Top 10 Worst Things About the Winx Club


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1 Bloom is a Mary Sue

Overpowered, never makes mistakes when even Techna, the fairy of LOGIC messes up every once in a while. Self-absorbed, thinks everything is about her. Somehow mysteriously gains new abilities to easily solve every problem they face. Takes credit for everything the Winx do together. The list goes on.

She gets all the credit, bosses the other Winx around, and is always in front. I'm so sick and tired of it. And now, everything is about her. The plot, the transformations!

She always wins everything, she has no flaws, etc - Cartoonfan202

Oh yeah, so true! - ChatNoirFan18

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2 Stella is a horrible friend

She's too snooty and selfish - Cartoonfan202

She's SO selfish! UUGGGH! - Carsrule300

3 Flora is Ms.Snooty pants

If she's the "calm one", she ligit can't get over Helia! - Carsrule300

4 The clothes are inappropriate

Yes, wears tanktops and shorts?! It look so sexist! Miraculous Ladybug characters' clothes are more approaprite! (The girls wears trousers and shirts, some of them wears cardigan). I was get bothered by innapproaprite outfits. - ChatNoirFan18

"The clothes are inappropriate"
Have you ever SEEN anime? The stuff they put in a "kids" anime is nasty. I saw an anime that was labeled as "kids" and it there was a topless 19 yo girl in the FIRST episode.
You're basically saying that anybody with a miniskirt is inappropriate for a kid to see. By your logic, I guess a girl cartoon character shouldn't wear a sports bra because it's "exposing." - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Just because some anime is inappropriate doesn't mean a Winx Isn't. - PeachyBlast

5 Tecna is Ms.Know-it-all

Also known as the "smart one" or "the brains". When she is actually stupid! - Carsrule300

And they gave her a stupid British accent too - TwilightKitsune

6 The creator is male

What's wrong with that? Are you one of those SJWs? - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Uh, Miraculous Ladybug creator also male, Thomas Astruc & Jeremy Zag... - ChatNoirFan18

He's a brony, I'm sure of that.

7 The songs are annoying
8 Musa is a horrible singer
9 The plot makes no sense
10 Winx Club has lazy animation

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11 The character's bodies...they're so fake

So is Steven Universe, yet they're called "unique" and "empowering to women". - BlueTopazIceVanilla

12 The characters only care about themselves
13 Bloom is the lead singer for the band
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1. The clothes are inappropriate
2. The songs are annoying
3. The plot makes no sense
1. Bloom is a Mary Sue
2. Stella is a horrible friend
3. Flora is Ms.Snooty pants



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