Top Ten Worst Things About Being a Kid


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21 Bad Taste in Music

I know, right! All the teenagers and kids like music about partying and sex! But I'm a teenager and I listen to the good music of this generation.

I think most video game soundtracks are better than this pile of dirt

This is one of the absolute worst things.

Rock Music = Mom's least favourite music
Mom's least favourite music = My favorite music - pineliek

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22 Go to bed

So I remember at a house party at my house when me and my bro were sent to whilst everyone stayed downstairs.I asked why everyone was staying up but my mom replied with "Because they're adults and they can go to bed whenever they like".But guys, isn't that discriminatory? - pineliek

Is that an insult?

My mom used to make me and my siblings go to bed at 4:30 every day, even during the weekends and during summer. They stayed up until 11:00.

23 Finding Clothes Your Size is Hard

Yeah finding clothes is so hard that suits me the dress is too big and the shoes are too small!

I'm an 11-year-old ( I'm a boy)that looks 14 and I have to wear clothes for people 13-14.If I wear clothes for people my age it will be WAYYY to tight.I have hardly any clothes and I can't wait to go to the MetroCentre (a shopping mall in northeast England)to buy new clothes.And do you know how annoying it is when you find clothes that are awesome but it doesn't have your size? I'm 5 foot something and people in my class are on average 4 foot 9 and I'm the tallest in my class and sometimes people call me a young adult - pineliek

24 Limited Freedom
25 Strict Fathers
26 Have to take medicine

It sucks that I have epilepsy - Stazemar000

27 Nobody Takes You Seriously

My folks still don't take me seriously

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28 Boring
29 Watching PBS Kids
30 Spankings

That's child abuse - jbella9000

My parents call it a "smack" and when I'm being naghty there like "YOUR HEDDING FOR A SMACK! " - pineliek

31 Not being aloud to listen to Eminem and if your parents find out about it your get grounded.

My dad's a pastor so if he found out about that then I don't know how long I'd be grounded!

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32 Chores

Who likes clean up

33 Nobody Cares About You

Whenever I'm sick I'm at school when I have a headache I'm at the mall here's example:Me: slipsMum: you naughty child! No running in the houseMum slipsEveryone: are you ok mum?

34 Makeup is for Adults

Makeup is for Adults and you can't even get it making you beautiful! I put on makeup and I looked as ugly as sumo from Clarence! True story

I see these 9-year-old girls wear makeup (and own iPhones) and they look like little creepy adults - pineliek

35 Shows That Are Only for Adults

Like South park it looks fun and it's swearing is blocked! And also other animated adult shows that are safe but don't allow kids!

I'm not aloud to watch Breaking Bad - PeeledBanana

36 You Get Forced to Do Things

When your a kid everybody makes you do favours and chores I am the one that gets forced and whenever I say no they get mad at me it's so annoying!

I'm always forced to clean my room


37 Your Tastes Are Different

My entire family likes tomatoes and I hate them and also I hate other stuff my family loves like pickles and cucumbers my mum forced my to eat this weird meaty thing I took a bite and it tasted like a rotten pumpkin!

38 You're a Wimp

This may not be for other kids but other kids are so scared of rides their the wimpys and the adults are brave can kids be brave!?

39 Your Size is Judged No Matter How Old You Are

What if you were like 20 and not allowed to go on an ride because of your height that would be stupid - jbella9000

This is so annoying!Me: I want to go on this ride I wished I could go on that for a long time!Mum: ok let the man test youMan: sorry sweetie but your too small to go on thisMe: but I'm 10!

40 You Have to Obey Rules

Even when your 70.

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