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22 Her singing

She doesn't even sing. SHE SCREAMS. - Ihateelsa

Everybody is so in awe about her voice but I don't see why, it's terrible!

Elsa's singing is awful. You probably couldn't pay me 20 dollars to hear her singing twice - panda21

You didn't hear Elsa in Serbian

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23 She tried to kill the Duke of Weselton's henchmen

My issue isn't that she was trying to kill them. That was self defense, I'll give her that, and she had a right to protect herself. My issue is that it looked like she was enjoying it.

Hello it was self defense. Honestly if someone breaks into your home wouldn't you try to defend yourself too. Silly list created by people who have no life.

She could have created an ice cage or something not tried to kill them. - SammySpore


24 She cut off all trade with Weselton

She should be nicer to the duke. - fhshshfsdhh

Yeah, the duke was the one who called Elsa a monster and ordered his guards to kill her.

25 She's still alive

The problem in this world is that elsa is still alive? Why? why? She's selfish anna sacrifice her life for that selfish person!

GOD PLEASE LET HER DIE ALREADY! Me:*pulled out wand*Avada Kedavra! *Elsa drop dead*Me:Yes! Turn those fangirls into pigskin and kick them off the cliff me: And that how pigs fly.

ANNA IS BRAVE ENOUGH TO STOP HANS FROM MURDERING ELSA. SHE SACRIFICED HERSELF FOR ELSA'S SAFETY. Thankfully, Elsa didn't get killed off so in your face, Elsa haters. Too bad for you too, Elsa haters.

26 Her motivation makes no sense

She sang a whole song about not letting people hold you back and not caring what they think of you, but then every subsequent appearance proves that she didn't 'let it go' at all. I don't get what the song was even there for, it made her look like a hypocrite.

Too bad she didn't die, Elsa haters.

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27 She is such a baby

Elsa's such a crybaby like Bubbles and Olga Pataki.

Well, tehnically that is her parents fault for not letting her grow up
I mean, how is locking your child up?

28 She should've been born into a family who is also born with ice powers like her

Any and any other brave ice magical muggle-born, half blood and pureblood can show Elsa how to control her powers properly in a simple, easy way.

You know the full magical ice powerful pureblood royal family instead of a muggle royal family.

29 She isn't real

The only bad thing about Elsa, is that she isn't real. Other than that, she's perfect. She's the most gracious, gorgeous, smartest, kindest, absolutely perfect role model this land has ever seen! - Suzerain

30 She creates too many problems

Anna and Elsa's parents already had to separate their own daughters for their own safety and their own good after the accident and the incident happened. Her parents had to do whatever's best for Elsa and Anna. Why are you Frozen haters complaining about Elsa?

Because she blasted her sister and created a snowman. So when did you first hear about this movie? - Trollsfan536

I know right! If only she would have at the very least TALKED to her sister- she did not even have to open the door- the whole mess wouldn't of happened.

The orders came from Anna and Elsa's parents because of the accident happened in their childhood. That's Jennifer Lee's problem for not letting Anna and Elsa stay together at all.

Yep. She had her gloves on, and she dose'nt come out of her room.
Elsa freezes her kingdom, and dose not thaw it. Elsa creates too many problems - panda21

31 Overshadows Anna

Poor Anna. She is not hated but she is not very much noticed by fans unlike her elder sister, Elsa. She had her moments of being nice such as sacrificing her life to save Elsa from Hans and can sing well. Please people, give her some love.

Well, If only Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee give Anna the same, similar, different or opposite elemental powers the they gave Elsa ice powers, then Anna would deserve much more attention as much as Elsa gets. Am I right or what?

What's Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck's problem with anybody else deserve to be born with powers too besides Elsa? No wonder people think Elsa overshadows Anna.

Blame the writers for having Anna be put under the spotlight more.

It's just not fair that Elsa is the only one who can be badass.

I never ever even hate Elsa. Stupid Jennifer Lee and Stupid Chris Buck just made that unfair choice. Anybody else can be badass too besides Elsa for a change.

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32 Misrepresents women to impressionable children

I don't even understand what it means? Anybody who understands what does it mean misrepresents women to impressionable children tell me what's it mean?

Misrepresent means false. Elsa had to shut her out by keeping her little sister Anna safe because of the accident happened. Anna and Elsa's parents had to separate their own daughters for their own safety.

Basically makes women look bad to children.

33 She made marshmallow

I wish marshmallow died in a fire. He is so ugly and tried to kill the people that tried to kill... Never mind. I reason I really hate Elsa. I can't BELIVE this pile of garbage has fans. We'll I hate them. I wish Elsa made out with Justin beiber because if she did she'll throw up on him and he'll die of puke smells and Elsa would die because she'll be so utterly disgusted. And Anna will just move on and be the queen better than Elsa would be... If she was alive.

You Elsa haters should take it up with the writers of Frozen. I'm glad Elsa and Marshmallow didn't die so too bad, Elsa haters and Marshmallow haters.

SNOW MONSTER. Not marshmallow. Who decided that olaf's (autocorrect changed it to loaf. fitting name) nickname was his real name? Who?! - SammySpore

34 She's a stupid snow queen who gets all the attention because of her stupid powers

Poor Anna I love her, but she doesn't get as much attention as Elsa what can you do .

Anyway, I love them both, but I drew this for fun and as an apology for posting close to nothing for a week

reblog, don't repost

This brakes my heart! Elsa is so overrated that it makes me sick. She isn t even that great of a character. She gets all of this attention for singing a song, abandoning her responsibilities, being selfish, being a coward and teach little girls that they have to look sexy to be confident.. Anna is the admiral one. She is brave, loving, responsible, selfless and accepting of who she is. She had the real problems of the movies and still saved herself, kingdom and Elsa.

Do I like her? Hell yes! She and Anna are my favorite characters in the film. But my problem with Elsa's fans is that half of them don't even remember Anna even EXISTS. Because how much fanart/stamps of either Anna or Kristoff ALONE do you see compared to ELSA? (It especially disappoints me that I have only ever seen THREE stamps dedicated to Kristoff on this entire site). I get that most people like Elsa better than Anna, but at the same time some people treat Frozen like the film is ONLY about Elsa. I also don't understand people who hate Anna and Kristoff because they think the movie "tries to be more about them than Elsa". How in the heck does the movie try to be any more about THEM than Elsa? I think all the characters have their fair share of screentime and development. After all, for a movie called "Frozen", I'm sure Disney would still consider the character with the ICE powers.

Thanks..!  Yeah Anna has a fun personality, but Elsa has the cool powers so naturally she gets all the attention..

Cute pinup of Anna! Rather nice to see her for a change lol
I'd definitely say that I liked Anna much more than Elsa. It's probably her outgoing personality and the fact that you get to know much more of her.

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35 She gets more attention than her little sister Anna.

Elsa was such an intriguing character. I know people were upset that her screen time is less than Anna but that is part of the mystery of The Snow Queen. Even in the original fairy tale she is mysterious. For what Jennifer Lee did to develop a more human connection with Elsa, she did a great job.

Anna deserves the attention more because she is like the main protagonist more than elsa - MLPFan

Who doesn't deserve it? Anna or Elsa?

She doesn't deserve it.

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36 She's such a drama queen
37 She's such a loser

Fans hate it when a character isn't tough like the rest so they bash a character for being weak or useless. : Honestly, not all characters have to be tough like the others, they're pretty much fine the way they are.

38 It's unfair that Elsa is the only one with powers

Anna truly deserves to be born more than an ordinary muggle so Anna truly gets magical powers too. Don't the rightful owners, creators, writers of Frozen know anybody else was born with elemental magical powers too besides Elsa? Huh?

Anybody else in the movie Frozen was born with powers too besides Elsa which is fairer.

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39 She's the most cowardly queen

Even though I like tough characters, people bash the weak ones like Kayley from Quest for Camelot. Even though I haven't watched the movie, I find bashing characters based on their strength is just so wrong and I'll go great lengths use this stamp to counter those who hate Kayley. In my opinion the only time you can bash a character based on their strength is in fighting games, where the most useless character in the game (e.g Dan from Street Fighter and Borot from Power Quest) has every right to be bashed in terms of their uselessness. Sorry if I sound a little bigoted, but still I have to say that you have a point and I agree with you.

40 She's irresponsible
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