Top 10 Worst Stereotypes About Wicca

Wicca is a modern pagan religion founded in mid-20th century England. It is often stereotyped as being satanic which is absolutely false. Let me explain why it isn't with this list.

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1 All Witches are Evil

They're not. Witches are nature worshippers who love peace and celebrate their individuality. - DarkMatter1997

All these are stereotypes about witches in general. Not specifically Wicca (while all Wiccans maybe witches; not all witches are Wiccan. Witchcraft has been around for thousands of years, while Wicca has only been around for less than a century). - clusium

Its old fairytales.

Yeah, witches aren’t always evil. The media just portrays them as such. - AliciaMae

2 All Witches Like to Cause Harm

They don't. Witches take responsibility for their own actions and don't blame any outside force. - DarkMatter1997

3 The Pentacle is Evil and Satanic

The pentacle has nothing to do with the Christian concept of Satan. In fact, some Christians view it as a Christian symbol and even wear it to protect themselves from Satan. - DarkMatter1997

I just realized that the pentacle symbol was how I draw stars. Heh heh. - PhoenixAura81

4 All Witches Worship the Devil

They don't. They don't even believe in him (the horned god they worship is actually the Greek faun god Pan, who is a god of nature. He was also around long before Christianity rose to fruition). - DarkMatter1997

5 The Book of Shadows is Evil

It's not. A witch's book of shadows is where the witch keeps her spells, charms, ingredients and thoughts. It's more like a field journal (I mean I guess if the witch was practicing black magic it could be evil, but the book itself isn't evil, the magic practiced by the witch would be). - DarkMatter1997

Its not its just a sketchbook with all the Wiccan things written in it. Its not like the Christian Bible with far-fetched stories.

6 All Witchcraft is Evil

It's not. It's nothing more than just a tool you use (kinda like how you use a car or hammer). How you use it is what matters the most. - DarkMatter1997

7 All Witches are Green, Warty and Ugly

They look like normal everyday people. - DarkMatter1997

8 All Witches are Female

Nope, there are male witches just like how there's female witches (male witches refuse to be labeled as warlocks as warlock actually means "oath breaker" which is very insulting to Wiccans and pagans. - DarkMatter1997

9 Wicca Has Caused Wars

Where the heck did this particular stereotype come from?!?! - clusium

No war has ever been or ever will be fought in the name of Wicca. - DarkMatter1997

That's because Wicca has only existed for less than a century. No war has ever been fought in the name of Scientology either. - clusium

Clusium - So if Wicca was older it would've caused a war. Every religion will start a war. Lets hope the parody religions start wars lets think Pastafarians. There is ones who seriously believe a God who is a monster made of spaghetti and meatballs is real.

10 All Witches Ride on Their Brooms

They don't (it's not even possible to fly up into the sky by riding on a broom). - DarkMatter1997

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11 They can cast spells like Harry Potter, Sabrina Spellman, Mildred Hubble.

None of these characters are even Wiccan. - clusium

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1. All Witchcraft is Evil
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