Top Ten Most Annoying Girly Stereotypes

Even tough I am not a girl I want this stereotype wall to stop!
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1 We have a squeaky or high-pitched voice

I have a squeaky and high-pitched voice and I'm a girly girl. I don't mind anyway, because my voice sounds happier and more optimistic.

Yes - I use it to signify my true personality. It's very playful, social, sweet, cheerful, etc. Not scary or threatening at all.

Mine is really deep haha. I hate my voice.

I am female and my relatives all think that I have the voice of a man

2 We wear puffy pink dresses

I HATE DRESSES. I'm not saying this for every girl but seriously I've never worn a dress before in my life because they look cringe and so weird. And literally NOBODY wears pink dresses except for little kids.

I actually love wearing dresses, especially pink ones. They look nice and most of the time, I find them more comfortable than pants or jeans, because you just slip it right on your body and it is cooler on a hot day.

I'm a girl and I ABSOLUTELY HATE wearing puffy dresses. I wore them when I was little but now I'm a tomboy and I prefer suits instead.

I'm female and I look up to Alan Walker, so I wear black hoodies! Not stupid itchy, uncomfortable princessy garb-age.

3 We can’t play video games

I LOVE VIDEO GAMES. It's impossible to say that girls are bad at them and don't like them. I'm better that it than my brother, dad, anyone you can list. And it's pure talent.

I agree! I'm not too good at video games nor do I have much of a keen desire to play them. I think they're more for tomboys and boys. But everyone's allowed to like whatever they want to like, it's not my decision!

Just because I can't play video games doesn't mean that no girls can. I just suck at them.

I'm the best in my family at MarioKart. I beat them every time. I love video games so much, so yes, I can play.

4 We are slower than boys

I have to say, I'm not much of a fast runner and I'm pretty terrible at it. I get beaten in races by guys all the time.

I'm slower than everyone.

No. I walk very quickly

5 We stay home and do chores

I don't mind staying home with chores if I can get out of doing something else that I dislike.

Yeah, bc hard working is stressful. It takes a lot of hefty effort. Chores are at least easy and less tiring.

I don't really like chores I'm gonna be honest.

6 We are weak

Girly girls are weak like paper. They spend all their time wearing makeup, obsessing over boys and love, wanting attention, being emotional, etc. They are completely dependent on their so-called "protector" to defend them instead of learning how to defend themselves. Girly girls are permanently weak like a piece of paper.

I wouldn't call myself necessarily weak, but I would say that unfortunately, I tend to give up a lot in most physical activities, depending on whatever it is, like if it's a sport or a race, I eventually get tired and want to stop.

One small hit and they start crying like babies. Such weaklings.

A little bit yes

7 We can’t play sports

I can do SOME sports, but the sports that are more for girls, I like. For example, I'm a dancer and I do ballet, I love gymnastics, iceskating as well, and netball is alright.

Oh my gosh this stereotype is annoying! Two of my guy friends are so sure they can beat me in basketball one v one. Well I clobbered one using a FLAT basketball and haven't played the other yet (but when I do I think I'll win...wish me luck! ).
Just recently my girls basketball team played against a guys basketball team and they were sitting there laughing before the game even started bcs they figured we were gonna suck bcs we were a girls team! The guy who defended me was laughing the whole time he was doing so...until I faked him out, drove by him, and made my lay up. Then he got all embarrassed and respected me. The next game we played against them, his jeering mouth shut up for almost the whole game. He was too busy worrying about losing to a girls team, which his team almost did!
If there's one thing I love it's proving myself to boys who think girls suck at sports, bcs I gave those boys something to worry about! 😉

The girls I know are better at sports than the guys.

An under 15 boys team beat the Australia women's national soccer team 7-0,

8 We love the color pink

I hate pink. It's so generic. Sure, when paired with colors like black it's pretty, but otherwise it's bland. I used to LOVE pink, but now I love purple and black a lot more.

OF COURSE. I love pink it is my favourite colour! It is such a girly and feminine colour and it is intended for girls to gravitate towards. But it's alright if you don't like it that much, because the colour is quite bright and flashy, if you like more softer colours.

-Pink was intended to make girls feel better. Plus I'm female, too. I love pink so much; thanks color pink creators. It is a cute/girly color; too nice to be hated.

Don't get me wrong, all the hate pink gets is really annoying, but I'm not a huge fan of it. I prefer black, blue, purple, orange, red etc.

9 We love make-up too much

Girly girls don't just love makeup they are completely obsessed with them to the point where they can't go through a day without wearing them. The obvious reason why they are obsessed with makeup is because of their obsession with attention. Makeup doesn't make anyone better looking it just ruins their appearance completely. Natural beauty is way better than made up beauty. Girly girls are the most useless people in the world; nothing is more useless than them.

The best thing about their obsession with makeup is that it will eventually ruin their faces, which will make girly girls the true ugliest people in the world.

I actually love makeup, I wear it literally all the time. Plus, there are so many different accessories and products to try out. My makeup collection is forever expanding.

I've never worn makeup unless it's for a performance or my mom forces it on me.

10 We are dumb

Okay, I am a girly girl, and I fit in all of those stereotypes, but dumb? Not all girly girls are dumb. Just look at Elle Woods!

So, all girls are dumb, and those boys who throw water bottles around and yelling 'let's go' when they land on the bottom are smart? Good to know.

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11 We aren't gay unless we are tomboys

This list sickens me.
I like the colors blue, black, red, and purple.
The closest amount of "girly" I can get with what I wear is a random t shirt, a pair of jeans, and some hoodie.
I'm not stupid, and I make good grades.
WHY do people think this makes me a lesbian?
I'm not one.

I'm omnisexual with a preference towards women (so basically gay, but not), and I am not a tomboy at all.

I'm a girly girl and I am literally the furthest thing from straight haha

This is just messed up.

12 We swoon over boy bands

I like BTS, but I like them for their music! I don't swoon over them! That's be yucky!

I'm a girl, and I'm not crazy about boy bands. Some are okay, and some are annoying. I just hate this stereotype

I hate boy bands. Most, if not all of them sound exactly the same.

Yeah, no. Maybe some girls, but I hate that kind of music.

13 We like unicorns

No. Unicorns are stupid and lame

Unicorns are alright

I'm female and the only unicorn I like is the one in the Squatty Potty commercial

14 We like dolly tea parties

I don't know anyone over the age of 10 who likes dolly tea parties.

Those are for babies

Yeah, when we were four.

15 We want to be the queen

I don't think I could stand the perfect manners or the cameras. Being the queen would suck.

Yes of course I want to be the queen. I mean, who wouldn't want to rule over a country.

Nah. I want to be the king

No, I want to write

16 We hate action movies

That's why girly girls will remain weak. Because they hate action movies. They need to start loving action movies so that they will get tougher.

No, I do not really like action movies. I find them mostly boring.

I adore marvel and power rangers.

I love Marvel a lot

17 We think boys all have "cooties"

I am a girl and I don't think I've ever been through that phase where "boys have cooties." I've been Greek dancing since I was three, so maybe that has a little to do with it. (For those of you who don't know what that is, it's kinda like synchronized dancing...except everyone dancing holds each other's hands or shoulders, boys included.)
Honestly I find that cootie thing rly stupid. Two of my friends (who are both 13) still believe it. See, girls like that are how we others get this bad stereotype that we believe "boys have cooties." 🙄

I didn't really use to hang out with boys that much ever.

Only American girls think boys have cooties.

My best friends are boys. The end.

18 We like shiny jewelry

YES I love jewellery it's the best, especially extra shiny jewellery!

I'm not a fan of jewelry. I find most of it uncomfortable.

I don't own jewelry

19 We love romantic movies

I'm a girl and I'm not a fan of romantic movies. I like them a little bit.

I'm girly I hate romance

20 We are all hot and sexy

-YAY! Yes, thank me! I want to be busty/curvy as my definition of a stereotypically genuine woman!

I wish I was sexy

21 We don't like sports

I don't like most sports. I only like a few selective sports that some people say don't really count as sports.

The girls in my year level are pretty much just as competitive and sporty as the boys.

I personally don't, but I know a girl who loves them and even plays in sports teams.

I like some sports

22 We don't like to get dirty

-That's SO LIKE me. I am a germaphobe. So I will always like clean girly girl things. I get it- girls are supposed to be cleaner.

No I don't really like getting dirty.

I love getting dirty!

23 We are mommy and daddy's little girl

-I think so, parents' little girls only stay bc they want to be caring instead of independent. Or they may want shelter from danger still (like me).

Not true! Parents love their children equally! Not just "Mummy's and Daddy's little princess! "

24 We love to wear high heels

No, I don't care how good something looks. If it's not comfortable, I am not wearing it, period, and high heels are the complete opposite of comfortable.

I don't mind high heels, I can walk better in lower heels tho.

I'm a girly girl and I like flats shoes more than heels!

No. High heels are uncomfortable for me

25 We like barbies

Barbies are dumb

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