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201 Innacurate stats

I see a lot of inaccurate information on these lists.

The Olympics list that is way outdated for example. - Nonpointed

202 Can't erase comments

due to typographical errors, interpretations - ronluna

can't erase comments, thats bad - chip123polo

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203 Not all lists approved

One of my lists actually got approved twice. I laughed out loud. - funnyuser

204 Hackers

This happens all the time now, the top tens is pretty much wrecked.

Hackers are People who steal your information just to have more stuff or make you feel bad. - ChuckECheese

They go right past the vote controls and change the vote totals, and also add extra items and take items completely off the list.
Why does TTT allow this?

ATTENTION EVERYONE WHO IS A FAN OF mlpyes_pawpatrolno! Mlpyes_pawpatrolno herself said that the new mlpyes_pawpatrolno is a FAKE! THE FAKE HACKED HER ACCOUNT! I ONCE FOLLOWED THIS HACKER BECAUSE I THOUGHT THAT mlpyes_pawpatrolno really returned,but there is no responses.I knew there is something odd going on.SO PLEASE IF YOUBALREADY FOUND THIS HACKER'S ACCOUNT,REPORT THIS HACKER BECAUSE SHE FOOLED SOME USERS BY CLAIMING HERSELF AS mlpyes_pawpatrolno! - MLPFan

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205 The Fresh Prince of Bel Air being 42# on best shows ever

First. Always first. Just damn right hilarious, and no bad episodes. I see how some people might like other more mature shows better, but 42nd? REALLY? - Mushroom99

The best T.V. show ever

206 Changes words like LOL put together is changed to laugh out loud and COD is changed to Call Of Duty.

Call of Duty could mean "Cash On Delivery".

What's your favorite band? Mine is Definitely Leppard.

I HATE that! It's so annoying - SurfinShark

So annoying it makes me want to die

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207 The dumbest comments get the highest approval ratings

Some are very mean and don't deserve likes!

An intelligent and amazing paragraph review of this movie=5 thumbs up
Hey guys I like dis movie it's reely good= 20 thumbs up - Pug

208 Eminem is best rapper on all rap lists

I. Think em is great, I have the slim shady lp, the marshal mothers lp, the Eminem show, curtain call, and recovery, but he is NOT my favorite, nas is. I thin these rappers are better than Eminem: 1. Kool g rap, 2. Rakim, 3. Nas 4. Biggie 5. Jay z 6. Tupac 7. Ice cube 8. Scarface 9. Krs one 10. Big l

I love Eminem but I am sick and tired of seeing him number 1 on all best rappers - BigBrotherSucks

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209 People delete great opinions V 1 Comment
210 Opinions

Something that has been long forgotten on this site. Tsk tsk.

211 The autocorrect

It recently made my list of Damn Good Reasons To Study Physics look foolish. I was talking about M.R.I. (magnetic resonance imaging) technology, and it came out as Mr. Scanning. - PositronWildhawk

There are times when I typed the word "are", but TheTopTens changed it to the letter "R".

I hate these. They're so annoying. - Powerfulgirl10

Once I named my list songs that make you angry and it got autuocorrected to song that make you the angrist with made no sense at all - BigBrotherSucks

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212 Justin Bieber is on every list

Seriously come on people! I once saw a list called 10 worst things that could happen to your school and Justin Bieber coming and singing was one reason! And on another called top ten most evil people in history and in the top ten reasons JB was there! I didn't know The Top Tens was a Justin Bieber website.

I hate him 1,000,000%, but he is on every list even some that don't have anything to do with him. - surfacing

This item has showed up like 3 times in this list... - GirlyAnimeLover

This is already on here. -Anonymousxcxc

213 Incorrect information

Most users are in elementary or middle school, and don't actually know anything, its no wonder their information is incorrect.

214 Anime fans

Anime is awesome in my opinion.

Only the super rabid ones. The moderate ones like me are decent. -Anonymousxcxc.

215 Most of the users are liberal

The bias is extreme here! - olliv

Actually, the majority of the users here are conservative. - anonygirl

216 Hardly any users were born before 2000

Britgirl says she is 41 - 445956

Here is how I would break the percentages of the decades that users were born:
92% of users were born in the 2000's
4% of users were born in the 90's
3% of users were born in the 2010's
1% of users were born before 1990.
There is nothing wrong with being born after 2000. However, it would be nice to see more older users (born before 2000) of TheTopTens. - anonygirl

217 Filled with 11-14 year olds who think they're funny
218 Puella Magi Madoka Magica fans
219 Too many baby show haters

For the love of God, they're BABY SHOWS! - PeeledBanana

220 Anime overhaters

That was me back in those September-November 2016 days. I'd rather be a troll feeder than overhate anime... - TheYoshiPyro64

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