no this is the worst. most people have been bullied at some point in school. its what makes people really hate school. - celebfan3000

Bullying has ruined my school life, as well as hundreds of other people's. I always have to feel nervous about how to survive without having a crying fit in the bathroom. They always call me things, make sexual comments, touch my stuff. I really, really hate it when people, with VERY few exceptions, touch me or anything I own. I even hate it when I have to hug family members I'm not comfortable being hugged by, even though I love them, so being touched by my bullies is like getting dropped into a pit full of maggots and flies. Also, they spread lies about me and I don't have enough friends to tell everyone it's false. School is like torture for me since I have to spend my day with people who drive me insane. - ArtyLily

The worst things about bullies is that they have friends to back up them.

Bully: "hey, four eyes! "

His friends: "ohh! "

Me: "but I don't even have glasses."

Bully: "I know you are, but what am I? "

His friends: "oh! "

Me: "(insert extremely awesome comeback here)."

Bully: your mom!

His friends: "ooh! "

His friends: "you are the king of roasts, (bully's name)! "

Me: "sure"

His friends: "teacher! That kid called (bully's name) 'four-eyes'!

Teacher: "you are suspended for 10 days with a recommendation for expulsion! "

Me: "w-what? But he-"

Teacher: "talking back? That's it, you're automatically expelled."

Use them to make you a stronger person. Bullies will only win if you let them. Feed off their negativity to gain positivity in your own mind. View them as a challenge you must overcome and win. More often than not, bullies are weaker and more insecure than those they're bullying. Everyone has a weakness and theirs is they hate being ignored; they crave attention and use their "followers" as strength. Use their own insecurities against them by getting on with your life. - Britgirl

So this happened in 1st grade and I'm still pissed off...so it was near I don't know the first class? But before, we were allowed to build toy structures with blocks, I built my almighty structure with so much happiness, then a kid started taking the blocks from the structure for NO reason. I finally got tired of it and started to take his then...HE LITERALLY PUSHED ME DOWN TO THE FLOOR AND STARTED TO BEAT ME UP! And this was in front of everyone, you thought the teacher would rush to the kid and pull him off me...well no he did it for like 20 seconds and got up and sat in his seat...were my teachers high? But this was the most offensive part of this event, 5 mins later the assistant teacher (yes not the REAL TEACHER) took us out to the hallway and she said, "#@!? (hehe censored my name) didn't like that you hurt him." and she forced him to say...sorry then I had to accept then...we went back in and we forgot all about it...not even the main teacher wasnt concerned about what happened ...more - tacoperson

Bullies are just one of the worst things in life. Currently I'm a 5th Grader and I'm this shy, smart nerdy girl. I have this really mean girl bullying me and she is the worst bully EVER! She takes my snacks, she takes my canteen money, she pushes me up against the wall and she says mean things to me! AND I'm sitting next to her at my desk. She is one of those girls adults think are absolutely PERFECT! I hope I will eventually be happily homeschooled!

Teachers at my school always say to tell them about bullying... And then they do something stupid: They make us try to solve it ourselves, and say "I owe you" an apology and crap. That doesn't make bullies change, if anything, it makes them angrier if not with you, then with others, so if you want us to solve the problem ourselves, THEN WHY DO WE HAVE TO COME TO YOU IDIOTS?

This should be number one in my opinion! Yes homework does suck, but at least it teaches you something and it does not hurt you! I hate bullying! Its mean, rude, pointless, horrible, annoying and its pretty much everywhere! Most people will get at least 1 bully in their whole entire lives! I mean I get bullied a lot in school and guess what? My parents don't even care about it and they do nothing to help out! Who else agrees that bullying should end? - RainbowDashsucks755

Man, THIS should be number 1. There are these 2 girls at my school who pick on people, and I was one of them, They'd just stare at me in class, they'd talk about me behind my back. They'd call me a bunch of stuff. I tried to ignore them for about 6 months, until something they said got to me. I started to doubt myself, I got a bit depressed, until I cut myself. I spoke up about it and thank god the problem was solved. They stopped bothering me, thank god, they were just a pair of idiots.

Bullies are the nazis of the school, they can't shut up on how great they are and they lead kids to depression and soon commit suicide, but do you think those heartless excuse of human beings will care? No! I have awful memories and no matter how much I tried I can't get rid of them. My only wish is that bullying will be no more and that I feel bad for the poor people that are getting picked on everyday.

Bullies are worse than homework I would wish them to be arrested, tortured, and abused I reported this bully and said abuse him to the teacher but the teacher said no and didn't do so and he bullied me again that's why bullies need to be abused and tortured

Bullies are the number one reason they make you wanna kill them this is what I would do to bullies:
1. Find out ALL the bullies in school
2. Train and dress up as Talon (Court of Owls search it up)
3. Make them go in one place
4. Appear out of nowhere and throw daggers and kill some
5. Get my metal golden claws and stab one of them
6. Appear to the most infamous bully and stab him with my claws and show his heart to EVERYONE
7. Kill the remainder with whatever I want
This is the exact vengeance I want

You sit there and take crap for months but when you actually fight back you are the bad guy. Had some prick constantly running his mouth at me and ignored him for 6 months and then one day he spat on me so I beat him up and I am the bully. The fact is telling on bullies doesn't work they will stop for a couple of weeks and then back to same old. the only way to stop them is to stand up for yourself which a lot of people sadly don't have the courage to do.

I don't exactly have bullies but for some reasons a lot of people hate me. I've never done anything to them, I try to be nice to everyone. It's mostly popular people who give me that same disgusted look every time I make eye contact with them. And isn't it weird that people stare at me for no reason?

So there's a girl in my class and she's not really a bully, she's just plain mean. She yells at everyone when they make mistakes and she's too serious! Once in the lunchroom someone accidently dropped the boxes, and she called them a klutz. And I bumped into her in gym class, and she didn't even say sorry! She just yelled in my face, "WHAT THE HECK". She is so bossy and mean.

Bullies are horrible. They put down and beat up other people because they feel horrible about themselves. They drive good people to kill themselves. No one deserves to be bullied. - TheStupidHobo

I was in math and a kid walked in late. The only open seat was next to me, and he refused to sit down because he hated me. He repeated "I'm not sitting down because I hate you so much." for 3 minutes. NO ONE DID ANYTHING. NOT EVEN THE TEACHER, AND SHE WAS, LIKE, THREE FEET AWAY! I did nothing but pray that he'd get hit by a bus. Thankfully, two weeks later, he moved to Florida.

THERE ARE 2 TYPES OF BULLIES: popular bullies, and invisible bullies. Popular ones usually stay in a group called a clique (click) and they think they rule the world. They normally say stuff like "your stupid." Right in your face. The invisible ones bully because they mite be having a hard time at school, at home, or just having a bad day. You can tell by going up to them and you say "Hi, watcha doing? " And they say, "Go away, you jerk! " They don't mean to be mean. They're just to stressed out to talk. This is a message for younger kids who are going into older grades, like 3rd 4th 5th, and middle school. Remember, if you could be either a nerd or a popular person, be a nerd! PS: at school, don't call people invisible or popular. It will hurt their feelings.

Bullies Suck But I know How to Get Revenge, Guide For Free

Step 1: Find A In a class your bullies In

Step 2: Grab A Sticky Note

Step 3: Write: Do You Think She's Looking Hot Today I might Go steal the Teachers Vaulble For Her. On the Sticky Note or note

Step 4: Put it on The Bullies Desk When's Not Looking (Put It Somewhere Where he won't see it and don't let teacher see you do it)

Step 5: Tell Teacher He's about to pass notes

Step 6: If Your Lucky The Bullie Won't say he did it and the teacher Won't believe him cause he's a Bullie.

Step 7: Keep Your Mouth Shut While Happening So teacher doesn't Suspect anything

Step 8: There Are No More Steps Just Sit and Watch

Hope My guide Helped you

I initially planned to move my cafeteria table, only to move it next to these kids who call each other racists for making comments about people's personality. Behind my back, they called me stinky. I just can't find a good place to sit. One of the school's smartest kids is stuck with the immature brats.

I got suspended for bringing weed to school but I never bring weed. Bullies are liars. They drop your grades and make you commit suicide. I hope I am homeschool. School supposed to kick bullies out. - InfernoTopTenners

As someone who has been bullied in the past, I can say that bullies are just worthless pieces of dirt who deserve nothing in life. They drive you to the point where you go insane and you just want it all to end. What is the point of bullying anyone to the point of suicide?

I'm already Mentally Changed, I do strange things, I talk strange things, without even noticing, all those torture for so much years...It changes us, you know?

Bullies can just be nuisances, but some people have cut and/or commited suicide because of bullies, or gone into depression. And bullies aren't only limited to being kids around your age they can be teachers, way older than you, even your own parents or family members... Which is extremely sad. What I find sadder, is when the bullying is so obvious in school, but the teachers don't do anything or don't seem to pick it up. Tons of people have been bullied, and it effects their grades, their self-body image, the way they percieve being in public, or just their daily life. I wish schools/parents/teachers/even friends would be more aware of bullying, because it'd help the world.

It seems like I can't go to school without being treated like garbage! I'm also sick of the people who say that it's life like bullying is okay. Yeah, telling that to your student is totally gonna make them like being at school! Way to go!