Top Ten Worst Things About Oggy and the Cockroaches

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21 The theme song

It's HORRIBLE! The theme song will make you stand in from of a train. No was trying for the theme song and will defintly will hurt a kid's ears.

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22 Ugly women

Even the most "beautiful" woman in the episodes just makes me wanna blow up, barf and destroy the series with Toothless


23 Nickelodeon got slammed after the women's chest was exposed in the background picture

What the hell? That's ' horrifying!

24 Oggy's girlfriend
25 Awful voice acting

Just like no dialog, they don't talk. All they say is, "ROWL! " or these sound affects which are maybe a baby crying, or these awful animal sound affects.

26 It has a theatrical movie
27 It's very violent
28 Common sense media gave it a 2 out of 5 stars
29 There's one episode called "Globulopolis"
30 Jack shoots Oggy with a cannon-shaped gun in the episode "The Bait Bites Back"
31 Season 3 is too short
32 Bob always beats up other characters
33 There's going to be a season 5
34 The Occupied Episode
35 Jack has a low-pitched voice
36 Oggy gets beaten up by humans
37 The Store Manager attacks Oggy on Crazy Shopping
38 Oggy tries to commit suicide on Happy Birthday
39 The Cockroaches usually win
40 Oggy sounds like an idiot
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1. Cruel humor
2. Animal abuse
3. It has over 270 episodes
1. It pushes Tom and Jerry out of the spotlight
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3. Animal abuse



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