Top Ten Worst Things About Oggy and the Cockroaches

This show is nothing but a overrated knock off of Tom and Jerry. I mean, it's just worthless. Read this list to agree or disagree.

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1 Animal abuse
2 It pushes Tom and Jerry out of the spotlight

Tom and Jerry will always be better. - nintendofan126

Oggy is better in my opinion - yellowshadow

Yeah, for your kids, stick with Simon's cat. It's better.

Well, I'll choose both cartoons over Herman and Katnip any day.

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3 Cruel humor

Really bad humor in some of the episodes. Like in one of the episodes, a cockroach makes a chocolate green and turns Oggy into a cockroach. And in another episode, the cockroaches were using magnifying glasses to look at their own puberty. GROSS! 😵💩👎

4 It's back on the air
5 It's a bad example for kids

It would just teach them to shave a cat's butt, or hang a kid's underwear to a rack.

It's like drugs for kids. It teaches bad humor where somepeople say this show is supposed to be educational" for children.

6 They artwork is corny and horrible

The Cockroaches also look like bats rather than actual insects.

Oggy just looks a bat with a fluffy tail.

7 It has over 270 episodes

Seriously? This is the most popular thing in France? Boy do I feel sorry for that country.

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8 Every one looks mental
9 Would give kids nightmares

The animation isn't that creepy, but there was one episode called "Face-off" and I'm pretty sure that episode would give kids nightmares.

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10 It's boring

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11 Bad names

They just name them these horrid names that aren't even good.

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12 Inappropriate sound effects

They sometimes use these raspy sound affects which are farts, burps, and even a sound affect of someone going poop!

Especially Oggy's Baby Cry!

13 Horrible graphics

They do these awful close-ups of the characters. All these disgusting puberty close-ups. And heck, what the hay is wrong with the buildings, trees, and the background?! They look like they were animated on a painting!

14 The cockroaches are jerks

They make the episodes funny, you idiot!

They laugh so annoyingly, and do things isn't even funny.

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15 Overused plots

They just do too humor from Tom & Jerry. It was on Tom and Jerry, but when this garbage came in, the humor was too overused.

They do the same over again where the cockroaches or Oggy beat each other up.

16 Terrible names

Same thing with terrible names. Their just named like "Oggy" which isn't simalar today.

The names of the cockroaches were taken from the names of the ransomes

17 It's too obvious what's gonna happen next
18 Jack has a low-pitched voice


19 Oggy's face on Face Off
20 It's on angry birds toons
21 Stolen humor

They just took info by copying the humor from Tom and Jerry. But it's really overrated.

22 The theme song

It's HORRIBLE! The theme song will make you stand in from of a train. No was trying for the theme song and will defintly will hurt a kid's ears.

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23 Ugly women

Even the most "beautiful" woman in the episodes just makes me wanna blow up, barf and destroy the series with Toothless


24 Nickelodeon got slammed after the women's chest was exposed in the background picture

What the hell? That's ' horrifying!

25 Oggy's girlfriend
26 Awful voice acting

Just like no dialog, they don't talk. All they say is, "ROWL! " or these sound affects which are maybe a baby crying, or these awful animal sound affects.

27 It has a theatrical movie
28 It's very violent
29 Common sense media gave it a 2 out of 5 stars
30 There's one episode called "Globulopolis"
31 Jack shoots Oggy with a cannon-shaped gun in the episode "The Bait Bites Back"
32 Season 3 is too short
33 Bob always beats up other characters
34 There's going to be a season 5
35 The Occupied Episode
36 Oggy gets beaten up by humans
37 The Store Manager attacks Oggy on Crazy Shopping
38 Oggy tries to commit suicide on Happy Birthday
39 The Cockroaches usually win
40 Oggy sounds like an idiot
41 Oggy's house is huge on the inside but small on the outside
42 The Cockroaches look nothing like actual cockroaches
43 The characters having blackfaces at the end of Don't Rock the Cradle
44 The intro sounds very cheesy
45 The music is cheesy
46 The cockroaches have annoying laughs
47 It's cheesy
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