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81 Chinese people getting stereotyped

Should be #1 - 50

82 No Hate Week

On this app called Quiz Up that I use a lot there's a bunch of hater prevention groups, but the groups usually tend to make situations worse and they can be huge hypocrites. That can get annoying when you want to write a comment on a funny post you like, but there's some sort of drama going on in the comments section. -Anonymousxcxc.

Hating and liking are both opinions. Treat them equally and don't suppress the generation of the former.

It's pointless and just dumb. Haters gonna hate. That's all there is to it. - TheYoshiOverlord

Is this actually a thing - Gametheorysucks

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83 No app

Come on, I own an Android phone and I wish that The Top Tens can go mobile, I hate staying online when I leave the browser. Had The Top Tens got its own phone software for Google Play and the App Store, I'm sure it will be good for the users. - ClassicGaminer

84 You cannot delete your lists

I wish I could - Gametheorysucks

Right?! - naFrovivuS

85 Godzilla 1954 Being on the worst Godzilla movies

No No, That would be 1998, 1954/2014 for the win

86 Not every comment gets the most likes

Yeah... but I don't care much about that (Except when I got 100 likes for my comment on the 'List of Best Religions' in one day ). - GirlyAnimeLover

87 Troll users
88 People who get triggered easily
89 Half of the lists are garbage
90 Barney and Dora are ALWAYS number 1 and 2 on worst kid show lists when there are a couple of shows that are actually worse

Half the time Teen Titans Go isn't on the list. It's the show that deserves to be on every worst kid's show list. And sure, Dora isn't a good show, but that's because you're too old for that show. Back then you probably thought it was the best show of all time! I can admit I liked Diego when I was a little kid, but that's because I was a little kid. - AllAboutLists

I agree first of all they are shows targeted at little children so of course you are not gonna like it second of all I have seen worse but if people like the cartoons I don't like I'm fine with that it's they're opinion - MrMonkey

Exactly! Everyone on this site is a whiny teen who complains about preschool shows 24/7! - PeeledBanana

Doesn't this mean you are also a whiny teen? I don't even complain about preschool shows, I complain about Teen Titans Go! - BorisRule

I know right? It's so annoying, as if Dora/Barney will give you cancer (I'm sorry if 'cancer' is way too much). Also, why Powderpuff Girls is not 1st/2nd/3rd (I like that cartoon )? - GirlyAnimeLover

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91 Anime haters

Hey, everyone is different. - funnyuser

While I am not exactly an anime fan, I respect your opinions either way, but please, watch it before you have an opinion. It's not like Boku no Piko is all anime. - Swellow

I'm not a big fan though it's your opinion if love or hate it but why do people here get so touched with anime that anyone who hates or doesn't like anime is a subhuman outcast? - Neonco31

I like Anime, but they hate anime... because they have their own opinions... - GirlyAnimeLover

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92 Hypocrites on the top tens

Everyone's hypocritical about something, so what...

93 People who insist on shoving their opinions down everyone's throats

Because you know, we are literally forced to read their shocking opinions, and can't look away no matter what we do.

94 Users are haters

The Princess Luna Haters are the worst!

Everyone is, but without haters... - GirlyAnimeLover

It's interesting with haters!

95 You can only view 20 items per page now, not 100 like you used to

That was weird! The only reason I was angry was polar bears moved from 16th to 11th place for top ten worst animals.

96 When you are logged in everyone can see which users are logged into TheTopTens
97 Kids shows get all the hate

Really guys? Subjecting yourselves to bashing Dora? I thought adults were running this site. - naFrovivuS

98 Trying to Come Up With New Lists

This is a legit problem unlike most of the items on this list... - MusicalPony

Seriously... - GirlyAnimeLover

Umm... OO I GOT IT BEST ROCK BANDS OF THE 21ST CENTURY... wait that's taken... aw - GrapeJuiceK

99 Some lists have more than 10 items

Isn't this like the opposite? I actually love how there are not just 10 items - Martinglez

This site's title is "TheTopTens", but there are more than 10 items. But this isn't a bad thing. - zxm

It would be boring if it had only 10 items. Then it would be whatever the creator wants. - lovefrombadlands

Your list has more than ten items. But yes, it can get really flippin' annoying. - AllAboutLists

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100 People get judged by their lists and there is no taking it back
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