Worst Things About Girly Girls

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1 They love boybands and boy pop stars

I don't like them and I'm a girl. You are so stereotypical.

My 9 year old cousin is a girl and she likes Taylor Swift

I hate them but I don't care if you love them.

Lol I'm a tomboy and I like justin bieber but not that much and I like some One direction songs

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2 Sloppy-looking make up-filled faces

Lol I don'y know whether to laugh at this or be disgusted. Some "girly girls" actually apply makeup like a pro, and they slay the look. What's wrong with a little makeup?

They always ask me if they have a pimple or some junk like that and I just walk away yet they still annoyingly ask me

Tell me about it, they're always asking how they look and how's their hair. I hate girly girls. They're the worst.

I think your pimples are better than your sloppy make up.

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3 Some have ugly grammar

They have terrible grammar since they are always texting their boyfriends and other bimbo girly friends.

I'm girly and have a 4.0 and my friends call me a grammar Nazi.

Precisely how I feel every time I speak to a girl my own age. - RockFashionista

More like Grammar Nazis

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4 They don't know real music

They can still have anything other then girly interests.

And what exactly is REAL music?

Bon Jovi and other rock bands are real music

What? I like real music... I listen to almost everything except for Justin Bieber, 1D, and like that

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5 Some of them are popular

I'm a girly girl, I might be popular on social media but not in school. The reason why is because I'm pretty much a loner, anti social person in school. I also don't get along with popular people in school since they seem too fake for me. I only have 1 friend or 2 friends in school but that's about it. But anyways not all popular people are bad although they do talk and think they all that. I wouldn't trust a single popular person in school either in social media. Reason I know this is because I used have a friend well a fake friend who was really popular in school. She was backstabbing my back. She also talk about me. Guys! never trust people! Be careful who trust. Choose wisely who are your real friends. Fake friends will only use you

The popular GIRLS are the one who tease and call girls who are intelligent and kind, nerds. We all are nerds. I'm a nerd for reading books. You girls are nerds for makeup.

I'm no where near popular yet I'm girly and have a 4.0 in all ADVANCED classes, these seem to be stereotypes.

6 They are drama queens

I have borderline personality and bipolar disorder. It sucks. I keep losing people because of it. But thank god for true friends who understand me. And helps me out

I possibility have an anxiety disorder which is something I can't control.

So true. - Hermione_Granger220

Girly girl:! My boyfriend broke up with me! (cries like a baby)
Me:So what? He has a right to choose, you know! - MLPFan

7 They say "duh" all the time

I'm a tomboy and I say duh. - ThatIntrovertedEmo

It is annoying to hear them say "Duh" all the time. They sound like "Duh, I hate that, Duh, I love that, Duh, I hate that, Duh, I love that, Duh, I hate that, Duh, I love that, Duh, I hate that, Duh, I love that"

No, I'm a girly girl and I don't use duh, the reason why is because I think its pretty annoying and irritating. It's also stupid.

They don't just say "Duh". They always say "" in dramatic moments and exciting moments. So annoying.

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8 They are fakers

What!? Hell naw... Lol I'm not fake, you probably talking about those popular girly girls, attention seekers. Not all girly girls are fake. You see even tomboys can be fake. You can not always know who are fake.

That's only a prep or valley girl.

What the hell is wrong with you people?! You're hating on girls just for acting in a certain way?! Why is it so bad to be a girly girl these days? Mean girls can (and a lot are) be tomboys as well!

9 Some can't stand a day without make up

I'm a girly girl, and I can go out without any makeup. Reason why is because I'm also too lazy, not in mood for it, sometimes your skin needs too breath. Also make yourself a favor where people can see your truly natural look.

10 They hate tomboys

I'm a girly girl and my twin sister is a tomboy and I love her.

I don't understand why rude extremely girly girls think that tomboys are farm animals. It's inhuman

I'm a girly girl but my best friend is tomboy

I agree. Just like they disrespect tomboys, I disrespect girly girls.

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? They like to watch girly shows

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11 Most have mean personalities

I'm girly but I'm nit mean, I simply like pink, play with dolls and like skirts and dresses. At the same time I'm polite and don't get in trouble in school, and like playing videogames. I'm a girly nerd and what is wrong with that. IJustine is girly, but likes videogames. I'm girly, but no mean about it, but I'm sorry if this has happened with girly girls. I've always been a girly nerd, but being girly doesn't mean you're popular, I more like a door mat who really dislikes cliches. To conclude this list is mean spirtited towards ALL girly girls or girly nerds and it really ticks me off.

Not me lol I'm pretty much a nice person, caring, and understanding. I'm also not fake.

Girly girls are stuck up snobby self absorbed and spoiled brats

Not all of them. But most of them. I have some friends who are girly girls, but most of them are nice. - Hermione_Granger220

Most have lovely personalities, more like.

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12 They wear bra when they are 11

Yeah it's because they're going through puberty something that the op should try someday. - ThatIntrovertedEmo

I get where you are coming from, with them acting all grown up, but I started my period at 10 and needed bras by the time I was 9. You cannot control it.

I don't even like wearing one, I'm sorry about something I can't control.

It's not like we can control when our breasts develop. But if an 11 year old girl without boobs is wearing a bra, then ugh!

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13 They always try to turn you into one of them

Yep if you tomboy and not like that horrible makeup products they still try and I'm tomboy but some people really need makeup if they have a skin condition

Oh, come on! Of course they do! They just want everyone to be just like theme, man! But why would I want to get clumsy, scared of every little incect or reptil, being afraif of gettin' my hands a bit dirty, lovin' pop,hip hop and fashion, dress up and act like a dumsell, wear pink, sparkly clothes and make up, stop being myselfe, paint my nails(without regreting after 10 minuites as I do) and have a nut inside my head instead of brain! Did I forgot to mention something? O, heck, never mind. One of my best friends is very girly, but not snob. She may likes fashion,pink and girly stuff but she gets along with everyone. I don! 't care if someone thinks I am weird, at least I am not saing 'hi' and look someone with a face that says 'hi, I'm dumb'.

14 They're simple-minded

Learn difference between idiot and girly

15 They get scared easily

No lol I don't get easily scare lmao I can scare the crap of anybody to be honest. And I love scary movies. But yeah I really hate people who are pussies. Ctfu

16 No boys allowed

The mean prissy girls always do that. That's why those dumb attention whoring bitches have no friends.

17 They have crushes on boys

Fun fact: Having a crush on a girl when your a girl is lesbian (I'm not saying that being a lesbian Is a bad thing I'm just saying having a crush on a boy when you're a girl is Normal - RoseCandyMusic

How the hell is this a bad thing? I hate this stupid website. Why did I even click on it

18 They always wear pink
19 They hate violent movies

Yeah. Most of my friends are girly and they hate Marvel movies and things like that. - Hermione_Granger220

Whoa whoa whoa, do not do that madsion you could of just said that nicely to be honest you are acting like the mean giry girls you do not have to be so prissy

Uh well because violent movies are for adults you now and you are wrong! some tomboys hate violent movies! and girly girls also most of the time probally hate violent movies well you are just dum not all girly girls are ages that can watch this but some do not like it first some are too young to watch it and it will scare them! I am going to make ocs right now. - madsion

20 They hate video games

I play Overwatch, Resident Evil, Uncharted, etc. with my pink nails and frilly dresses. You don't have to be 'masculine' to like video games.


21 They ruin projects

I'm the leader in most projects and our team get A's

How exactly

22 They brag how much they like Ash from the movie Sing

Well that's Ironic. Isn't Ash a Tomboy?

23 They are too emotional

Yeah. And they complain that I’m NOT emotional. - Hermione_Granger220

24 They love romantic movies
25 They waste their time buying clothes

Yes, I do that all the time lol :D

26 They usually try to steal your friends.
27 Most of them are narcissists

Not at all, they're usually selfless

No, most are not. That's a horrible thing to say.

28 Dresses and skirts

Why is this bad?

What's bad about that?

To be honest I'm a girly girl and I hate dresses and skirts.

Some girl girls never even wear those

29 They talk about their love life in front of others

I don't have a love life, and I'm girly.

30 They are attention seekers

They put makeup and wear dresses for attention only

31 They always look at themselves in the mirror and won't stop
32 Fan characters

I hate fan mlp

33 They hate dogs and love cats

I love dogs better than cats.
dogs are awesome and cats are just evil

I’m a tomboy, and I love cats. It’s not “girly” to like cats. Most of my friends are girly girls, and they either are allergic to cats or hate them. - Hermione_Granger220

34 They act babyish
35 They are wimpy
36 They brag about how much they love Rainbow Dash
37 They are mean to tomboys
38 They say bad words on YouTube
39 They say you have to be perfect
40 They like overrated female anime characters
41 They are hard to be friends with

Can I tell a story of how I met an sporty girly girl. I was 8, 9, or 10. I met an girl that was really nice to me for a little while not that long. she was sporty and good at sports, but she was more an girly girl than sporty girl. she was always yelly to boys. and she only laughs when she gets teased by her best friends and boys that she had been mean to. I was new to this thing we were doing once and she said that you HAVE TO BE PURFECT OR ELSE I WILL NOT INCULDE YOU. after that I tryed to say sorry. and I missed being friends. I told on some people. but she kept on fighting me and hating me. later one day she did mean faces at me. during class she picked on me acting like she did not do it. she was sassy and loud and always wanted things her way. once I wanted to be an group with her. but she said no you are the wrost kid ever go some where else their is not room. but there were room. she said that blood, guns, and creepy youtube channels are not bad. end of story

42 They are weak
43 They are insecure
44 They hate getting dirty
45 They are bossy
46 They act like they are the best ever made
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1. They love boybands and boy pop stars
2. Sloppy-looking make up-filled faces
3. Some have ugly grammar
1. They love boybands and boy pop stars
2. Sloppy-looking make up-filled faces
3. Some have ugly grammar


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