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441 The Mortal Kombat Guy with poor grammar

This is what he said once: tanya is budifal fighter she give big magy to elder god shinnok and she have big baraka kiss big teeth beautiful yellow. what?

442 Everyone likes Eminem

I like Eminem, but I will agree that he gets too much attention.

443 Big Brother is no 3 in the best reality shows

#NeverMessWithBigBrotherSucks! See don't mess famous TopTenners! - bugger

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444 Not much hate for WWE

Now we have a problem with not hating things? Lol. - LightningBlade

445 Knowing everyone's opinion that makes you sad
446 Young users who think they know everything
447 Music lists

Only a few nowadays are decent. - Nonpointed

448 People that call everyone a hater

Like people who added 40% of the items of this list? - LightningBlade

449 People who make spelling a big deal

Like top tens user Puga for an example. Puga goes nuts whenever anyone makes a grammar mistake.

450 People telling you to take things off lists V 2 Comments
451 Too much Nicki Minaj hatred

I saw on most immature music artists and people were only commenting about her music please explain why you think she is immature they just like adding her there for no reason at all - PatrickStar

Yes, Nicki Minaj is annoying and immature, but aren't there many mainstream rappers who are like her?

She deserves it anyway. She totally sucks!

Well, she is inappropriate but it gets old. I don't like her songs but really IT GETS OLD SO FAST! The only songs I hate from her are Stupid Hoe and Anacoda, rest is just... - BorisRule

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452 Lord of the Rings on the list of the Worst Movies of All Time

That title goes to osmosis jones

453 Too much information

What would you expect? This is a site of top ten lists you know.

454 Spoilers
455 Weirdos
456 The list of top ten reasons why Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive
457 Takes too long for a blog post to go up
458 Nostalgic people

Wish this was higher... They need to accept the fact that they are growing up. I can't go ONE page without seeing them! (No offense) - Ededdneddyfan55

459 Obsession with the Beatles

True that the Beatles are not that great, but they are still better than any other music act that ever existed.

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460 Seeing peoples opinions that make you upset V 1 Comment
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