Top Ten Worst Things About Being a Kid

The Top Ten Worst Things About Being a Kid

1 Homework

Especially when its too much homework. - cosmo

School on it's own wasn't so bad. But when homework comes into play, it becomes the equivalent of federal prison.

I'm going back to school in 4 weeks and I'm thinking about the torture of work and homework I'm going to get for 10 MONTHS AGAIN! - jbella9000

I will wish school last for 9 nano second

2 School

Basically the kids I see are only there to skip class and goof off with their friends all day. LOL

School is sometimes good and bad. The good thing is you make friends and hang out with them the bad thing is teachers take advantage of you, they make homework everyday and they think we could finish it in one day

School is really boring - jbella9000

You go to school even when your not a kid.

3 Bullies

When I was in the third grade, there was this kid named Brady who always said I was a baby because I watched rugrats. Same thing with a kid named Aiden. - immarugrat

It's so annoying when the bullies bully you but not anyone else

I'll just kick there ass if they tryed. I saw it once pushed him away from the kid nothing happened later. If it happened again though someones getting an @$$ whooping

I hate them

4 Getting Grounded

This never happened to me but I was still really close

Parents don't know how brutal it is to take their kids' phone away for a week

Mega annoying - MrCoolC

Same thing w/ cosmo. - immarugrat

5 Siblings

At Least Siblings Are Older

I have an older sister, a younger brother, and a younger sister. My oldet sister's calm, while my younger ones NEVER get along together. - immarugrat

I sure really wish I were an only child. It would make life much easier. - cosmo

What having siblings is the best being the only child sucks

6 Being Forced to Eat Food You Don't Like

Sometimes, when my parents give me yogurt w blueberries, I put the berries in the garbage disposal in our sink. - immarugrat

When I was younger and someone gave me food I didn't like I would always throw it in the trash afterward. But I don't do that anymore. - cosmo

I hate it when my Mom tells everyone "Oh my kids are so fussy"

I ate a tomato and it was like hell in my mouth

7 Playing M Rated Games

We have minecraft, fortnite, AND Apex Legends that aren't M rated. - immarugrat

I wasn't allowed to play the game until I was 15. Everyone else I knew started playing at 7-12.

What does M rated mean? - Userguy44

Those stupid adults thinking you actually have to be 18 to play 18+ games

8 Essays

Hard- long- boring- never get full marks

Why does school exist

I get good grad3s on them. - immarugrat

I didn’t start writing these until I was in middle school

9 Lack of Independence

I'm a 15 year old who isn't allowed to watch Family Guy or American Dad.

I hate that I am not In control of my own life

Because the kid wouldn't last a day outside.

Nobody takes anything I say or do seriously.

10 Can't Drive Till You're 16

Well I don't think kids at the age of 8 or 9 should drive but kids that are 14/15 should be able to dive - jbella9000

That sucks because I'm 14

My mom actually said that kids shouldn't be allowed to drive until they're 18-20 years old.

Than go racing in a kart. - Userguy44

It's not just about racing. It's about being able to go anywhere you want whenever you want. That was the main reason I wanted my driver's license; I got tired of asking my parents to take me everywhere. - Gg2000

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11 Peer Pressure

Kids can be the meanest persons if they want to - Biscione94

The idiots peer pressuring kids to smoke weed is horrible

what - immarugrat

12 Everything is Not for Your Age

When I'm adult, I'm gonna be watching High School DXD Uncensored Edition 24/7.

You end up waiting years before being old enough to do something. Once you become old enough, they changed the rules to where you have to be even older. You end up dying before becoming old enough.

It sucks that I got to wait 3 years before being on Deviantart...

It sucks I have to wait a year and 11 months until I can drive - jbella9000

13 Thinking Girls Are Nasty

Girls who are 16 or 18 are HOT - Chaotixhero

They were nasty then, but once they grow up things will change. I still think girls in the 1st grade are nasty, but girls my age are terrible-good depending on stuff.

Black girls smell. - immarugrat

What? How could black girls smell worse than white girls? That is also a rude thing to say. - DrayTopTens

Afults girls r nasty because thry care about nothing but fashion - Ihateschool

14 Can't Watch Adult TV Shows

I am allowed to watch the Simpsona

Fine by me, but I would like to see Ren and Stimpy: Adult Party Cartoon. - immarugrat

Haha when I was little I watched Futurama, King of the Hill, some Simpsons, some Family Guy, Baby Blues, and sone of the Boondocks!

I wasn't allowed to watch The Simpsons until I was 15, and can't even watch Breaking Bad for the rest of my life.

15 The Stuff You Really Want is at Christmas and Your Birthday

My birthday is in August and christmas is in december, so the 8-month gap in between is torture. - immarugrat

Parents get 3 holidays but we get only 2 that's not fair - jbella9000

You think a 4 year old needs 932487593812994329394819324 holidays?

Yeah this is annoying the only things you get you want is Chrismas and birthday it's so unfair! My birthday is at janaury and chrismas is at December! I once ordered this kidizoom and my mum said I could get it for chrismas! Which is 2 months away that is 61 days! It's like the parents get EVERYTHING and your days are chrismas and b day

16 Being Overlooked

Yes especially when your parents have to check your computer

You can run, but you can't hide. - immarugrat

17 Height

I'm short so I'm bullied about it everyday

I'm 14 and a half and I am 4'11" and I haven't grown in about 3 years. Everyone in my family is short and I hate it. - HyenaLover

It's because short kids get bullied for their height

I've been short since 3rd grade and I've dealt with it forever. I'm a freshman and I am still short I just ignore people and go on with my day

18 Puberty

Ugh! Need I say more? - RockFashionista

This is the reason why most kids who are going through puberty(so am i) have gone wild - MLPFan

I feel sorry for those tween girls growing breasts when there like 8 or 9 and their moms like "We need to get you fully fitted for a bra! "

Hormones go crazy at the worst times possible. - ThatIntrovertedEmo

19 Limited Freedom

Yeah true.It can suck at times but there will be more. - DarkBoi-X

Already on da list. - immarugrat

My parents are overprotective, so I got NO FREEDOM AT ALL as a kid :(

20 Bad Grades

I get redo tickets when I get bad grades. - immarugrat

When Asian kids get B+ they're screwed


21 Have to Take Medicine

It sucks that I have epilepsy - Stazemar000

Bubble gum flavored is bad. - immarugrat

Grape flavored Triaminic tasted like DEATH!

Butt hole

22 Math

My favorite school subject. - immarugrat

I suck at math. - Userguy44

23 Strict Mothers

My mom is strict

not 4 me! - immarugrat

I have an Asian tiger mom :(

24 Spankings

Asian kids get BEATEN with sticks!

My family says lickings

That's child abuse - jbella9000

My parents call it a "smack" and when I'm being naghty there like "YOUR HEDDING FOR A SMACK! "

25 Go to Bed

So I remember at a house party at my house when me and my bro were sent to whilst everyone stayed downstairs.I asked why everyone was staying up but my mom replied with "Because they're adults and they can go to bed whenever they like".But guys, isn't that discriminatory?

5 y/o me: I don't wanna go to bed!
18 y/o me: *Sleeps the entire day* - ThatIntrovertedEmo

Is that an insult?

I stay up till 11pm, and I'm 9 years old. - immarugrat

26 Finding Clothes Your Size is Hard

Yeah finding clothes is so hard that suits me the dress is too big and the shoes are too small!

I'm an 11-year-old ( I'm a boy)that looks 14 and I have to wear clothes for people 13-14.If I wear clothes for people my age it will be WAYYY to tight.I have hardly any clothes and I can't wait to go to the MetroCentre (a shopping mall in northeast England)to buy new clothes.And do you know how annoying it is when you find clothes that are awesome but it doesn't have your size? I'm 5 foot something and people in my class are on average 4 foot 9 and I'm the tallest in my class and sometimes people call me a young adult

27 Nobody Takes You Seriously

My folks still don't take me seriously

Me:There's a Bomb in the building!
Person: Are you lost? - Garythesnail

28 Bad Taste in Music

I know, right! All the teenagers and kids like music about partying and sex! But I'm a teenager and I listen to the good music of this generation.

I think most video game soundtracks are better than this pile of dirt

This is one of the absolute worst things.

Not every kid likes Pop music. - Userguy44

29 Parents Just Don't Understand

Ikr! My parents don't understand me at all!

It’s not she doesn't ever understand but sometimes she just doesn'’s annoying. She doesn’t understand the things of today’s generation ok ok a few things are bad really bad. But she just met my Friend Rutvi ones and because of her tantrums and stupidity she says ignore her and two of my other friends support my Mother...? SarahYukta who do support her...

30 Strict Fathers
31 You Get Forced to Do Things

When your a kid everybody makes you do favours and chores I am the one that gets forced and whenever I say no they get mad at me it's so annoying!

I'm always forced to clean my room

Plot twist: this list is made by a kid who is hypersensitive and doesn't want to be an adult later. - Userguy44


32 You Have to Obey Rules

Even when your 70.

But when you don't, you will disobey everyone and it might change you into a criminal. Raising is harsh sometimes so deal with it. - Userguy44

33 Strict Adults

My mom could be strict

They have to be strict sometimes. - Userguy44

Asian parents in a nutshell

34 Getting In Trouble for No Reason
35 Parents Controlling Every Aspect of Your Life
36 Parents don’t let you do what you want to do

And that’s a bad thing? - Userguy44

37 You Can't Be in a Relationship with Whoever You Want

This sucks so much

38 Being a baby at a family party

I found pics of me at a family party from 1992. There were lots of grownups there. I was just an infant at the time. I don't remember that party but I must've hated it cause not only was I unable to eat anything due to the lack of teeth I had, but it was so boring from a baby's point of view. All I probably did there was scream my head off, stare at everyone else while they're all having a good time, sleep, and poop.

39 Boring

Being a kid is actually pretty fun! - Misfire

40 Watching PBS Kids
41 Chores

Who likes clean up

42 Nobody Cares About You

Whenever I'm sick I'm at school when I have a headache I'm at the mall here's example:Me: slipsMum: you naughty child! No running in the houseMum slipsEveryone: are you ok mum?

43 Makeup is for Adults

Makeup doesn't have an age limit you can wear it anytime you want. - ThatIntrovertedEmo

Makeup is for Adults and you can't even get it making you beautiful! I put on makeup and I looked as ugly as sumo from Clarence! True story

I see these 9-year-old girls wear makeup (and own iPhones) and they look like little creepy adults

44 Your Tastes Are Different

I am the kid who is known to like certain foods that all kids seem to hate and only adults like - DrayTopTens

My entire family likes tomatoes and I hate them and also I hate other stuff my family loves like pickles and cucumbers my mum forced my to eat this weird meaty thing I took a bite and it tasted like a rotten pumpkin!

I wonder what the weird meaty thing that tasted like rotten pumpkin is. - DrayTopTens

When I was younger I absolutely hated taking those cold liquid medications (especially the grape-flavored Triaminic). I am now older and still hate the taste but it tastes better than when I was a kid and I am able to tolerate the taste much better. Also when I was a 2 year old I ate baby food and it was NASTY AS HELL but I had no choice, while as toddlers my cousins ate them and seemed to like the taste of it.

My entire family likes meat and veggies but I hate them. They force me to eat them

45 You're a Wimp

We all are a wimp. - Userguy44

This may not be for other kids but other kids are so scared of rides their the wimpys and the adults are brave can kids be brave!?

46 Your Size is Judged No Matter How Old You Are

What if you were like 20 and not allowed to go on an ride because of your height that would be stupid - jbella9000

This is so annoying!Me: I want to go on this ride I wished I could go on that for a long time!Mum: ok let the man test youMan: sorry sweetie but your too small to go on thisMe: but I'm 10!

47 Clean Up Too Many Toys

It just ruins my fun I wish clean up is killed so ya I HATE it

48 The Speech
49 You Can't Win in an Argument with Any Adult

You explain things in the most polite voice to an adult: "watch your attitude"! I believe they say this because they don't want to be corrected.

50 The Dentist

Why do they seem to torture kids more than grownups?

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