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161 Frozen Haters

Yeah, I'm tired of jumping on the Frozen hate bandwagon despite not watching it myself (note: if anyone I know on here hates Frozen for legitimate reasons, I will understand and respect those opinions). I think instead of hating the movie like everyone else does, I should try to watch the movie myself and try to actually enjoy it. Hey, if I can do that with Sword Art Online, surely I can do it with Frozen as well. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

There are far too many lists on here that boil down to "I hate Frozen". Disclaimer: I don't even like Frozen that much myself, but I hate redundant and repetitive lists even more.

Honestly I don't really talk about the movie that much anymore. There's far worse movies out there like the Percy Jackson movies, The Last Airbender, etc.

I'm tired of all these lists bashing Frozen. I don't watch Frozen anymore, but lists like that are repetitive and annoying.

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162 Spam lists
163 New members with bad names

Oh how exciting, do tell! Who? WHO?! - Britgirl

I wish I could change my user name - dinosaur

Same, I wish I could change my user name... - GirlyAnimeLover

I wish I can delete my XxxX part. I hipe Admin wjll add a feature to change usernames - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

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164 The Tea Leoni is better than Gillian Anderson crap

People need to get a life...

165 Very Insulting Lists, Items, Blog

Yeah! I've seen lists like "worst first name" and other stuff! No offense, TheTopTens.

166 That piece of crap some people call Rhydian

He is on top of best singer than singers like Michael jackson AND FREDDIE mercury - egillaxelsson

167 Your lists getting merged

Seriously? I made a remastered, better list of facts about me, and it was merged into the old one. - Powerfulgirl10

For some reason, Thetoptens lets the top ten worst YouTubers list stay up, which is a rip off of worst youtube channels. - izackak

That's so annoying. I've had some my lists merged onto existing lists that had nothing to with the lists I have made. - anonygirl

I made a list on lists that were ruined by bot votes.

It got merged with "Lists Ruined by Trolls." - isaaonrtdmtr

168 Having to Sign In to Add a List

I've noticed you have to sign in to even add items to lists. Someone that's signed in needs to add that very soon. We have the right of at least that

I'm trying to log in but Secret Code must added in this list! Why?! Because they think we are 5 years old who must protected by some reasons. We are 14 years old! Secret Code is the reason why I hate TheTopTens. If someone agree to me, I agree to you - ChatNoirFan18

THIS IS SO DUMB! You should be able to make a list anytime you want!

169 Too many annoying fandoms

Fandoms infest this website, which results in a lot of biased voting.

Gravity Falls in a nutshell - Neonco31

Like Gravity Falls and such. - DynastiNoble

170 Uncle Grandpa is Always Number One On Every Worst Cartoon Network Shows List

Because it's seriously that bad...

You clearly never heard of The High fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange - Discord1

171 Not all songs, video games, albums, bands have a Amazon, iTunes, official site, links, etc

I've tried publishing song lists in which the samples simply don't appear. This gets on my nerves a lot. - PositronWildhawk

172 People who only know the most popular Japanese bands like X-JAPAN and Dir en grey

Worst thing about the top tens is you Ronluna! Stop wanking over your favourite band because everyone has their own opinion.

Dir en grey and X Japan rule.

Not me, sir. I don't know a single one. NOT A SINGLE ONE! - Britgirl

Like x-Japan is the founder of visual kei, yoshiki is the best drummer, toshi is the best frontman

It is very annoying that they only recognized two bands for the greatest Japanese bands - ronluna

Ok everyone! Dir En Grey and X-Japan stink! Not to be racist but they need to go stop making music! Slash is better than Hide! Everyone else is better than these guys!

173 A-ha is the number one band for greatest rock band of all time

youve gotta be kidding me. theyre a good band, but number one? really? at least its not x japan...

174 People who made personal message just to insult and tell you that you are dumb, narrowminded, etc

esp. those people who are judgmentalists and elitists that they think that they are right but they actually insult and harm anybody - ronluna

Grrr...There is a user named StrikingStreak. He thinks I am Blear though I'm not. But, he still said I am Blear. I already block him in my message box. - ChatNoirFan18

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175 Users Who Think Rock Is the Only Good Genre

I agree. I like rock, but also electronic, soul and ambient, and somehow I look dumb if I think otherwise. Same goes with rap, which I detest, but people here say that I have to like it. What the hell?!?!

I think this is a overused stereotype to be honest. I don't rock's the only good genre I also like Grunge, Punk, Metal, Soul, Funk, Blues, Indie and Folk. - Grunger92

Jazz and ska I don't think get a mention. - Britgirl

Yeah, agree. - GirlyAnimeLover

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176 The New Design

I'm not done yet. As much as I love blue, I just can not understand the site design. The should go back to the old orange green and white, or keep the old design, but just change the colors. The old design was far better. - LoganR93

Sorry, but the design sucks. I liked the old one better. - LoganR93

And TheTopTens looks rushed...-_- - Powerfulgirl10

177 Your comment up disappears when you already click the green hand button

I just click the green hand for comment up, but when I check it if its still there, it never appears! What's the deal here? I'm trying to give a thumbs up to a single comment, but someone is picking on us! Maybe some hatred is moving around on the internet!

178 Top ten lists dominated by Indians

Though it's true, this item is racist.

179 Lists that are approved, but don't show up on the newest lists V 1 Comment
180 Big Brother lists V 2 Comments
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