thinks the last jedi was bad, or the phantom menace or solo, watch this.

Solo makes this look like a masterpiece. - Trollsfan536

This is just unpleasant... It is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. - BlazingParasol

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2 Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi

It was not a carbon copy like "The Force Awakens" but good lord this does not mean its good. I won't be covering the movie plot (many other great comments do that) I will cover the military aspects. First we see the First Orders Mandator IV dreadnought. This ship has a powerful cannon on this that destroys the base and many surface defense cannons. This ship design and use is moronic. They throw this very valuable ship out in the open with no star destroyers to protect it, and it only has like 10 weak defense cannons that can't destroy a single X-wing. Any real military would place the Dreadnought behind two star destroyers so they can pick off most of the resistance ships before they even are able to target the dreadnought. Secondly the resistance leaders have a secret plan for no reason even when threatened with mutiny they don't tell anyone the plan what a bunch of morons. Another scene is with when the transports are traveling toward the planet so they get blown up then the pink ...more

This movie is a piece of garbage. I mean, what's so exciting about Snoke's throne room battle? That fight scene is lame. It's not even a light saber battle, which contains Rey's idiotic screaming... oh yeah, speaking of light saber battle, Luke vs Kylo Ren was absolutely the WORST fight scene ever in my life. All that happened was Luke and Ren stare at each other and run across each other, with Kylo Ren striking Luke's shoulder, which was ok because he missed. Oh yeah, I deserve to spoil this movie. This is the longest Star Wars movie which was pretty useless because it's so boring, and there is absolutely no plot. The story is about the Resistance trying to escape the First Order, in which Luke trains Rey in order to defeat Kylo Ren without falling into the supreme leader's trap, which was somehow a parody of episodes 3, 5, and 6, so, that being said, there's no story. What made this similar to episodes 3, 5, and 6 is that, the Resistance dies which brought back the Rebellion ...more

Rose Tico was an awful character. - Not_A_Weeaboo

Horrible. Just horrible.

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3 Star Wars, Episode II - Attack of the Clones

Anakin's acting really sucked.

Really boooring movie

Worst Star Wars movie ever.Only Obi Wan is cool,other characters in this movie are boring

This movie is easily the worst out of the 6. Bad story, bad characters (except Obi-Wan) terrible, terrible dialogue and it is so boring. Even the lightsaber duel wasn't very interesting. Sure, seeing Yoda use a lightsaber was cool at first, but that lasts 1 minute, out of 134. Even the Phantom Menace got that right - Ponmon

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4 Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

The acting (except Liam Neeson) is nauseating - Dandeman7

Only the lighsaber fight between Obiwan, Qui Gon Jinn and Darth Maul is the best part, the rest are not good.

It is so epic one of my favourite star wars movie

One character that stood out to me was Jar Jar Binks. There is a conspiracy theory on why Episode 1 *ahem* Phantom Menace was so bad is that Jar Jar is a Sith Lord. I'm not kidding. Not a lot moviegoers have ever noticed it. He may be a comical alien character on the outside who likes to mess things up, but what if Jar Jar did those mistakes on purpose? What if Jar Jar donned a black robe and was armed with a red lightsaber? Did he plan to let Palpatine/Darth Sidious lead Anakin to the Dark Side of the force? A lot of questions may go unanswered. Anyways, you can go to YouTube and type in "evil jar jar binks" on the search bar to find that video.

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5 Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Ew. This film is uncreative, overrated and cheesy.

This movie is painfully overrated. Story sucked, plot was boring and similar to New Hope storyline, poor pacing, too many plot holes, cheesy humour and mediocre acting. And in the end they killed off the greatest Star Wars character Hans Solo in efforts to promote the new disney princess, Rey. Yes, this movie sucked and I hated it. And worst part is that this film got a high rating. Either Disney is paying off the critics or the critcs are blinded by the nostalgia factor or feminism. 92% my ass.

You get off a trilogy that was widely hated and suddenly the newest trilogy is a masterpiece the funny thing is that now that the hate for the trilogy is starting to subside from that trilogy most are realizing that it wasn't that bad after all. I think this plus the fact that they brought back the entire main cast in this movie (which obviously, it is a continuation of their story). This movie was just a New Hope with a female Luke Skywalker and there wasn't very much action in it, but unlike a New Hope there was absolutely no reason for there not to be action in it - germshep24

Great movie in pretty much every way, but suffers from similarities to A New Hope. - owlro188

This movie didn't make sense, it was too much like "A New Hope", which was great, but this is just unoriginal, the bad guys, such as Kylo Ren and Supreme Leader Snoke just came out of nowhere, and the new evil group, The First Order, is just a popped out of nowhere bunch of weirdos who think they are the ultimate terrorists, but they don't realize they aren't, yet they made another Death Star, and when they destroyed the New Republic, they didn't realize that they didn't wipe out all of it, and another horrible part, which would shock you, was that Kylo Ren just dumped Han Solo out of Star Wars, by killing him, which was the stupidest thing to do in Star Wars, besides making bad movies, and the DS3 was destroyed by the good guys by finding that same dang weak point, which is WAY overused, and Rey just simply grabbed Kylo Ren's light saber using the Force, like she knows how to use it without even training, which doesn't even make sense.

This just shows you that J.J. (Jar Jar) ...more

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6 Star Wars: The Clone Wars

I very nearly abandoned Star Wars after this cynical, cheap cash-grab. - truckturner

Why does Esoka exist? She is a mistake? Is she Eight? She's a good liar, she called herself a Jedi. Jabba's son exists (that's a bad thing in case you haven't seen the movie). Jubba calls his son a Puddgy Muffin? What? This movie exists and that's a bad thing!


7 Ewoks - The Battle for Endor

O gawd
this piece of garbage

8 An Ewok Adventure
9 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Out of all the Disney Star Wars movies, this one has to be the worst one. This movie has characters that are bland, and dull. And a very boring plot. I consider Solo a better Star Wars movie than this. - RadioHead03

Boring, overrated, no good acting, bland characters, and an extremely overrated action scene in a movie nobody asked for.

This movie was boring for me for half of the movie, and only saw one lightsaber as well

Rouge one's treatment of the imperial military completely destroys their image to most people. Disney has continued to ruin the Imperial by treating every single one of them like idiots. Star wars rebels (besides being a overall lazy show) severely damaged the imperial army/navy's image. Rouge one shows one person (Baze) kills at least 20 storm troopers and in one battle said person is able to kill all 8 death troopers (aka elite storm troopers). The reason rouge one did this is because (in my opinion) they were too lazy to show a effective enemy. They also show the imperials being incompetent the death star being used on imperial facility was moronic. If Tarkin was real he would have turned the death star on the rebel fleet (assuming they could turn it in time) Instead of just leaving Darth Vaders one star destroyer to destroy the fleet. The imperials not being ordered to evacuate Scarif is just so lazy any real military wouldn't want to loose so many officers and troops for no real ...more

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10 Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars

Does this make Phineas and Ferb canon?

We don't want star wars ruined by this show

Kind of funny. - JustAnAccount


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11 Solo: A Star Wars Story

This movie sucks

The main problem with Kathleen Kennedy is that she makes stupid spin-offs that no one wants. First this. A spin-off that no one asks for. The only spin-off WE ask for is the Obi-Wan spin-off. It's rumored that they're making a Lando spin-off, which is triggering. Who wants to see a Disney Star Wars spin-off. This is so bad that it's hated before it's released.

Revenge of the sith is higher? , than this awful movie - B1ueNew

Good god, I can't understand why this movie got good reviews, this is just a mess of a movie, it does't take risks, doesn't know what it's doing, and made han an idiot. This is my 2nd least favorite star wars film right next to the holiday movie and is DEFENSIVELY going to be my least favorite film of 2018.

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12 Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure
13 Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The new trilogy is crap. I had to put it in this list again because of how awful this one was... no wait... garbage is a good word to describe this film. Crap is also another word to describe this film. It is that bad. Poor shame, rotten tomatoes. You totally just wanna defend/support Star Wars. I don't see any reason why you thought this was excellent. This whole movie is just to insult Star Wars fans and is made for non-Star Wars fans. Even Mark Hamill seemed to be insulted by this. Thank god he warned us it was bad before it was released. And this was all because of DISNEY. Why do they always borrow other companies and ruin them? Answer: they just want money. They just want to be the biggest company yet, and Disney has been the oldest studio yet, made in the early 1920's-30's. I do not want to understand the mind of Disney where they borrow other companies and ruin them. So, I won't spoil anything about the movie, but all I will spoil is: this is about the Resistance, not the Jedi.

I really don't understand the hate for this movie this was an improvement to the force Awakens, I will agree with previous comments that Disney took Star Wars just to grind movies out of it, but we already know this, I mean South Park made an entire episode devoted to the concept of China wanted to get Star Wars to create wonderful Star Wars stories while Mickey Mouse is trying to get its hands on it to ruin the Star Wars series - germshep24

So bad it's on the list twice


14 Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

Ugh this was so terribe beyond words - Dandeman7

By far best Star Wars movie. I dare someone to find a single thing wrong with this. Reply back to me if you do. - owlro188

The acting, plot, writing, and directing were all bad bro. You should see some good movies - Dandeman7

Honestly the 2nd best Star Wars movies, but only by a narrow margin over return of the Jedi and a New Hope - germshep24

To me the best Star Wars Movie and the darkest - westofohio

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15 Star Wars Episode VI - Return of the Jedi

Favorite Star wars movie. Sure the beginning at Jabba's palace dragged on for a long time, but the rest of the movie was so good. Mainly the ending.

Easily the worst Star Wars movie. Badly acted (on pretty much every character), boring plot (1/3 was just a rehash of the A New Hope plot, 1/3 was about going out to eat dinner with Ewoks, and 1/3 was a horrid Jabba the Hutt storyline that lasted way too long and served no purpose in attacking the Empire), dull scenery (it's either desert, forest, or plastic spaceship), and terrible effects (good for the time period? : yes. good for 2018? : far from it). - owlro188

This one was great, it shouldn't even be on here, it was another masterpiece.

This movie is a masterpiece... why the hell is this here

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16 Lego Star Wars: Droid Tales

That's true!

This is a T.V. show - Midevilnight

17 R2-D2: Beneath the Dome

This movie (or not really a movie, just the backstory) of how R2-D2 became a memorable character in Star Wars was a huge lie. Because, R2 never had a father, nor was he meant to be in other movies before Star Wars. George Lucas lie to us. This is terrible. R2-D2 is one of the most iconic characters ever. It's just that they lie to us of his backstory. - asantalo

18 Star Wars Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

Best of the OT! Still not very good. - owlro188

Wow, I blame TheTopTens user who prefers The Phantom Menace over this...for this... - Gehenna

So Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens is better than Episode V.
Makes a lot of sense.

But.. But.. This one's the best.. - LizardKing99

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19 Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion

This Thing, Oh Gosh, I Forgot About It - VideoGamefan5

20 Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens


21 Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

This counts in the list even though its not Star Wars becuase THEY HAVE COPYRIGHT! They used Jabba as a cameo but just changed the name, and this is a ripoff to the greatest franchise ever.

22 Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope

This was a great classic, it started Star Wars, and it turned out to be good.

Not my favorite one but it is amazing, it had the most oscar wins in 1978 and got nominated for best picture

It's a little boring because it is so old. But back in the day I bet this movie was legit.

Exactly! It was a great movie when it came out, but by modern standards, it has a dull plot, less than stellar actors, and terrible effects. - owlro188

You just HAD to put this here, didn't you? - JustAnAccount

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23 Star Wars Christmas Album

Don't forget this peice of poo - LuckyLeftist

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