Worst Things About Elsa from Frozen

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41 She always shuts Anna out

Laterally. This is what Elsa did for the entire movie!

It irritate me that people refuse to acknowledge and accept that Elsa as an abuser. Yeah she had it rough, but that was her fault and…

Well actually, that’s were your wrong, because Anna was not locked up by Elsa for three years. No were in the movie did it say she was.

Once the king and queen died, Elsa still was not of age to resume the throne, therefore, we can only conclude that the kingdom was being run by a counsel of nobles and advisers that continued the basic structure of ruling plan left by the king.

Which meant that, until further notice, the gates will be left closed as they did with the king, Elsa would be left alone as she did with the king. Anna, as Elsa stated, had no obligations to stay in the castle for as long as she did. She could have left at any time, cause I doubt that the large public gates were the only way in and out of the palace. Either way, the decision making at the ...more

42 Elsa is a rip-off
43 Elsa is such a brat V 1 Comment
44 She tried to kill her own sister V 2 Comments
45 She threw a giant temper tantrum on her little sister Anna

Yeah she did but why? If Anna was only trying to help her Sister Elsa. So truly I used to like Elsa last year but I don't like Frozen or her anymore but I do adore Anna, Kristoff, Sven and Olaf!

46 She overreacts
47 She kicked Anna out of her castle made out of ice
48 She's a dolt
49 She has zero personality

Despite being a loner and being relatable to sexually frustrated moms, she's pretty damn bland.

Hey! How does she have zero personality? Huh?

50 She's a Rosalina ripoff
51 She's bossy
52 Elsa is a rip off of Elphaba Thropp (Wicked)
53 Drama and surprise

Um don't blame Jennifer lee people just tried to create bad in the beginning and good in the ending like a happing ending! That's how things work around here

54 She's unadventurous
55 She's a spoiled queen
56 She's The Worst Disney Princess
57 She's overrated
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