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421 Sally Cinemon by Stone Roses not number 1 best riff!
422 People hating Japan

People overhating Japan is WAY Too Racist! We all know it did horrible things during WWII, and not apologise to any country, but still it has pros too - BorisRule

I am not Japanese, but thinking Japan has no pros could offend Japanese people - BorisRule

Way too racist... I'm not Japanese, but I respect Japan - GirlyAnimeLover

That one is rasict. If you don't like a country don't be rasict.

423 Bronies

Again remove this, they don't deserve "subhuman" treatment - Neonco31

And the lacking of them here. - naFrovivuS

Whoever put this, I know you're a brony hater.

Wow... only brony hater put this... - GirlyAnimeLover

424 Pokemon

Not Fan of it Eh? Prepare to enjoy the final moments of your life then?

I love Pokémon! - GirlyAnimeLover

425 People hating on your list

No one knows that we all have opinions! If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. But apparently, no one knows that

They hated one of my lists because I admitted that I do no like metal music come on people everyone has their opion - BigBrotherSucks

BBS seems to be very caught up in his own importance.

Just p*sses me off when someone does that to my list

426 People who make a comment on the list that has nothing to do with the actual item.
427 Weaboos everywhere

I am Weaboo (Well, not really) - GirlyAnimeLover

428 Censorship

This is the only website of it's kind, but I feel it would be much better if it weren't hyper-censored. I think there should be options to turn censorship on and off (and maybe even levels of censorship) - kfcnyancat

I actually like how TheTopTens does not allow swearing. I'd rather make hate speeches than curses.

429 A Miku Hatsune song being higher on the coolest song list before a Metallica song V 1 Comment
430 Nonsense About Metallica Fade to Black Being the Worst 80's Song.

I don't even think there is a bad 80's song. Most bad songs come from the 2010's.

Several of those songs are horrible compared to fade to black. - surfacing

431 Magikarp on every Pokemon list

Noob: Magikarp! Use splash!
*magikarp uses splash! *
*but nothing happened*
Expert Trainer: Raichu! Use Thunderbolt!
*Magikarp fainted*
Noob: Noo! - bugger

Only a Pokémon Noon put that - GirlyAnimeLover

432 Immature Comments

You mean comments like:
Yup, Yep, Nonsense, She/He is bad, Its awesome, My favorite and other stuff that don’t actually give any info? I call that immature as well. - LightningBlade

433 The Mortal Kombat Guy with poor grammar

This is what he said once: tanya is budifal fighter she give big magy to elder god shinnok and she have big baraka kiss big teeth beautiful yellow. what?

434 Everyone likes Eminem

I like Eminem, but I will agree that he gets too much attention.

435 Big Brother is no 3 in the best reality shows

#NeverMessWithBigBrotherSucks! See don't mess famous TopTenners! - bugger

V 1 Comment
436 Not much hate for WWE

Now we have a problem with not hating things? Lol. - LightningBlade

437 Knowing everyone's opinion that makes you sad
438 Young users who think they know everything
439 Music lists

Only a few nowadays are decent. - Nonpointed

440 People that call everyone a hater

Like people who added 40% of the items of this list? - LightningBlade

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