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461 Metal being in the list of worst music genres

Every genre has its bad side, but the reasoning behind saying that metal is bad is just nonsense. There are a lot of better arguments.

Why? Some people here hate it so they'll definitely add it there - Neonco31

Only good metal is Black Sabbath, Ronnie James Dio, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest. That is good. But metal gave us pornogrind, one of the worst genres ever, think about that. - 445956

This is not a reason it derseve to be there - BigBrotherSucks

And what you said had to claim or support so that reason is bad, and yes this one does because it is a simple theory. - Powerfultekin

462 Auto capitalization
463 Luigi Haters
464 Users hate rap for no reason

There is no reason needed, it just sucks.

465 Users act so sensitive

Is that so? I'm a Highly-Sesitive Person with Depression, ADHD, Anti-Social Disorder, Bipolar Disorder and Social Anxiety Disorder. It's lucky for you because you didn't have that much Mental Disorders. - GirlyAnimeLover

466 Users that act innocent
467 We should be able to make a sequel list instead of remixes

There are already honorable mentions!

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468 Users that hold grudges
469 There are a lot of music lists

There are a lot of BAD music lists. Few really good ones from a few users. - Nonpointed

What's bad with that?

470 Admins are quick to delete your account but never try to stop arguments
471 If you suggest something to the admins they get mad
472 Rocko's Modern Life Haters Everywhere

This was one of the best Nickelodeon shows ever! I don't know people can hate it.

I can see the reasons why Because The show was Filled With Adult Jokes up the ass. - Aguythatpeopleignores

473 When you want to view a list and it takes you back to the homepage.

I even check the URL to see if it's legit but it still takes me back to the front page. - NuMetalManiak

This website also needs a 404 Error page. It doesn't have one. - Powerfulgirl10

474 The little Happy Meal people being so low on the worst things about McDonald's list
475 Porn movies are 3 on the greatest things ever list

And Sex... most men and women only know about sex... - GirlyAnimeLover

476 Visitors can't reply to a comment anymore

When I was a visitor here, I found the thing about viewing replies by users but I couldn’t ever reply. It was kinda annoying. - LightningBlade

477 Users who get popularity into their heads
478 Comments are edited in a way that makes you sound stupid
479 People who complain when their favorite thing is on a worst list
480 Jerks V 1 Comment
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2. They delete your very hard worked on comment
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1. You can only put 10 items on a remix
2. Linkin Park Everywhere
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1. Glitches
2. People's bad voting tastes
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