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161 You can't change your username

Which is why I got a new account. - naFrovivuS

I wanna change My Username to "ChuckECheese97" well too bad because I can't change my name, Damn! - ChuckECheese

I want to change my name to KomradSneekiBreeki - P-51IsDaBest

162 Manny Pacquaio ranked as #2 greatest boxer of all time

Tyson and Manny are equaled as the most famous, but if its in a fight, I don't even know

Muhammad Ali as #1 is understandable, even if I'm a Filipino.

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163 Gackt is Everywhere

All these Asians are taking over the top tens, plus sarah brightman. She's like 40 and people say she's hotter than jessica alba. Heart, too, they're not that great - pauler94

hes everywhere, and its especially bad that hes always ahead of freddie mercury

I agree. One person keeps voting him on every list. Who the hell is this person.

Who the hell is Gackt?! - GirlyAnimeLover

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164 Jackie Evancho is number one on almost every list

Why are the Jackie Evancho haters so incredibly bad at math?

Not on "almost every list" but number one on too many music lists. It's shocking how one singer garnered so much praise on this site, even though she didn't write any songs (until 2017). I gave her a chance, but she's just not my type. - naFrovivuS

The primary reason why I never bother seeing lists of best music artists for a certain year. I don't hate her anymore, but this is intolerable now. - SelfDestruct

Saw where one irrational Jackie Evancho hater went on a tirade about how horrible it was that she was ahead of Elvis on a certain list. Never mind that Evancho was way down at #36 [actually in a percentage tie with Elvis], and certainly never mind that Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, and Miley Cyrus were all in the top 10 on that particular list. It truly is funny to see the haters turning purple over a young girl who happens to be a great singer. On "almost every list"? Not even close.

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165 People who add comments who think the person they're commenting about will see it
166 It took so long for someone to make top ten video games list
167 Voting for a boring singer V 2 Comments
168 That you only see the top ten lists you created
169 Gunther

He's everywhere, I'm sick of it

170 Michael Jackson in every music list

He is OK but farrrrrrrr not #1. Some people are voting for him for many times every day but it doesn't mean he's #1 - Irina2932

171 Terrible Admins

Trust me he admins in Miiverse are worst

They completely changed my comment on one list! I was doing a song and I wrote for one of the lyrics, 'nothing' but the admin changed it to, 'Nothing' ' It really bugs me!

No, not all admins are bad. There are good admins too. - zxm

They deleted some of my comments. - ChuckECheese

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172 Frozen Haters

Yeah, I'm tired of jumping on the Frozen hate bandwagon despite not watching it myself (note: if anyone I know on here hates Frozen for legitimate reasons, I will understand and respect those opinions). I think instead of hating the movie like everyone else does, I should try to watch the movie myself and try to actually enjoy it. Hey, if I can do that with Sword Art Online, surely I can do it with Frozen as well. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

There are far too many lists on here that boil down to "I hate Frozen". Disclaimer: I don't even like Frozen that much myself, but I hate redundant and repetitive lists even more.

Honestly I don't really talk about the movie that much anymore. There's far worse movies out there like the Percy Jackson movies, The Last Airbender, etc.

I'm tired of all these lists bashing Frozen. I don't watch Frozen anymore, but lists like that are repetitive and annoying.

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173 Spam lists
174 New members with bad names

Oh how exciting, do tell! Who? WHO?! - Britgirl

I wish I could change my user name - dinosaur

Same, I wish I could change my user name... - GirlyAnimeLover

I wish I can delete my XxxX part. I hipe Admin wjll add a feature to change usernames - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

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175 The Tea Leoni is better than Gillian Anderson crap

People need to get a life...

176 Very Insulting Lists, Items, Blog

Yeah! I've seen lists like "worst first name" and other stuff! No offense, TheTopTens.

177 That piece of crap some people call Rhydian

He is on top of best singer than singers like Michael jackson AND FREDDIE mercury - egillaxelsson

178 Top ten lists dominated by Indians

Though it's true, this item is racist.

No, it's not racist.

179 You can't delete your own account

You must ask admin to delete your account first - Neonco31

If you don't like your account, how you gonna delete it?

Wait, really? - Rambo

180 Your lists getting merged

Seriously? I made a remastered, better list of facts about me, and it was merged into the old one. - Powerfulgirl10

For some reason, Thetoptens lets the top ten worst YouTubers list stay up, which is a rip off of worst youtube channels. - izackak

That's so annoying. I've had some my lists merged onto existing lists that had nothing to with the lists I have made. - anonygirl

I made a list on lists that were ruined by bot votes.

It got merged with "Lists Ruined by Trolls." - isaaonrtdmtr

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