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1 Homework

Especially when its too much homework. - cosmo

I'm going back to school in 4 weeks and I'm thinking about the torture of work and homework I'm going to get for 10 MONTHS AGAIN! - jbella9000

It is bad for your help - pineliek

I don’t mind getting like at least 3 papers of homework but when I get 4 or more papers, I get stressed out. One time, I got 7 pages: 4 health papers, 1 math paper, 1 social studies paper, and 1 science paper. And I freaked out so much that my parents blamed me for having a so called “teenage attitude”. It was so sad. 😭😞

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2 School

School is really boring - jbella9000

I kinda like school I had fun joking
With friends and teachers and taking some classes I had lots of favorite subjects, I graduated now I miss going to school, I don't miss homework and classes I didn't like and students and teachers and sub teachers I didn't like - flaggy0666

Age 15: You do your GCSE exams intelligently
Age 25: You read your GCSE exams and are baffled by them - pineliek

I kinda like school because I can talk to friends but school is super boring. The teachers give you high expectations, there’s too much homework and drama, and I'm not interested in any boys because nearly all of them are bossy and they tell me what to do. I’m in 7th grade and it’s horrible for me. The little 6th graders are the full-of-themselves, childish- clothe-wearing, attention-seeking new kids and 8th graders don’t care about anything except their future and their love bugs. Middle school is the home of all drama and nightmares. Way worse than high school.

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3 Bullies

It's so annoying when the bullies bully you but not anyone else - pineliek

I'll just kick there ass if they tryed. I saw it once pushed him away from the kid nothing happened later. If it happened again though someones getting an @$$ whooping

I hate them

I wasn’t bullied but I was a bully

4 Siblings

At Least Siblings Are Older

I sure really wish I were an only child. It would make life much easier. - cosmo

Especially when you're the youngest.

If your siblings get treat better than chances are:
-You are transgender
-You have autism
-You are the middle child
-You are smarter than your parents - pineliek

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5 Getting Grounded

This never happened to me but I was still really close

Parents don't know how brutal it is to take their kids' phone away for a week - pineliek

This happened to me a few times the most was in 2010 - flaggy0666

6 Playing M Rated Games

I wasn't allowed to play the game until I was 15. Everyone else I knew started playing at 7-12.

Those stupid adults thinking you actually have to be 18 to play 18+ games - pineliek

I play the sims and thug 2. No big deal.

Its annoying ma bro was allowed 16 when he was 1o but because he turned into a brat about it I'm nearly 14 and am allowed skate 3 just castle crashers (mum don't know) and star wars battlefront

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7 Being Forced to Eat Food You Don't Like

When I was younger and someone gave me food I didn't like I would always throw it in the trash afterward. But I don't do that anymore. - cosmo

I hate it when my Mom tells everyone "Oh my kids are so fussy" - pineliek

Yeah this is the worst - flaggy0666

I was forced to eat baby food when I was 2. NASTY! >:(

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8 Essays

Hard- long- boring- never get full marks

Why does school exist - pineliek

9 Lack of Independence

I hate that I am not In control of my own life

Because the kid wouldn't last a day outside.

If you really think about it, you are never able to cope with life until adulthood. that is not a fault on the part of the child, but the part of the parent and the system. you learn to cope with life once you are unable to rely on others, which is when you are finally alone. parents wont teach you to cope with life, because they can't cope with losing control. from birth they neglect to teach you skills, and increasingly do everything for you. they cannot stand a child who can do things for themselves, because it is a threat to the status quo. if you really think about how many times they complain about you, command you, talk down to you, and embarrass you, you start to realize that the only way to get respect and a say in your life is to move out. In addition, children who may have sufficient competence do not get to make any decisions. in fact, you are constantly monitored, told to carry a phone, have no privacy or secrecy, and even have major life choices made for you. if you ...more

10 Can't Drive Till You're 16

Well I don't think kids at the age of 8 or 9 should drive but kids that are 13/14 should be able to dive - jbella9000

That sucks because I'm 14

My mom actually said that kids shouldn't be allowed to drive until they're 18-20 years old.

In the UK you have to wait until your 17 to drive. Sucks but in the UK if you are aged 11-16 then you can take driving courses - pineliek

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11 Thinking Girls Are Nasty

Girls who are 16 or 18 are HOT - Chaotixhero

They were nasty then, but once they grow up things will change. I still think girls in the 1st grade are nasty, but girls my age are terrible-good depending on stuff.

Afults girls r nasty because thry care about nothing but fashion - Ihateschool

Oh yeah they are NASTY.rar

12 Peer Pressure

Kids can be the meanest persons if they want to - Biscione94

13 Everything is Not for Your Age

You end up waiting years before being old enough to do something. Once you become old enough, they changed the rules to where you have to be even older. You end up dying before becoming old enough.

It sucks that I got to wait 3 years before being on Deviantart...

It sucks I have to wait 3 years and 5/6 months until I can drive - jbella9000

This sucked when I was a kid I couldn't watch some age restricted videos I wanted to watch, and play some m games - flaggy0666

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14 Being Overlooked

Yes especially when your parents have to check your computer

15 The Stuff You Really Want is at Christmas and Your Birthday

Parents get 3 holidays but we get only 2 that's not fair - jbella9000

You think a 4 year old needs 932487593812994329394819324 holidays?

Yeah this is annoying the only things you get you want is Chrismas and birthday it's so unfair! My birthday is at janaury and chrismas is at December! I once ordered this kidizoom and my mum said I could get it for chrismas! Which is 2 months away that is 61 days! It's like the parents get EVERYTHING and your days are chrismas and b day

What if you were born nov-jan? - pineliek

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16 Can't watch any good shows like Breaking Bad and The Simpsons

I am allowed to watch the Simpsona

I wasn't allowed to watch The Simpsons until I was 15, and can't even watch Breaking Bad for the rest of my life.

I was allowed to watch the simpsons as a kid - flaggy0666

I watch South Park sometimes - PeeledBanana

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17 Bad Grades

I never had bad grades, but I know the feeling you would have if you got a bad report card - flaggy0666


18 Height

I'm short so I'm bullied about it everyday

I've been short since 3rd grade and I've dealt with it forever. I'm a freshman and I am still short I just ignore people and go on with my day

You wanna be mistaked for an adult then you need really tall high heels - pineliek

19 Puberty

Ugh! Need I say more? - RockFashionista

This is the reason why most kids who are going through puberty(so am i) have gone wild - MLPFan

I feel sorry for those tween girls growing breasts when there like 8 or 9 and their moms like "We need to get you fully fitted for a bra! " - pineliek

It's EMBARRASING! I thought I was gonna die!

20 Strict Mothers
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