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41 Some people put random things in unrelated lists

It doesn't really annoy me that much, but I've noticed singers put in the wrong category, such as Stevie Nicks, Bonnie Raitt, and Kelly Clarkson on the country singers list.

Search through the list of "Worst Cartoon Network Shows," and eventually you'll find shows from Nick and Disney. - isaaonrtdmtr

42 People always try to mess with us here.

A few users here are always messed with for no reason - Blear, speed and Bicsess. - jerk4life

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43 Bullying

Yeah agree, not everyone can stand bullies... - GirlyAnimeLover

Looking at you MsWiseGuy - Neonco31

44 The "administration" has to "regulate" lists

I kind of see the point of this but at the same time it’s stupid - Gametheorysucks

45 Allowing users who have violated the terms of use to remain
46 Rockland Middle School

All you Rockland Middle School students, ya' know, I really don't give a crap about your school and your boring ass lists.

Seriously, most people won't know who they're talking about, so who cares?

This applies for the idiots that make lists about their schools in general, not just Rockland. C; - frostwiire

Nobody cares about rockland middle school so they should stop making lists... - bearb86

I wanna know the story behind this one. - Nonpointed

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47 Sarah Brightman number on almost every music list

I am not especially a fan of Sarah Brightman, but you would have to be 11 years old or totally stupid not to have heard of her.
She is not ahead of The Beatles or Led Zeppelin on ANY list, but she IS ahead of a whole bunch of useless "pop princesses" who can only sing using auto-tune.
Brightman has sold over 75 million records, not quite as much as a couple of other females, but definitely in the top 10 of all time for females.
Brightman better than The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, or Led Zeppelin? No, of course not.
Better than Mariah, X-tina, Madonna, Katy Perry, etc?
At least Brightman can still get votes; Aretha Franklin is also WAY better than all of those Pop Tarts, but she does not get the votes.

Okay, when I try to vote for Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, etc. On the singers lists, I always see Sarah Brightman on the Top Ten. I honestly had no idea who she was before I came on here, and there are people voting her as the best female singer EVER? What the heck.

No one knows who she is, so there's no way she could be ranked above the Beatles or zeppelin.

I agree with the poster who said that Sarah Brightman is way better than Beyoncé.

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48 People who hate on certain celebrities

I mean I'm not the biggest fan of Bieber and 1D but all the haters I think are just low lives who are jealous that they are talented singers and have millions of people who idolize them. I mean seriously, Justin Bieber is NOT the ugliest person in the world. That's Marilyn Manson

I'm seeing Bieber trolls everywhere. So yes, I hate Justin Bieber, but that doesn't mean I have to add him to every single list whenever I see the word "worst". - 4rs3R4mm3r

This is why my target is based more on the fanbase

So strange that anyone would "hate" Bieber or any other celeb who they will never meet in their lives. Ignore him, and go about your day.

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49 They remove items on your remixes

On my old account, I remixed Most Underrated Rock Bands. I put The Yardbirds at #2. When I went back to the remix, they were gone. This went on for a little bit, then it was fixed. - naFrovivuS

50 Featured lists that lack quality
51 People with stupid opinions
52 No matter how hard you try, your vote can't change who's on the top


Actually, one of the most exciting moments I've had on this site was when my vote pushed Hey Jude from #19 to #18 on the Best Songs list. - beatles

I added something in the list one time, it suddenly became number 22 out of 47 choices after a week I posted it

So frustrating - Gametheorysucks

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53 Double item on a list

it should be checked much carefully these things - MatrixGuy

there are 2 chocolate items on the ice cream flavors, two names of a band in a different form - ronluna

There are 3 Lil Wayne items on the list worst rappers. - SamuiNeko

On the best mystic messenger characters list, Yoosung Kim is on there twice. They could've put V in one of their places...

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54 People who vote for something just so they can comment negatively on it.

If you hate something, write a blog entry about it. What's the point of putting the subject of your hatred even higher on a list?

I hate people who vote on an items just to talk bad about it. - egnomac

Cause you can't comment without voting. - Animefan12

We should be able to vote something down - Gametheorysucks

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55 Cant see who's online, how many are online and where they are

Isn't that a good thing? I'm pretty sure it is, I don't want anyone to "hack" me, that's why I don't like youtube and I like this place

Laugh out loud sending a message about a person to ask if they're online or not.. If they're not it makes you look stupid -_- - SmoothCriminal

Actually, if you go to your own profile page, you see online users on the right. - sofiav

This has been fixed. I'd rather not have users know every list I've been on. - naFrovivuS

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56 Mean comments

Words personally don't bother me but a lot of the comments I see are just horrible. Everyone has feelings. I can't believe how rude people can be. Some people have really great lists and are ruined by mean comments. Please stop being so rude! - Jonerman

I've been told to die twice by a user all because they have assumed that I like a film that they don't. That's a bit much! Lol (I don't even like the film that they are claiming I like! )

True! Most people are way too sensitive for like 10 - 20 mean comments... it's just... harsh... - GirlyAnimeLover

57 Most users act older than they are

Is that a bad thing? It's called maturity. - naFrovivuS

I do on my posts cause I have to use fancy person talk so it can be good quality. I want my posts to be good quality. - lovefrombadlands

Like me, do you really think a 13 or 16 can't be mature? Wow, adults' stuff - GirlyAnimeLover

If I acted my age, I would be screaming and have bad grammar. I'm 10 when I act 14. - TeamRocket747

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58 People get hate just from having an opinion on music

I've seen people get death threats for not liking Twenty One Pilots, not just here, but in other platforms too. - naFrovivuS

I made a list about Amy Lee being better than most popstars and apparently I'm a troll. Wow. Okay. And they put things I never said and bring other people from other genres in my list. I'm talking about POP stars, okay. Not anyone else. - KianaLexi

Trolls attack pop singers.

That thing I notice. Some people take these things seriously. They personally attack the users for liking/hating some artists. If you say it sucks, it'll strike back to you as "you suck". Once I called Madonna bitch in sense of humor because of the song "Bitch, I'm Madonna". And I was called bitch for it. I never swore on that person ever before. But no, hate someone for his/her music taste. - zxm

59 They call you a stupid moron when a list has been removed

Come on, this is only a joke for the 404 Error page! All the hypersensitive children who take everything literally deserve to be on the list way more than this. - Entranced98

It's funny though! - PeeledBanana

60 Rude Tails fans who shove their opinion down other people's throats
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