Worst Things About Elsa from Frozen

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41 She's such a drama queen
42 She's such a loser

Fans hate it when a character isn't tough like the rest so they bash a character for being weak or useless. : Honestly, not all characters have to be tough like the others, they're pretty much fine the way they are.

43 It's unfair that Elsa is the only one with powers

Anna truly deserves to be born more than an ordinary muggle so Anna truly gets magical powers too. Don't the rightful owners, creators, writers of Frozen know anybody else was born with elemental magical powers too besides Elsa? Huh?

Anybody else in the movie Frozen was born with powers too besides Elsa which is fairer.

A lot of people wanted Anna it have her own magical powers! Powers just for her. Like the concept art above, but why? In the movie Frozen Elsa did nothing but wrong with her powers and because of them. So why wish them on Anna?

The reason why so many people wished that Anna had magical powers. Is because they wanted her to be special. Thought the entire film. Anna displays courage, unconditionally love, and loyalty. Maturity, wit and resourcefulness. Determined, responsible. Succeeding at everything she dose and Anna is pure and improviser to corruption. Anna gives up her life for her kingdom and her sister. In the ultimate act of love and sacrifice! Yet the movie isn’t about how great Anna is, but about Elsa and her destructive powers. The fandom push the great woman and hero Anna is. For the soul fact that Elsa can make ice. Even though Elsa is not the great of a character.

It is for the reason that so many wished that Anna had magical powers of her own. So to ...more

44 She's the most cowardly queen

Even though I like tough characters, people bash the weak ones like Kayley from Quest for Camelot. Even though I haven't watched the movie, I find bashing characters based on their strength is just so wrong and I'll go great lengths use this stamp to counter those who hate Kayley. In my opinion the only time you can bash a character based on their strength is in fighting games, where the most useless character in the game (e.g Dan from Street Fighter and Borot from Power Quest) has every right to be bashed in terms of their uselessness. Sorry if I sound a little bigoted, but still I have to say that you have a point and I agree with you.

45 She's irresponsible
46 She tried to kill her own sister


3) She never wanted Anna dead. She wanted Anna to leave because her powers were spiraling out of control again. Her hitting Anna was an accident, just as it was the first time. She had a panic attack and Anna, as much as she was trying to, was not helping it. She wasn’t refusing to fix the winter. She had no idea how to fix it. She didn’t know her powers could be reversed.

47 She threw a giant temper tantrum on her little sister Anna

Yeah she did but why? If Anna was only trying to help her Sister Elsa. So truly I used to like Elsa last year but I don't like Frozen or her anymore but I do adore Anna, Kristoff, Sven and Olaf!

48 She overreacts
49 She kicked Anna out of her castle made out of ice
50 She's a dolt
51 She has zero personality

Despite being a loner and being relatable to sexually frustrated moms, she's pretty damn bland.

Hey! How does she have zero personality? Huh?

52 She's a Rosalina ripoff
53 She's bossy
54 Elsa is a rip off of Elphaba Thropp (Wicked)
55 She's unadventurous
56 She's a spoiled queen
57 She's The Worst Disney Princess
58 She's overrated
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