Top 10 Worst Things About the Winx Club

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1 Bloom is a Mary Sue

I first watched this show when I was 9, before I even knew what a Mary Sue was. Even then, I hated her because she always seemed to be unrealistically perfect.

Overpowered, never makes mistakes when even Techna, the fairy of LOGIC messes up every once in a while. Self-absorbed, thinks everything is about her. Somehow mysteriously gains new abilities to easily solve every problem they face. Takes credit for everything the Winx do together. The list goes on.

She gets all the credit, bosses the other Winx around, and is always in front. I'm so sick and tired of it. And now, everything is about her. The plot, the transformations!

I kinda like her but she is such a Mary Sue wannabe who wins everything and had no flaws. She is so dumb...

2 Stella is a horrible friend

Let's look at how Stella's character progressed, shall we?
Seasons 1: Stella was older than the rest of the girls and, although bratty, she was powerful and knew when to be a leader or second-in-command. She could be childish and a bit of a clown but she always had Bloom's or any of her friends' backs and was serious when she needed to be serious. She complains about little things, but faces big things head-on and was the guiding light for the Winx early on. Stella could be annoying and even downright mean sometimes, but we knew her heart was in the right place and it was ultimately a comfort to see her by Bloom's side during her Bloom's hardest moments and she was a true friend. She personified the term "best friend", making us wonder why we tolerate her in her worst moments and making us remember why we love her in her best moments. She was my favourite fairy because of this.
Season 6: Stella is now a huge brat who is way over-the-top obsessed with dresses. Almost every ...more

She is as selfish as Mindy from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy and she is a bad role model towards her friends.

Stella is a huge jerk and was snooty and selfish.

She's too snooty and selfish

I agree. Even Lapis Lazuli from Steven Universe is better the Stella!

3 The creator is male

Maybe he likes girly things.

So? Can't boys like fairies?

He's a brony, I'm sure of that.

4 Flora is Ms. Snooty pants

She, along with Stella are the snooty ones, so I guess Flora is the selfish one.

5 The clothes are inappropriate

They wear a bra and super short skirts and shorts all the time.

Who wears a bra and almost an underwear at school?

6 It has lazy animation

Well I can name many more shows with better animation. the characters don't seem to talk properly and the body proportions are weird they're all too skinny too and the faces aren't that attractive with the world of winx, they look weirder like they look like Barbie dolls with too much makeup. but they still look fine

7 The character's bodies...they're so fake

You know, every show had REAL body types like muscular women and fat gals. Winx Club had body types that are not real.

Yep, they go from normal to insanely skinny then they go back to normal if ya know what I mean

8 The songs are annoying

Winx winx winx we r the winx we r so annoying yea we r the winx


9 Tecna is Ms.Know-it-all
10 Musa is a horrible singer

Yes! I never cared for Musa's voice that much, it's unrealistic! (And not in a good way)

Why is bloom the lead singer musa is the fairy of music. Or I am wrong. Hate bloom tge boyfriend stealing slut.

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11 The plot makes no sense

It constantly changes. Enchantrix was supposed to be the final transformation yet they kept on adding more stupid and unecessary transformation just for the heck of it. It's just for the money at this point.

12 Bloom is the lead singer for the band

Why should it be musa the fairy of music come

13 All 6 main characters have boyfriends

Why does this show have to be romance based? And who the heck would have a misogynist person like Rivern as a boyfriend?

14 There are too many transformations

Enchantrix was supposed to be the final form. Most kids (including myself) were so excited to see it and now there's a transformation called "Halloweenix"? what the hell? The transformations should be special not a money making scheme to profit off young impressionable children

First we were told "Belevix is SUPER POWERFUL! ".
Then we got Lovix and Sophix. Then Harmonix and Sirenix. Those were okay.
After Sirenix, the transformations got kind of boring. It felt like the whole reason that there were transformations at all was to make dolls and make money.

It's so hard to keep track! I just got lost after Believix

15 All of the characters are skinny

Muscular women and fat women in Steven Universe had better body types.

16 The romance

Makes you want to be sick.

So bla bla makes you want

So yawn to much drama.

17 The boyfriends act more like girls. And the girls act like guys.

Have to say it. All true and so yawn to.

So true. Sky act's like a big girl.

18 The Winx constantly get frustrated or mad at Stella

Even though the Winx love her, Stella shouldn't be negatively criticized for her outfits that her friends try on. She's doing her best. It just gets me when they get frustrated with her for her jokes or outfits. I feel so sorry for her. But I love every Winx member, even though I have to comment on their bad moments.

19 It was moved to Nickelodeon
20 The characters only care about themselves

Yeah, right. When Layla's boyfriend died she cried and became distant due to the pain. All her friends tried to console her and help her slowly move on...but I guess this group of close-knit friends only cares about themselves.

21 Diaspro is a cheater
22 Sky forgets a lot about Diaspro
23 Sky and Bloom
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