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181 Classist teachers
182 Unexpected substitute teachers

What I mean by that is if you expect your normal teacher to be there, but there is a sub. - anonygirl

Yes this would drive me nuts even more if it was a substitute I don't like - flaggy0666

I've never actually had a sub


183 Word limits
184 Getting in trouble for something you didn't do


185 The hypocrisy of the teachers

My 6th grade social studies teacher said that Hitler was Jewish and told us that 9/11 was done by Japan. - peaceswagtv

186 Best friends banned

Why? This is so illogical! What if someone's a jerk to you everyday? Would you want to hang out with them? No! Then why ban the person that could possibly keep you sane and alive throughout the school year?

This is the absolute worst thing to happen, just because they ban it for making someone else feel bad, it's stupid.

187 Know-About-Me Paper When You Go Back To School After Summer
188 Writing down what you learned doesn't help
189 Proper haircut

I hate our principal's haircut and he should be banned because of improper haircut, that does applies to professors, deans, any other elder individuals in the school, guards, if they should implement that - ronluna

If you're American or canadian (particularly dudes), consider yourself lucky that you can have long hair. Here in the Philippines, they will cut your hair in class if they think it's too long, or give a really bad sanction. I hate this country's school system.

Wait, in America they don't care? This makes me want to have an Afro

the principal wants us to do that haircut but the students wants to smack his face because the haircut is very annoying and not everyone love that haircut - ronluna

Not like proper haircut, but in my cousin's school, if your hair is too Long, they will give you THE WORST HAIRCUT. You'll be angry and rant here!

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190 Principals, teachers, security guards abusing the student handbook
191 If you are a son of a teacher, principal, etc you must work harder

prove them that you can beat them even if your parents are "buddies of school, etc" - ronluna

this is none of their business, they think that you owe your life and future to them - ronluna

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192 Drama

For me, drama is another word for 50 minutes of wannabe celebrity kids who judge you in your every move. That think they are better than everyone else! Ugh!

As in all that bogus happening? There is TONS of that. There is an urban legend going around my school that creepy clowns are lurking in the football field.

Sometimes it's fun. - njalabi63989

In my school (I'm at middle school) there is so much drama that there is self harm and fighting in middle school. I'm just sick of this and I feel stressed out :( - SapphireStar

193 Bus

Takes forever to go home because there are so many kids that live far away from yours and are the first to go and there's traffic out there.

Some of the people on my bus do illegal drugs, and drink alcohol. They need to go to rehab in the summer. - Turkeyasylum

The bus is dirty and full of weirdos.

I the bus almost gave me cancer - Ihateschool

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194 Social studies

Why do you need to know about something that happened and will never happen again

You know what's even worse? School plays based on social studies. - Captaincrunch2015

The 4th grade in my school has one each year. I was in one and it was fun. But its not fun to sit for an hour watching the play. - Spirtfall

195 Pop quizzes

Most stupidest idea ever

I had one on math. - Captaincrunch2015

That sounds like a fun thing to do

196 Feeling panicked at the end of summer

School is after tomorrow and I am so mad that I have to return to school - jbella9000

No, I have to go to that piece of crap called school. noo

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197 School books

I always get the old nasty books

198 Ugly kids

DON"T JUDGE BY LOOKS! God, why do people do that? - Garythesnail

Don't judge by looks look at there heart and let God judge

Ugly also means rude manner

Some people just have no manners, right, Garythesnail and other people?

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199 Bossy teachers

I can't even make comments on YouTube. If I make one comment even if at home they will expel me. - njalabi63989

I complete hate how they are so strict. - EpicJake

There just trying to teach you things

200 Being called full name when in trouble

I hate my middle name because it sounds like vagina. Then she has to call me up.

Terrible. Hate it happening to me.

What's the point of this?

I prefer to be call full name. But I am not.

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