Listen to Justin Bieber


I think you guys hate him too much I mean I hate him too and he is annoying but really you would rather go to Hell or lose your mother or father or lose your kid who you wanted to raise

He makes my ears bleed! He is awful and has done awful things too! He started out as a sweet little boy with a good voice then money and growing up to quickly started and he went down hill! So sad!

This shouldn't be on the list, there are worst things that happen in life so stop acting as if its worst than hell

Scientists have discovered a disease that kills you 90% inside. I became diagnosed when I heard one of his "songs" playing on the radio.

I wish he died in a boss battle of Bowser. Then Bowser shots a fire ball and then Justin Bieber dies in lava. That will be cool

My ears almost exploded off and I almost got a heart attack thing his song was a sign of the end of the world.

Now I'm no fan of Justin Bieber, but I don't think listening to Justin Bieber is worse than being forced to eat your child...

Haha I laughed when I saw this but he is awful

Justin Bieber is worse than HELL!

So like someone turns on the radio and I hear baby baby baby oh I'm like screaming no! Turn it off! Like I feel like my ears are bleeding

Bieber sucks, but it can't kill you. I'll put this on the list that does not have stuff that can kill you. WHY DOES Bieber GET IN MY HEAD?!

Its not the end of the world if you listen to him. me, personally, does not like Justin Bieber, but still...

Baby is the first Justin Bieber song I've listened too, and well I was forced too listen and watch the crappy music video... UGH...


I AM almost deaf but every time Justin Bieber comes on, Mom doesn't change it. And I don't know why.

Justin Bieber sings like a naked hamster

You are so right. Especially if you realized Justin Beiber was dating your sister

Rather watch a 24 hours version if Nicki Minaj-Anaconda or Miley Cyrus-Wrecking Ball. Oh, wait a sec, Miley, Nicki, and Justin suck a lot - MLPFan

Baby poo baby poo you beeswax I have to listen to him,
And have to see him I would get a gun, bow and arrow, and a bomb
I just want to punch him in his peanuts and kick his booty in the peanuts.

I would rather go to hell than listed to his noise.

This is the worst thing that could ever happen!

Justin Bieber is actually a horrible person.

There is no pain I have experienced that has even come close to this.

Instead I would prefer to go in jail for whole life... Just kidding. - divphygamer

Very cancerous music. Gives me Ear-bola - GriffinDoge