Worst Things that Could Happen Before 2017

2016 is just almost over, but horrible things we've never experienced before could happen very soon.

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1 ISIS Destroys America

Notice how almost everything here concerns America and only America. - Puga

America is our top nation, and with ISIS on the move, they will not stop until they get us, so America could be destroyed sooner than we know. - nelsonerica

Because ISIS will clearly destroy a whole country (continent if we are talking about what "America" really is) before 2017. - Martinglez

ISIS will never destroy America. Heck, I want America to destroy ISIS.

2 Hillary Clinton is President

Well, if it happens, it won't be till Jan - ProPanda

Hillary Clinton is on our wa to becoming president very soon. - nelsonerica

She did not - Neonco31

3 World War III Starts

This would put all humanity and our world in danger. - nelsonerica

Oh for fooks sake. - IronSabbathPriest

It'll most likely be nucleur.. - LemonComputer

4 America Becomes Bankrupt

Given how Hillary would run for President, since Obama messed up our country pretty bad, Hillary might push it to being bankrupt, and we'll all be poor. - nelsonerica

What...again?! - Britgirl

5 NASA Runs Out of Business

America is pretty corrupt now, and with Hillary running for president, could put NASA to an end.
NASA is how we put humans on other worlds, like the Moon. - nelsonerica

6 Earthquake Destroys California

Yeah, but I hope it never happens. If it does, then we must find a way to survive.

We've all worried about that for decades, and as we more closer and learn more about geology, we are expecting a HUGE Earthquake to destroy California, killing (almost) everybody on it. - nelsonerica

7 Steven Universe Gets Cancelled

THIS above everything else that can potentially destroy world as we know it? This needs to be MUCH more DOWN! - LemonComputer

Aw cringe - Neonco31

They can't!

Cartoon Network put Steven Universe on hiatus after the 1st episode of Season 4, yet they said the next episode would air on Thanksgiving Day, but we worry it might get cancelled.

Television will be impossible after that. - nelsonerica

8 Donald Trump Becomes President

Both options are awful. I would rather have Bernie sanders as president.

More likely Hillary will become president, she's got more votes than Donald Trump. - nelsonerica

Yep, both options are horrible, America is messed. - Martinglez

And apparently, it did happen. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

9 Harvey Beaks Gets Cancelled

Well, it got cancelled on December.

Harvey Beaks is very rare nowadays, and it could come to an end this year.
It's one of the few good Nickelodeon shows left now. - nelsonerica

10 The Loud House Gets Cancelled

It's Nickelodeon's best show now besides SpongeBob, and because so many people like it, it could get cancelled after its next season, or it could get cancelled if Nickelodeon decides to change their mind and cancel it before Season 2, since Nickelodeon is already screwed up nowadays. - nelsonerica

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11 Justin Bieber Releases Another Album

He is our worst singer, and if he releases another album before the year ends, music is screwed. - nelsonerica

Too bad he did - Neonco31

12 Disney Buys Nintendo

NO, PLEASE NO! - LemonComputer


13 Video Games are Banned in the United States

Who had this stupid idea? - LemonComputer

Video games are sort of a freedom of speech thing, so yeah, not happenng (fortunately).

14 The U.S. Changes its National Animal from a Bald Eagle to a Lion Resembling Mufasa

Another TLK item? Jeez, the TLK haters will scramble for any list to spread their hatred of The Lion King on... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

15 The Republican Party's Animal is Changed from an Elephant to a Lion

Should be changed to a snake or a poisonous scorpion.

16 Free Speech Made Illegal
17 Hurricane Matthew Destroys Florida

It didn't destroy Florida THANK GOODNESS! But it did damage the East Coast, and a few people were killed by falling trees.

We know it's gonna hit, and it could mean everyone in Fl will die from the damaging forces, lightning and waves.

Everyone in Fl is told to evacuate.

18 Karel becoming more popular than Harken
19 The Nintendo NX is Cancelled
20 Sora from Kingdom Hearts Makes an Appearance in a Super Smash Bros. Game
21 The Xbox is No Longer in Production
22 The PlayStation is No Longer in Production
23 The Democratic Party's Animal is Changed from a Donkey to a Spotted Hyena
24 It Becomes Illegal to Hate on The Lion King
25 A Disney CEO Becomes the New President of the United States
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