Worst Things About Elsa from Frozen

Ugh, Elsa is so overrated. Nobody really sees how terrible she really is. In what way is Elsa annoying?

The Top Ten Worst Things About Elsa from Frozen

1 Abandoning her kingdom

Most people forgot that Elsa ran away without looking back at all at the chaos she left behind. And that even though Anna told her that the kingdom was freezing to death, she didn't care enough to go back to even check it out or try to stop it.

Elsa is really really really really really really really STUPID!

The fact that it is roughly four or five years since Frozen came out and it's still relevant to the hate dumb makes me honestly wish some people here would find an outlet for their hatred. Take a picture, it lasts longer.

Man, Elsa would've been better off with more controllable, more stable, tamer powers than with uncontrollable, out of control, unstable, wild powers, right?

2 Her powers are lame

And unoriginal. We've seen ice powers in The Incredibles (Frozone), and he was actually cool. How can you top a black superhero? Now, I have to leave. I need to ask my mom a question.


3 Her song "Let it Go"

That song is so annoying. I'd rather hear a chorus of boys chant Hairy Baby than that piece of trash.

The stupid song didn't even fit into the story! I mean, if they were to make a song to tell about Elsa moving on- it came too early. And building an ice palace? Did there really have to be a song about that? I'm sorry but Let it Go is treated like something it's not. - AnnaOfArendelle332

My sister love it, most annoying song ever just like Justin Bieber or nicki minaj, this song was on billboard chart

Yeah, I'm tired of people claiming her song is a "empowerment" sing when it is about her running away from her problems and not caring about if her people suffers from her actions. Tese Elsa fans who keep blindly defending her actions make me like Elsa less and less. They make me like Anna more and more since they don't pay attention to Anna's suffering and state that everything's her fault.

4 Runs/hides from problems

How is she supposed to be a role model for depressed/ fearful people? By teaching people to leave their old hometown in destruction to then dress in an off the shoulder dress? We have kids and depressed people looking up to this uncaring, selfish, whiny scumbag! They should look up to optimist Anna!

I have generalized social anxiety and I can't say I relate to Elsa. I know I'm scared, but I don't like running away from my problems because I think it's wimpy. And her "anxiety/depression" is cured with a hug! It's not that easy and anyone with a disorder knows that.

This is why I like Big Hero 6. Instead of running away and singing in the mountains about his problems. Hiro tries to solve and fix them. Elsa just runs of like an 8 year old playing Tag and starts singing to herself alone in the mountains.
Extremely odd way to deal with problems...

Yes, this is one of the problems I have with Elsa. A lot of people are calling her a role model. Role model for what? Be independent? If I had the power to make a house, not need to eat or drink, not feel cold, make my own clothes and furniture with the biggest OP power in Disney history, then anyone could be Elsa.
She ran away from her problems, always. She ran from her people and home without looking back at the disaster she left behind.

5 Elsa is such a brat

This book is by far the greatest thing in the world to me rn I can’t stand it

For all those who are wondering, sorry I didn’t source this last night, I posted it from mobile - its from The Phantoms of Arendelle, it's a new kindle book that was released the other day for just five bucks get it here

It’s good to know Elsa can be drier than snowy wasteland.

Gonna be honest, I didn’t have the faith that these tie-in children’s books would do anything this brilliant. This just blew my mind.

It honestly only keeps getting better. Its literally like the sweetest, funniest fanfic, its an absolute delight

Canon Elsa. Canon sass. This is perfection.

I’m not so sure I may read theses books. I don’t want to buy fanfiction. When I can get it free off of FanFicnation, but I do find this passage interesting and enlightening.

We see a big defining difference in how Anna and Elsa lived their lives as children and how it effected them. ...more

6 She wouldn't let Hans marry Anna

This is very stupid. What Elsa is saying about Anna and Hans is actually true.

Hang on, hang on, hang on. Isn't that a good thing? This boy wanted to marry Anna, kill Elsa, and then take over the kingdom. He's like the Voldemort of this movie. I mean, not exactly the biggest fan of Elsa either, but if your sibling came up to you all like, "Hey, I met this guy two hours ago, now I'm gonna marry him. Can we live with you too? " Would YOU be all, "Yeah, sis, of course! " If my little sister did that, I'd find that boy and slap the sense out of him.

Okay, I dislike Elsa, but that was the best decision she made in the entire movie. Why are you faulting her for that?

Hans was a sociopath at best who used Elsa and Anna both as pawns so he could seize power. A marriage to him would be miserable.

Ok, first of all what did you expect from Anna? Her parents died and her sister is a sociopath, she never had anyone in her life to giver her comfort after her parents died or even feel secured. So her falling for Hans, I see as a given, but yes he was also very manipulative. But let's say that Anna was betrothed by her parents. Elsa would feel the same? Maybe not because she loved her parents.
Also, even though Anna marrying Hans would have been the quickest way for her to get Anna away from her and her crazy powers. Why did it matter to her if she was just going to ignore or push her sister away all her life?
Also, what if Anna had shared letters with Hans for months? What if they met only then for the first time, but knew each other by reputation?
The truth is that Elsa was a bit selfish, she didn't want to lose Anna, but didn't want her closer than a wall away, sort of like having a cat. You like to care for the cat but not let it sleep in your bed or eat at the table ...more

7 Sending a monster after her sister

Why is this 6? This should be 1! She almost KILLS her sister with this monster! And she says "I'm doing this to protect you" Yeah right. If Elsa really DID want to protect Anna, she would have shut herself away until Anna would have given up. She doesn#'t want to hurt her sister yet this is EXACTLY what she does. AND she doesn't care that she created a HUGE blizzard which could have easily killed Anna anyway. I can't stand Elsa. Why do people think she's a great role model? She does nothing but freak out, hide away from her problems and if she can't control her powers then she needs someone to help her. Shutting herself away is not going to solve anything. It makes her look really weak.

This should be higher. I can get why she ran away, because of the fear the trolls and her parents put in her most of her life and the fact she nearly killed Anna, but she created a monster that nearly killed Anna. She could have made a giant friendly Olaf to carry Anna and Kristoff away if she really wanted to be alone.

For any frozen fan wondering why we make these lists about frozen, we make them because we have the right to an opinion so we can hate frozen all we want, and also this is a free country we have the freedom of speech. So stop whining and disrespecting our opinions and get on with your everyday lives.

I like the movie, but NOT Elsa. If you ask me I think she was TRYING to kill her sister in the movie, and was TOTALLY fake crying. She is such a phony and people only like her because of her dress and "let it go".

8 Blaming Anna for the Storm she could've prevented.

Yeah, and even when she learns form Anna that her kingdom is freezing because of her, she still prefers to sit in her castle and let her people freeze to death and leaving to try to solve the problem that she created. So, she lacks responsibility.

ElsaHating meanie heads?! Elsa haters are the good guys!

I don't agree she blamed Anna. It was an accident. It's not Anna's fault,but neither is Elsa's - rockishlittlegirl


9 Terrible sister

I'm looking down at the comments and how people are calling a Anna a terrible sister. Anna is NOT a terrible sister! She died protecting Elsa. She stood up for Elsa. She had Elsa's back. So, no Anna is a better than Elsa, who shut Anna out and emotionally hurt her.

Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee really are to blame for making our most all time favorite prettiest, sweetest sisters Anna and Elsa separable. What a stupid choice the directors of Frozen made? Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee should've let Anna and Elsa stay inseparable but no instead they chose to tear Anna and Elsa apart.

It's Jennifer Lee's fault for forcing Anna and Elsa apart. Anna and Elsa never ever deserve to be separated.

It's Jennifer Lee's own fault for separating our all time favorite sisters Anna and Elsa From Frozen just because stupid accidents happen. I just wish Anna and Elsa never had to be separable. Jennifer Lee could've let Anna and Elsa stay separable but no instead she chose to make Little Anna jump too fast and end up having brain freeze from Little Elsa's ice powers.

It's literally the beginning of the plot of the entire movie. Calm down. This list is mean, though

Anna isn't any better of a sister. Anna is:

1. Annoying. I would freeze her and keep her as an ice sculpture myself if I had Ice Powers.

2. Childish/Immature. Grow up Anna. You are a 18 year old, not an 8 year old. I know you didn't have much attention from your sister, but that should not stop you from making new friends.

3. Disgusting. No wonder why Elsa ran away.

4. Rude.

5. Stupid.

I fail to see how Anna was rude. And did you see Elsa sacrifice herself for Anna? Did you see Elsa trying to comfort Anna after her parents death? All Elsa did was cry. - AnnaOfArendelle332

10 Her fanbase

Oh dear God, her fanbase. I don't care if you like Elsa, but I DO care if you shove it in my face that you think she's this flawless goddess (and for the record, THE ENTIRE POINT OF HER CHARACTER IS THAT SHE'S FLAWED). Look, I don't like Elsa at all, but I do see why people like her. She is relatable to a lot of people and I'm not going to take that away from you. Just because I dislike her doesn't mean you have to share that opinion. But that works both ways, so the fact that YOU like her shouldn't mean that I have to like her. And the more you try to prove to me that she's great and I should like her, the more I actually DISLIKE Elsa.

Oh yes, her fanbase. Her fans somehow completely miss the point of why they like Elsa: she has a flawed human character and incredible OP power. She is probably one of the most flawed princesses that Disney might have created. She does wrong to everyone she meets and somehow she is seen as caring. She ditches all her responsibilities exactly when her secret is out and you find out she has a thing for her sister... sorry, wrong movie. She has real life anxiety and how does she solve it? With her complete OP power of course, that she never trained or refined or anything. It just happened to be there. The fanbase will try to give Elsa most if not all of Anna's good points even. So, look fans of Elsa, we get it, you liked the best of Elsa, that doesn't mean that we have to either, we compare it to other things we like and make our own opinions.

Recently I realized it wasn't so much her character that made me dislike Elsa. It was the fans. I don't care if you like Elsa but if she is being criticized and your defense is "she had flaws, like a real human being" I don't want to hear anything about Anna marrying a man she just met or Rapunzel not knowing her mother was abusing her or Merida disobeying her mother. Those are flaws like regular human beings and you can't hate these characters for having flaws and love Elsa because of them. Because you may relate to Elsa, but I relate to Anna and Rapunzel. - AnnaOfArendelle332

I hate how everything is Elsa this Elsa that, I mean give other characters a spotlight, Elsa isn't even a protagonist! - AnnaOfArendelle332

Blame Jennifer Lee for giving Elsa less screen time than her little sister Anna.

The Contenders

11 She's ugly

You can't fault a character for looks, though. That just makes you shallow. Besides, Elsa's overall design is actually quite nice.

It's the extensive focus on her looks- particularly when her features aren't any different from Anna's, save for the eyelashes- that bothers me. A portion of her fans seem to like Elsa because she has a pretty face and a gorgeous gown, but for no other reasons besides that. If you go to these fans and ask them to describe Elsa's character, the first word they'll use is 'gorgeous' or something to that effect. THAT is the problem, not her looks themselves.

We never see Elsa once without makeup on her face. I saw a video where they removed it and wow, it makes a huge difference just the eye make-up.

I saw a picture of Elsa without makeup, and it was ugly. VERY ugly, because she's ugly with makeup too.

Probably the most simple reason: She beautiful and has some really cool magic powers. It would be shallow, IF her popularity would be all about that. But like I've made clear, that's only the frosting in the cake.

12 Lack of love

Haha, prettiest princesses? Are you kidding me? Their faces have the build of cats: giant, unreal eyes, tiny noses, and thin as paper lips. What is up with Disney animation these days?

Time travel deserves to be included in Frozen so Anna and Elsa deserve a chance to travel back in time to fix their past just to prevent anything and anything else bad happening from their past and meet their younger past selves

Shut up Elsa prettiest princess my younger sister teachers music every Friday they do Let It Go you abandon your kingdom - Devthakur

She loves Anna and they are sweet

13 Being a Disney "Princess" when she's a queen

If frozen is still on the Disney Princess saga, Then, Frozen should've focus on Anna more. Just because their sisters doesn't mean anything. Elsa is a queen and Anna is a princess - MLPFan

I know right! Elsa is a queen, not a princess - EpicJake

True, also being a queen means something more, it means responsibility. And for the most part, she never did show any of it. In fact, it's a miracle how the people of her kingdom didn't need her that much. Her parents must have been great rulers to make a system sustain itself that much in case of their demise.

Elsa would've been better being portrayed as a Disney ice princess anyway even though she's a female Kai who's also inspired by the original snow queen herself. Ingrid the other snow queen (Once Upon A Time Season Four) should've been included in them movie, Frozen back then before.

14 Elsa is annoying

She has NO character, not setting an example for Her kingdom, 100% flaw made, liar, run away, horrible singer and evil. Add on to this list!

Well, would you rather hear Elsa speaking in a real, British voice accent? Huh?

Let it Go is the best song ever. What's entirely annoying about her? Huh?

So true

15 Not attempting to fix her mistake of freezing Arendelle

She should of tried to save her own kingdom. After all that is where several innocent people including her girlfriend... I mean sister live. - trsryryryry

Yeah, after her sister nearly died. It took a DEATH for her to realize what she did wrong. - AnnaOfArendelle332

This is definitely one of the reasons of why Elsa is such a overrated, and possibly TERRIBLE character. She's so... Dull! She lacks personality! All of these things make her a rock. A simple rock. No personality, AT ALL. Elsa is a ROCK. She deserves to be thrown off a cliff for all I care! - MontyPython

She tried to control her powers so that Arendelle would be thawed! Did you even watch the movie? - Suzerain

"She didn't know how! She said that during the movie. Did you even watch it? - Suzerain"
She knew how, she just ignored the advice from the trolls or going back to them. But even if she didn't know how to stop it, she could have gone back to try, just 15 minutes ago she was using them really well. Also even if she didn't know, she could have made shelters for all the people. Her ice power allowed her to dot hat at least, or help evacuate the people.

Elsa could have tried to save her kingdom earlier. - panda21

She didn't know how! She said that during the movie. Did you even watch it? - Suzerain

16 Frequently depends on her powers, despite fearing them

She completely ignored the advice from the trolls, she never even went back there when they were the only other magical creatures she knew.
Also, you can plainly see that she was using her powers even though she was afraid of them.

Elsa had to work on taming her own powers by controlling her own emotions. Her parents did whatever's best for her and Anna too.

I think the instict was the one who made her to use her powers. In the scene when she froze Arendelle it's really shown how she wasn't prepared for this and how her emotions controlled her. And her powers do what they do because of her emotional state. When they tried to kill her in her palace,she wasn't trying to fight them at first. But,when someone tries to murder you,you'll stand up for yourself and fight them back,right? Everyone would fight to save their own life. She was just doing that. Maybe it's not a good idea,but we are humans and we'd do the same,I'm sure. - rockishlittlegirl

I really don’t like how Elsa’s abilities are portrayed.

What I mean is, she starts out being able to make some snow and she can’t even control enough, hence her hurting Anna. Okay, that’s understandable, she was a child.

She grows up not getting any training on how to control it, she’s just instructed to not feel afraid and hide it with her gloves.

Then when Anna pulls her gloves off, she accidentally attacks the other characters with her powers THREE TIMES. She still clearly has no idea how to control it.

But then in the song she’s able to conjure up a snowman, a staircase, and an entire building, and a huge snowmonster without any issues at all. (she accidentally hits Anna after she manged to build a kingdom without the slightest issue like what)

You don’t just magically figure out how to use your powers in one song without even having training. If that were the case, Avatar: The Last Airbender would have only been like two episodes ...more

17 She's a Mary Sue

There is very little character development with Elsa. All the way through the movie she hides from her problems, doesn't care about the trouble she's made - even when her sister comes all the way out and tells her what's happened and how they need her before tossing her back into the cold with a monster she created after seeing she'd done something to her when she lost control. Then suddenly at the end : "Love! Yes, love! "...really? There's not a moment where she decides that there's something more important than being afraid. Like Mufasa and Dumbledore say : being brave doesn't mean you're not afraid anymore, it means you've found something more important. All I got from her in the movie was - I'm beautiful and strong I need no one and I'm so strong with my powers! As someone with social anxiety, I really rooted for Elsa and hoped it would be something to relate to - to see her push out that shell. Nope...

Absolutely true. She has this dramatic back story and tries to hard to make the audience feel bad for her. She also has ice magic. But this wouldn't be a problem if the plot pulled it off correctly. But the thing is, it didn't. All that Elsa did was mope, be dramatic, and be stupid with her choices. Like, running away from the kingdom and letting it freeze? How selfish. Also, the song Let it Go. When it was first sung, I was asking myself, "what message are you trying to say to the audience? " That Elsa has left her kingdom behind so that it could be buried under ice and snow, and that she's just "letting it go? " or that she is letting her powers unleash? That she is letting her past go, including her sister, who is a better developed character than her?
That is why I laugh whenever people say Elsa is "beautiful." She is actually ugly. Now, what I mean by this is that she is not ugly on the outside, she is ugly on the inside. She has the looks, but not the personality. Mostly ...more

People call her a badass for not needing a prince. But honestly does she have any friends to begin with? Or anyone interested in her? It seems like she carries her life on her dramatic life on her sleeve and we should all feel sorry for her even though she has a very flawed personality.

Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck should've included in a whole entire magical world for Elsa to live in back then before in the first place just to pull the plot off correctly but they didn't ever even bother to do it like they should've.

18 She created Olaf the snowman

What's bad about Elsa creating Olaf the snowman? Could anybody tell me? I deserve answers.

Yeah, she is basically a god and people are calling her weak and frail and scared like a child. They are even calling her independent but anyone who had her powers or magic, that she was born with, would become an independent ice god.

To be honest, giving a character the ability to create sentient life (i.E. olaf) puts them on the same tier as a god. I can't think of a single character I like who has that ability and ISN'T outright stated to be a God. It just makes me very uncomfortable if mortals can do that, for some reason.

Olaf is funny not annoying

19 She only has fans because of her clothes and song

Yes agreed. Nowadays they are socks, mobiles with their stickers in them, and shoes. What even?

Her powers too.

yes true


20 She's a stupid snow queen who gets all the attention because of her stupid powers

Poor Anna I love her, but she doesn't get as much attention as Elsa what can you do .

Anyway, I love them both, but I drew this for fun and as an apology for posting close to nothing for a week

reblog, don't repost

This brakes my heart! Elsa is so overrated that it makes me sick. She isn t even that great of a character. She gets all of this attention for singing a song, abandoning her responsibilities, being selfish, being a coward and teach little girls that they have to look sexy to be confident.. Anna is the admiral one. She is brave, loving, responsible, selfless and accepting of who she is. She had the real problems of the movies and still saved herself, kingdom and Elsa.

Yeah, I feel bad for Anna.

Thanks..!  Yeah Anna has a fun personality, but Elsa has the cool powers so naturally she gets all the attention..

Cute pinup of Anna! Rather nice to see her for a change lol
I'd definitely say that I liked Anna much more than Elsa. It's probably her outgoing personality and the fact that you get to know much more of her.

Anna underrated.


I kind of feel that Anna is underrated
I mean she lost her parents, she kinda lost her sister, but still traveled a long way to find her, got hurt by her, got betrayed by they guy she thought was the love of her life, and almost lost her sister again oh and she froze!

I love Anna. I don’t care about all the crazy Elsa fans running around trying to rewrite the movie just to make a manic look like a hero. Elsa so overrated that it’s not funny any more! Anna is the only hero in Frozen. She had a lot of sidekicks and some love interests in the moves, but she is the only hero!

21 She almost kills Anna

If this wasn't a fairy tale, this would have been a story where a selfish sister kills her younger sister, because f her selfishness and stupidity; and she never "comes back to life", because that doesn't happen in real life. Anna would have died when the only thing she had done was to help her older sister. Elsa is horrible, a monster, she truly is the "frozen heart" they talk about in the movie, the worst Disney character ever...

She really was wanting to kill her sister because she send this ice monster to kill Anna and she didn't want any one with her so she almost killed her. She didn't only want to kill her sister with a monster she killed her sister because she freezes her heart so what do you think about Elsa

22 She always shuts Anna out

Laterally. This is what Elsa did for the entire movie!

It irritate me that people refuse to acknowledge and accept that Elsa as an abuser. Yeah she had it rough, but that was her fault and…

Well actually, that’s were your wrong, because Anna was not locked up by Elsa for three years. No were in the movie did it say she was.

Once the king and queen died, Elsa still was not of age to resume the throne, therefore, we can only conclude that the kingdom was being run by a counsel of nobles and advisers that continued the basic structure of ruling plan left by the king.

Which meant that, until further notice, the gates will be left closed as they did with the king, Elsa would be left alone as she did with the king. Anna, as Elsa stated, had no obligations to stay in the castle for as long as she did. She could have left at any time, cause I doubt that the large public gates were the only way in and out of the palace. Either way, the decision making at the ...more

23 Overshadows Anna

I honestly wish the next movie did something big and when I mean big I mean BIG! where instead of elsa not being Anna's sister it's Anna also I'd love to see where she's had her powers in hiding all this time where Elsa's parents made her mide them because they were two times dangerous then Elsa's.

Poor Anna. She is not hated but she is not very much noticed by fans unlike her elder sister, Elsa. She had her moments of being nice such as sacrificing her life to save Elsa from Hans and can sing well. Please people, give her some love.

Well, If only Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee give Anna the same, similar, different or opposite elemental powers the they gave Elsa ice powers, then Anna would deserve much more attention as much as Elsa gets. Am I right or what?

What's Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck's problem with anybody else deserve to be born with powers too besides Elsa? No wonder people think Elsa overshadows Anna.

Blame the writers for having Anna be put under the spotlight more.

24 She is such a baby

Elsa's such a crybaby like Bubbles and Olga Pataki.

Well, tehnically that is her parents fault for not letting her grow up
I mean, how is locking your child up?

25 She's pathetic
26 She's more immature than Anna

She acts like a baby not giving a rat's ass about Anna trekking through the mountains to find her. She just throws Anna out and doesn't care that Anna went through a long, cold, journey in the snow to find her. - SammySpore

Yeah, actually this is one thing I really noticed in the movie, Anna is immature in love, but she is ahead of Elsa in other things like leadership, socializing and problem solving. Elsa on the other hand relies on her powers to solve all her problems.

Oh my god, who on earth is that immature brat on every comment section? 'Cry cry, Elsa is amazing Frozen haterz, like lol. She's a goddess'. O.0

. She's a fictional character - grow up and stop acting like a 9 year old who found the internet.

Anna is no more immature then Elsa is and Elsa is no more of a women the Anna is.

27 Elsa is a rip-off
28 She kicked Anna out of her castle made out of ice
29 No love interest

I ship her with Jack Frost...

30 Her singing

She doesn't even sing. SHE SCREAMS. - Ihateelsa

Everybody is so in awe about her voice but I don't see why, it's terrible!

Elsa's singing is awful. You probably couldn't pay me 20 dollars to hear her singing twice - panda21

You didn't hear Elsa in Serbian

31 She tried to kill the Duke of Weselton's henchmen

My issue isn't that she was trying to kill them. That was self defense, I'll give her that, and she had a right to protect herself. My issue is that it looked like she was enjoying it.

Hello it was self defense. Honestly if someone breaks into your home wouldn't you try to defend yourself too. Silly list created by people who have no life.

She could have created an ice cage or something not tried to kill them. - SammySpore


32 She cut off all trade with Weselton

She should be nicer to the duke. - fhshshfsdhh

Yeah, the duke was the one who called Elsa a monster and ordered his guards to kill her.

33 She's still alive

The problem in this world is that elsa is still alive? Why? why? She's selfish anna sacrifice her life for that selfish person!

GOD PLEASE LET HER DIE ALREADY! Me:*pulled out wand*Avada Kedavra! *Elsa drop dead*Me:Yes! Turn those fangirls into pigskin and kick them off the cliff me: And that how pigs fly.

ANNA IS BRAVE ENOUGH TO STOP HANS FROM MURDERING ELSA. SHE SACRIFICED HERSELF FOR ELSA'S SAFETY. Thankfully, Elsa didn't get killed off so in your face, Elsa haters. Too bad for you too, Elsa haters.

34 Her motivation makes no sense

She sang a whole song about not letting people hold you back and not caring what they think of you, but then every subsequent appearance proves that she didn't 'let it go' at all. I don't get what the song was even there for, it made her look like a hypocrite.

Too bad she didn't die, Elsa haters.

What a prick she is. - AaronCoolness

Elsa is an idiot. She runs away to sulk because she's a coward, builds herself an ice castle at the top of a mountain and then what? Nothing. She just decides to live there, alone. It doesn't matter that the cold doesn't bother her. She does nothing about her own situation. And she'd starve to death up there, anyway (unless she goes out hunting wolves for food or something). So what is her motivation? "I'm going to let it go and hopefully everything will be better! " No, it won't be. Dumb b*tch.

She should have stayed there for weeks. Then she would die from starvation. - SammySpore

35 She's the most cowardly queen

Even though I like tough characters, people bash the weak ones like Kayley from Quest for Camelot. Even though I haven't watched the movie, I find bashing characters based on their strength is just so wrong and I'll go great lengths use this stamp to counter those who hate Kayley. In my opinion the only time you can bash a character based on their strength is in fighting games, where the most useless character in the game (e.g Dan from Street Fighter and Borot from Power Quest) has every right to be bashed in terms of their uselessness. Sorry if I sound a little bigoted, but still I have to say that you have a point and I agree with you.

36 She should've been born into a family who is also born with ice powers like her

Any and any other brave ice magical muggle-born, half blood and pureblood can show Elsa how to control her powers properly in a simple, easy way.

You know the full magical ice powerful pureblood royal family instead of a muggle royal family.

37 She threw a giant temper tantrum on her little sister Anna

Yeah she did but why? If Anna was only trying to help her Sister Elsa. So truly I used to like Elsa last year but I don't like Frozen or her anymore but I do adore Anna, Kristoff, Sven and Olaf!

no just no

38 She overreacts

She s a dramatic lesbian freak queen who likes ice cream 🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦 #Elsa is a jerk DUH!

39 Drama and surprise

Um don't blame Jennifer lee people just tried to create bad in the beginning and good in the ending like a happing ending! That's how things work around here

40 She isn't real

The only bad thing about Elsa, is that she isn't real. Other than that, she's perfect. She's the most gracious, gorgeous, smartest, kindest, absolutely perfect role model this land has ever seen! - Suzerain

41 She's a spoiled queen
42 She's The Worst Disney Princess

Wrong. The other Disney princesses are bland Mary Sues, and their looks are the main reasons which princes fall in love with them. They have no personality flaws, and they’re so perfect that they’re annoying.

43 She creates too many problems

I know right! If only she would have at the very least TALKED to her sister- she did not even have to open the door- the whole mess wouldn't of happened.

The orders came from Anna and Elsa's parents because of the accident happened in their childhood. That's Jennifer Lee's problem for not letting Anna and Elsa stay together at all.

Anna and Elsa's parents already had to separate their own daughters for their own safety and their own good after the accident and the incident happened. Her parents had to do whatever's best for Elsa and Anna. Why are you Frozen haters complaining about Elsa?

Because she blasted her sister and created a snowman. So when did you first hear about this movie? - Trollsfan536

Yep. She had her gloves on, and she dose'nt come out of her room.
Elsa freezes her kingdom, and dose not thaw it. Elsa creates too many problems - panda21

44 Misrepresents women to impressionable children

I don't even understand what it means? Anybody who understands what does it mean misrepresents women to impressionable children tell me what's it mean?

Misrepresent means false. Elsa had to shut her out by keeping her little sister Anna safe because of the accident happened. Anna and Elsa's parents had to separate their own daughters for their own safety.

Basically makes women look bad to children.

45 She made marshmallow

I wish marshmallow died in a fire. He is so ugly and tried to kill the people that tried to kill... Never mind. I reason I really hate Elsa. I can't BELIVE this pile of garbage has fans. We'll I hate them. I wish Elsa made out with Justin beiber because if she did she'll throw up on him and he'll die of puke smells and Elsa would die because she'll be so utterly disgusted. And Anna will just move on and be the queen better than Elsa would be... If she was alive.

You Elsa haters should take it up with the writers of Frozen. I'm glad Elsa and Marshmallow didn't die so too bad, Elsa haters and Marshmallow haters.

SNOW MONSTER. Not marshmallow. Who decided that olaf's (autocorrect changed it to loaf. fitting name) nickname was his real name? Who?! - SammySpore

46 She gets more attention than her little sister Anna.

Elsa was such an intriguing character. I know people were upset that her screen time is less than Anna but that is part of the mystery of The Snow Queen. Even in the original fairy tale she is mysterious. For what Jennifer Lee did to develop a more human connection with Elsa, she did a great job.

Anna deserves the attention more because she is like the main protagonist more than elsa - MLPFan

She doesn't deserve it.

Who doesn't deserve it? Anna or Elsa?

47 She's such a drama queen
48 She's such a loser

Fans hate it when a character isn't tough like the rest so they bash a character for being weak or useless. : Honestly, not all characters have to be tough like the others, they're pretty much fine the way they are.

49 It's unfair that Elsa is the only one with powers

A lot of people wanted Anna it have her own magical powers! Powers just for her. Like the concept art above, but why? In the movie Frozen Elsa did nothing but wrong with her powers and because of them. So why wish them on Anna?

The reason why so many people wished that Anna had magical powers. Is because they wanted her to be special. Thought the entire film. Anna displays courage, unconditionally love, and loyalty. Maturity, wit and resourcefulness. Determined, responsible. Succeeding at everything she dose and Anna is pure and improviser to corruption. Anna gives up her life for her kingdom and her sister. In the ultimate act of love and sacrifice! Yet the movie isn’t about how great Anna is, but about Elsa and her destructive powers. The fandom push the great woman and hero Anna is. For the soul fact that Elsa can make ice. Even though Elsa is not the great of a character.

It is for the reason that so many wished that Anna had magical powers of her own. So to ...more

Anna truly deserves to be born more than an ordinary muggle so Anna truly gets magical powers too. Don't the rightful owners, creators, writers of Frozen know anybody else was born with elemental magical powers too besides Elsa? Huh?

Anybody else in the movie Frozen was born with powers too besides Elsa which is fairer.

50 She's irresponsible
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