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181 seeing someone you really hate

Yup, every year this happens, it makes me see red, hopefully, this year I'm moving up to high school, so yeah... By the way the person I hate SMOKES shame on him

Whenever I see somebody who I really hate I just want to get a machete and stab them to death (mainly because they messed up my childhood) - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

I always find a way to stop them but with some people I hate I make alliances with

I sat next to her for 2 months last year in fifth grade - SamTheAwesome

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182 bus

Takes forever to go home because there are so many kids that live far away from yours and are the first to go and there's traffic out there.

Some of the people on my bus do illegal drugs, and drink alcohol. They need to go to rehab in the summer. - Turkeyasylum

The bus is dirty and full of weirdos.

I the bus almost gave me cancer - Ihateschool

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183 social studies

Why do you need to know about something that happened and will never happen again

You know what's even worse? School plays based on social studies. - Captaincrunch2015

The 4th grade in my school has one each year. I was in one and it was fun. But its not fun to sit for an hour watching the play. - Spirtfall

184 Pop Quizzes

Most stupidest idea ever

I had one on math. - Captaincrunch2015

That sounds like a fun thing to do

185 feeling panicked at the end of summer

School is after tomorrow and I am so mad that I have to return to school - jbella9000

No, I have to go to that piece of crap called school. noo

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186 ugly kids

DON"T JUDGE BY LOOKS! God, why do people do that? - Garythesnail

Don't judge by looks look at there heart and let God judge

Ugly also means rude manner

Some people just have no manners, right, Garythesnail and other people?

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187 bossy teachers

I can't even make comments on YouTube. If I make one comment even if at home they will expel me. - njalabi63989

I complete hate how they are so strict. - EpicJake

There just trying to teach you things

188 goth people

I don't get why they're teased a lot at school. One of my friends is goth and she's amazing. - cosmo

Whoever put this on here is mean! - mayamanga

Goth and Emo are two different things. - 445956

-_- Some of them don't do the Satan sign that Sailor Moon does and worship Satan.

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189 Arrogant Black Kids

Why are there so much racist stuff on this list?! - mayamanga

You racist son of a gun! I'm black!

Do not judge let God judge

I'm white and I think this is racist - Ihateschool

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190 cold outdoor swimming pool

Outdoor swimming pools are so freezing this is so unfair to children! - Harri666

Boo hoo your pool is cold? Our showers don't even WORK! - Thatgirl

Our school doesn't have a pool because they spent all the cash on a tennis court.

The school I go to does not have a swimming pool.

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191 elementary restrooms

The restrooms for kindergarten, first and second are disgusting. They never flush, graffiti everywhere, pee on the walls... Gross!

These things are disgusting. I walked into one once, and it smelled like a baby diaper! The worst part is, sometimes people need to use it! Poor people.

At my school there's pee on the seat on the floor on the walls and sometimes kids poop in urinals

More than middle school - SpencerJC

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192 wearing the wrong shoes to gym when the sign says no street shoes

Especially when you have to take your shoes off and go barefoot or you just can't do anything.

193 People telling "Yo Momma" jokes

What? Yo mama jokes are the perfect form of slang!

Yo momma so stupid that she starved to death in a supermarket

They are offensive to mothers.

Come on they are funnyXD

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195 brainy kids

Actually, I would consider myself a "cool nerd", because I know how to have a good time, yet I can't stand people making dumb mistakes, I try to act nice, but people really take advantage of me. luckily I am tall and intimidating. Lol

I got a class filled up to the brim with them. They all nerd out with annoying math stuff. I got sat at the back of the class with kids who a

I am the brainy one. - njalabi63989

Not all pf these are bad only the stuffed shirts I'm brainy but I enjoy the same things as normal people - Ihateschool

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196 Group Projects

Just when you know you can ace this project, you get paired with a dumb person - animedreamer

I'm not exactly cooperative with others. I'm glad my world history teacher let's me work solo. - Turkeyasylum

This annoys me. sometimes I'm the one who does all the work.

It's always the same : One does everything, the other does nothing. For teams of more than 2 it's another story. But still, working alone is 100% better. - MaxPap

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197 Picky Teachers

Me-I have my homework done and written well, maam
Teacher-not enough go do it again

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198 Lunch ladies

One of the dinner ladies at my school is sexist, she lets the girls go on the equipment and play with anything and the boys do nothing!

199 Wearing a gym uniform

Hopefully in high school there isn't a school uniform for swimming saying no goggles. I will refuse to not were goggles at school. It's my life with swimming. Also, swim-shirts are bad.

I normally wear it as an extra layer but sometimes you have to dress in your swim uniform (not at my school) and show your body in front of others especially girls in some schools" - Captaincrunch2015

Some kid cheated this rule by wearing it as an extra layer. Now about half the class does it.

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200 Having No Friends

I am lucky I am hanging out with the popular group. - Captaincrunch2015

I have no friends and I'm having the time of my life. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

I have no friends and do nothing at recess but everyone knows,me and thinks I'm cool

I got no friends in middle school beause I'm getting bullied for no reason - SpencerJC

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