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81 When you are logged in everyone can see which users are logged into TheTopTens
82 Kids shows get all the hate

Really guys? Subjecting yourselves to bashing Dora? I thought adults were running this site. - naFrovivuS

83 Trying to Come Up With New Lists

This is a legit problem unlike most of the items on this list... - MusicalPony

Seriously... - GirlyAnimeLover

Umm... OO I GOT IT BEST ROCK BANDS OF THE 21ST CENTURY... wait that's taken... aw - GrapeJuiceK

84 Some lists have more than 10 items

Isn't this like the opposite? I actually love how there are not just 10 items - Martinglez

This site's title is "TheTopTens", but there are more than 10 items. But this isn't a bad thing. - zxm

Your list has more than ten items. But yes, it can get really flippin' annoying. - AllAboutLists

Yeah, other person, I think that too. But this site is called TheTopTens. I'll make it clearer. TheTopTens. They should have a 10-listing limit! Or they could call it TopList.com, maybe?

85 People get judged by their lists and there is no taking it back
86 People who comment that say WTF

Well, admin will just censor the comment itself - Neonco31

87 Peggy Lee being higher than Michael Jackson as greatest singer of all time

This item may be thousand years old. Cause all I ever seen Michael Jackson being on top and Freddie Mercury on second. - zxm

Some people do feel that way, I thought the special snowflake code requires you to respect everyone's diverse opinion.

88 Users only care about Britgirl

I know right? All the users care about Britgirl praise and dedicate her. This is super annoying. - cosmo

She's appreciated here for good reason. Mature and open-minded people like her are just what this site needs more of. - Entranced98

She's so overrated, thumb down this comment, I don't care. People are crowding around Britgirl and not appreciating the other users here, there are so many users on here who deserve the respect and recognition Britgirl receives. I'm like the only one who thinks so of this. People are so obsessed with her, they need to give her some space along with other users on here like PosWildhawk, Puga who I think doesn't deserve it for treating me and other users on here like garbage, and much more. New users come here and feel neglected... I say, give the new, more recent users a chance to shine. - KianaLexi

If she's kind, we need more of her, especially on political lists.

I care about myself, but she is very overhated. - BorisRule

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89 People make dumb lists, such as: what's the best time for sex

This is why there are a lot of weirdos on this planet - Mumbizz01

And people make good lists, but put dumb answers such as: Hottest Guys in Punk Bands. They put all the Blink-182 guys at the top. They're not hot at all

Or ones about poop and pee. - Powerfulgirl10

Yes they are very dumb lists - BigBrotherSucks

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90 People Making Smart Ass Comments on Your Lists
91 Biased people

That would be everyone.

92 You can't add a comment when you clicked on "No thanks"
93 People Always Fight Each Other
94 Items on lists that have no business being there

This is a levitate problem in my opinion. There needs to be some way to make sure that lists don't contain entries that don't apply. I saw Mega Man, PAC-Man and Samus on a Mario Party countdown earlier today. People need to stop adding things that don't apply for the list.

95 Ways to kill lists
96 Criticizers that don't have valid points

Currently happening right now - Nonpointed

97 A good handful of users on here are too young

More than a good handful, the vast majority of users are middle school or younger, they can't spell or even think cohesively.

I'm 16, but not all kids (Between 11-13) can't think cohesively, most of them are mature already (But 10 can be mature... too). I'm actually fine with kids, except kids here are way too mean... - GirlyAnimeLover

I think a better way of saying this is a good handful of users are uneducated. - Nonpointed

That's true. I feel like an elderly person being a 17-year-old user of TheTopTens. It seems like the majority of the users here are middle school aged.

Not all kids are bad, but I do not like feeling old when in reality, I'm not even close to middle age. - anonygirl

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98 The lists about the Philippines

AGREED! WHEN I SEARCH SOMETHING, I don't want to see best Filipino singers ever. I wanna see the world's best. Which, I must say, world's best is Freddie Mercury.

Then why don't you make a list about your own country? Just to be fair.

If you don't like the list, then just don't look at it.

You all always hate Philippines, how about yours, ha?

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99 Number two needing to be number one

I totally agree with this. It's like, um your a total idiot! Sometimes, I agree with number one, but seriously? That should be number one sometimes! - Purplesingersky

Like on this list. Seriously 'the lack of respect to artists and their fans' WHO CARES about that

Happens all the time and totally gets on my nerves!

I mean most of the time the number ones of these lists are stupid and the number two needs that position. Like for instance dragonballz being number one on the best anime while one piece is number two or batman being number one on the best antiheroes when he's aparently a superhero and sweeney todd being number two.

100 Not Accepting Opinions

I was on the "Top 10 Best Cartoon Characters" list, and I saw this one guy who said something nice about Spongebob, only to be attacked by a bunch of jerks.

On the "Top 10 Most Overrated Sci-Fi Movies" list, with "The Empire Strikes Back" added on, PositronWildhawk stated that he prefers "Return of the Jedi". But some visitor with no account told him to "shut up" and disrespected him in the most elitist and pretentious way possible.

Adventures of Lolo fans do this to me. Not accept my opinion.

I accept options, but needed to die is way too far - BorisRule

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