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101 Spam items

like asdf, fdsa, asdfg, etc - ronluna


Like... ikr - GirlyAnimeLover

102 The overrated lists

Who cares if something is "overrated"?

Don't bother defining overrated or underrated, people just vote for their favorite singer regardless of where they are rated on other surveys...

Overrated is overrated!

Some people don't understand the meaning of overrated, let me clarify what it actually means:
Overrated;Something that is extremely popular and people think it gets too much love, but the thing is not exactly bad. (e.I. that Frozen movie is so overrated, but I don't hate it! )
Other Peoples Meaning:
Overrated;Something that get too much love but it SUCKS, why do you like that?
See? - DapperPickle

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103 People are hated for the worst reasons
104 Drama
105 Modern bias
106 Fanboys and Haters are Everywhere.

What's so bad with that? Of course there are because it's a site of opinions!

107 Replies don't get likes

I don't give a crap whether anyone likes what I have to say. I tell the truth. Period.

108 Dora the Explorer is 1 on the worst things ever list

If you're over the age of 8 and still care about Dora, you need a brain check, BADLY. - Swellow

It's like, Dora will kill you - GirlyAnimeLover

Not always. - anonygirl

And the Worst Cartoons Ever list too.
It's not that terrible! - naFrovivuS

109 Kissing up to TheTopTens
110 Dating lists V 1 Comment
111 Fights
112 X Japan on Every Music List

they maybe a good band but they are everywhere in the music polls - ronluna

Why are they #1 all the time? - InsertNameHere

I haven't listened to them yet so I can't tell if I like them yet - Neonco31

What's so bad about it. Don't their fans have this right? - zxm

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113 X-JAPAN appearing in almost every top of Japanese lists

they are the ones who are being favorited. look at those japanese list except mine of course, best rock drummers, best drummer of all time, 80s hair metal band, fastest drum soloists, japanese guitarist, japanese singer THEY ARE NOT THE ONLY BAND WHO ARE GREAT, in fact, I know lots of bands with better voice than toshi (hyde, isono hiroshi have more pleasant voice), better drum styles than yoshiki (he is only fast, but the drum style patterns is not unique similar to shinya of dir en grey, look at tetsu of d'erlanger or yukihiro of l'arc en ciel), better riffs than hide - ronluna

they are always at the top. I wonder if people are just putting them out of respect. at least, listen to more bands - ronluna

Their not only on Japanese lists, their on every music list on this site. how is "the art of life" (whatever the heck that is) the eleventh greatest song of all-time?

X-Japan Fans, Please stop talking about your stupid band. You know who's better? Iron Maiden! Black Sabbath, Guns N' Roses, Led Zeppelin! The Beatles! Pantera, Megadeth, and Metallica!

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114 Hot N' Cold - Katy Perry on Saddest Songs list

Is Hot N' Cold even considered a sad song? That's sad.

115 United States is in the top of almost all the lists about the best country

I am from the United States. I think we are a decent country, but we are WAY in debt, we are at war with countries for stupid reasons, and our country is 99% stupid people. And there actually is no such thing as a "best" country. It is just opinions. My favorite country, though, is either Mexico (because they have my favorite kinds of food) or Japan (because that's where Nintendo was founded).

Despite how stupid our country is, I still hate it when we get criticism. Hating a country is racist. You haven't met every single person in our country so it is not your place to judge it by the what, two Americans you know? It's not like two people are an entire nation.

I definitely like the US as a country. It is an astonishing place. And those words are coming from a Brit. But everyone has to stop bragging how they are statistically better. Stats do not matter. - PositronWildhawk

On of the biggest problems about this country is that is going to war for reasons that not exist - attiladuka

Top Ten Best Asian Countries
1. United States - GrapeJuiceK

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116 People who comment only bad things
117 That the owners wife got to all the good ideas first

HA HA! I'm sorry, my friends, you are right, but the early bird gets the worm! I was just lucky enough to get here first! ;-) - heather

I'm going to have to agree with this one - preachinpreach

Heather was here as a user, not as an admin's wife. So she deserves the rights. Did admin ever boost her statistics? No. So, I don't think it's a bad thing. - zxm

Heather has her own right - GirlyAnimeLover

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118 The List for Best Things About Justin Bieber

Oh my God, that list sucks! There is nothing good about JB except him being arrested. His music sucks balls! And before Beliebers bash at me and say I'm jealous because Bieber has "talent" and I don't, I'm not jealous! 1. I'm waay more talented than Bieber and my voice is prone to cracking on long notes. 2. I've seen more talent in a cat dying than Bieber. 3. If we were jealous of all celebrities we would hate all celebrities even Michael Jackson, Elvis, etc. 4. If we're jealous, we'd be doing all we can to famous ex. auditioning for talent shows, take vocal lessons, etc. Bieber killed real music! And I'm a huge fan of old school music. Screw Bieber!

OH MY GOD! Is the people in this topic is Retarded? Do I really need to Tell you That list was a troll to see how much hate the guy can get and Get away with it. - Aguythatpeopleignores

I wish he quit his job since I am the worst joke maker I can't sing either but I can better than this doofus

I can't sing better than Lady Gaga But doesn't mean I hate J.B, I don't want him to die because... only crazy person think like that - GirlyAnimeLover

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119 Pointless comparison lists

Oh, this is a big one. About more than half of the time, people will make a comparison list comparing two things that have absolutely nothing in common with each other whatsoever. Many people do this often in order to say something they like is better than something they dislike. What's worse is that these comparison lists usually end up having invalid reasoning that barely makes any sense. Now in some cases, comparison lists CAN be done WELL if put into the right hands. Unfortunately, most comparison lists aren't put into the right hands and end up spiraling into pointless comparisons only meant to fuel the original creator's bias for something they like and something they dislike. But the point here is that comparison lists are usually pointless. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I'm tired of these lists. They're repetitive and there are some users who constantly do this (TheLoudHouseSucks, Comparisons, etc.). When you make these lists all the time, it just proves that you can't think of any other lists to make and you're out of ideas. Not to mention, some of these comparisons have nothing in common. For example, "Why Adventure Time Is better Than Ebola". Lists like these are one of the major flaws that TTT has.

120 No chat

I would like to try the chat room, never got to try it cause I signed up too late. - funnyuser

I'd love to see chat implemented. - ArchAces

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