Top 10 Worst Things About 2016

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1 Your childhoods get ruined

This was the worst year for me, bad cartoons and music.

My childhood was ruined before 2016.

Like that powerpuff girls reboot.

Hey, Pokemon Sun and Moon came out back then! Great game!

2 ROBLOX is destroyed now

Because Roblox made an entire year terrible. This is pathetic.

ROBLOX now removed the tickets and we only have Robux, now ROBLOX is now focused on making real, non-laggy games and getting money. Nowadays, I think all ROBLOX wants is money, they're getting money from children.

ROBLOX was destroyed before 2016

Yeah, it was after the April 1,2012 hacks when ROBLOX got so bad that you couldn't even look at the front page.

Roblox is still good.

3 Justin Bieber is everywhere now

It's fine if he's hated everywhere on this site. The problem is how he's overpraised everywhere.

Sorry is annoying, why is that song popular?

I know right? He's overplayed. Still think he's improving a bit.

He has been everywhere since 2010.

4 Songs nowadays suck

Songs just gets repetitive how every song is about LOVING and relationships. Ugh, this is why I hate 101.1 and the modern songs... And be classic if you want. I guess classic rock and classical music could be more complex!

No good songs, just boring songs that make you fall asleep.

I think it's sad that nowadays the only good music is video game music... oh wait, is that a good thing?

The worst of them is Sweatshirt

5 Nintendo is destroyed now

A game company made for kids going downhill is what makes an entire year horrible. Yeah. This list is the reason people retire.

Now they're not so bad. We have Pokemon Go

Nah, they can last for a good few years.

Nintendo can't make anymore good games anymore like the games are repetitive, getting worst every day. Wii U games are overpriced, all Nintendo wants is money just like ROBLOX. Even they ruined Paper Mario and I think nowadays, Paper Mario games are always going to be Sticker Star-like. Nintendo is ruined.

6 Sanjay & Craig and Breadwinners Are Still On The Air

I found out that Sanjay and Craig and Breadwinners stopped production, they won't be airing more seasons, so thank you Nickelodeon.

7 TheTopTens is Destroyed Now

I'm considering we have bugger now

It is still the best website

Because bugger ruined it


8 Everyone we like is dead

Like Leonard Cohen, David Bowie, Gene Wilder, George Kennedy, George Michael (he's an alright musician), Robert Vaughn, Alan Rickman, Muhammad Ali, Gordie Howe, the list goes on and on and on. Yet Billy Graham somehow made it past all of these people's deaths - jack2244

Especially because all of the modern people are poor replacements.

Michael Jackson is my favorite artist, and he's already dead!

My friends aren't dead. My family isn't dead. My favorite TopTenners aren't dead. A lot of my favorite actors, musicians, directors, and writers aren't dead.

9 Donald Trump is trying to be a President

This is true. Donald Trump is an evil hellbent monster intent on hurting innocents.

Still better than Clinton. Bernie win needed

Anyone but Trump!

I want like... Ted Cruz to win, well, I am not really a president guy. I think Trump is going to take Innocent Mexicans who passed the wall back to Mexico and we all know that he'll be making the wall bigger. We all know that passing the Mexican Wall is against the law.
Donald Trump is more like Donald Imperialism.

10 Florida got terrorized

Christina Grimmie's shooting and the Pulse Nightclub shooting are tragic and upsetting.

It was horrible, Florida just got terrorized by a man with a gun, 50 people were killed, we'll never forget that day.

I like how annoying fandoms and bad music is above this...

How are Dora and Cailou worse than the worst mass shooting in American History?

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11 A Lot of Famous Celebrities Died This Year

So strange! So many famous people have passed away this year. Speaking of which, RIP to dear Andrew Sachs (best known for playing lovable Spanish waiter, Manuel in Sitcom Fawlty Towers).

12 Donald Trump is going to be president Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is an American businessman, television personality, politician, and the 45th President of the United States. Born and raised in Queens, New York City, Trump received an economics degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1968. In 1971, more.

Lol he already became president. He still succ.

13 Harambe's Death
14 The U.S. Presidential Election
15 Clowns
16 Now there is such things as Annoying Fandoms

Fandoms were always annoying. People only really notice how annoying they get when they are online.

There has been annoying fandoms ever since fandoms were invented.

The Fandoms I hate nowadays are the FNAF Fandom, Sonic Fandom, people who likes DeviantArt, last is the Frozen Fangirls. I was glad that the FNAF Fandom was wearing out so as the Frozen Fangirls. But no, Frozen 2 now exists which is going to have the Frozen Fandom Back again. I wish Frozen 2 never existed so I can get my life peaceful now

And of course, the Gravity Falls Fandom took over.

17 Christina Grimmie was Shot

She was killed, and it was a horrible moment, we've lost another good singer.

18 Police Brutality
19 The Killer Clowns

Ugh. That's all anybody can talk about at school.

20 Dallas Police Shooting
21 Undertale exists to haunt haters

This game is everywhere JUST to annoy the haters. I think in 3 years at least the fandom might wear out. But what if there is a sequel called Overtale? That'll make the Fandom ENDLESS? Haters don't want that. Pretend that I am a hater and Undertale annoys me. Life will be dead by now.

The way you compare death to first-world problems make you generally concerned for you.

A game existing makes a year terrible?

22 Barney & Friends Is Still On The Air

Be happy it officially ended on September the 18th, 2009. They only replay re-runs of the show.

It was cancelled in 2009.

23 Too Many Annoying Hatedoms

You can't talk about a single issue in 2016 without some sensitive guy who belongs to a horrible faction breathing down your neck.

I say the brony haters are the most annoying


24 Hillary Clinton is running for president
25 Brexit

Why isn't this higher?

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