Worst Things About the Nintendo Entertainment System

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1 Impossible Games

You can say that again - Lord28

Zelda 2,Battletoads,AND GOULS AND GOBLINS

2 Bad Controls
3 Bad Graphics

It was released in 1985,these games had mind blowing graphics back then! - Lord28


4 Is a Old Crappy Game System

Look, you should at least thank Nintendo for restoring the video game market after the video game crash of 1984-85 and that you're now playing with gaming consoles you like to play, Nintendo is the one to thank.

An old crappy game system that's childish

5 Can't Even Beat Level One In Some Games
6 Is Slow

Because its old so stop complaining - YOSHIA2121

7 It Use to Be Easy But It Hard Now
8 Is the Worst Game System In the World

I hate the haters of many old-school consoles such as the SEGA consoles (excluding the SEGA Saturn which is a mixed bag in my opinion, the 8-bit SEGA consoles and ESPECIALLY the SEGA Pico). And all the other consoles mentioned on this list are actually very good compared to the LJN Video Art.

What A Huge Lie, The Virtual Boy, Philips CDI, Atari Jaguar And Xbox One Are The Worst Game Systems - VideoGamefan5

The Xbox One is one of the best in my opinion, but otherwise, I agree. - RalphBob

"Worst game system in the world"?! "WORST GAME SYSTEM IN THE WORLD"?! Troller ALERT! THIS GUY DOESN'T KNOW WHAT HE'S SAYING!

Worst System in the world my @ss this is one of the best game consoles in existance.

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9 A Lot of Crashes
10 It Does Not Save Gaming

It brought us out of the "Video Game Crash" - shawnmccaul22

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11 It Gets Mess Up When It Gets Old
12 LJN Games
13 Lolo
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