Losing a Parent


I lost my dad a couple months ago and I'm only twelve I miss him even though he was a bit abusive he was a loving father even though he killed himself. He had the disease of depression. Always love your parents if your lucky enough to have them. I would say worse things can happen even though this is hard.

I lost my mother last year...still haven't let her go. Most likely never will. She was the first person I looked at when I took my first breath, the first person I learned to love, and most of all, the woman who gave me life. She took care of me. She loved me just as much as I loved her. True love is family love. Losing it is like losing a part of you...sometimes you'll never get it back.

I lost my dad a couple months ago I'm only twelve he had a mental illness called depression and killed himself I believe that worse things can happen though and I don't like to share so just a lot can happen so always love your parents if you are lucky to have any - morgs

I've lost both my parents and I'm only 11. The feeling isn't good and you realize that when you grow up your not going to have anyone left unless you have a sibling, which I don't... The one thing I have to say is tell your parents you love them while you still can

I feel so sorry for your parents, hoping your new parents will take care of you (If you have one) - Mumbizz01

This is easily the worst thing that will ever happen to anyone besides dying. I mean your parents raised you and hearing them die is like being tortured and sent to a concentration camp! This also applies to other relatives that you loved very much and pets.

Sigh... My friend had drug addict parents so she was forced to move to a different country with her grandparents. I never knew my mom because she was a sergeant mother (Is that how I spell it) So I lived with my two dads. - AnonymousChick

If you were close to that parent, you realize all the things you're missing out on without them. My dad passed away last year and there are SO many moments that I just wish he could be part of, but I know he never can be anymore...

I think losing a parent should be number one because I don't know how anyone could live without a parent when your at a young age. I mean I don't think I would be able to manage without my mum or dad. - LBDestroyer

This is definitely the worst thing that could happen to human being. Losing a parent is like losing half of your life. I have a friend who has lost a parent and only has her mum to look after her.

Losing a parent is the absolute worst thing that can ever happen to you. Being without the people you love most just gives me a sinking feeling in my stomach.

You've lost the person you look up to. The person who tells you write from wrong. Your guide. It's terrible and after that it's like nothing is going to be better.

Losing a parent is the kind of thing you will always try and forger, even though its burned in the back of your mind. You lose the person you look up to, and they die never getting to see you truly succeed.

I lost my dad, my brother and mom now fight daily, the whole situation is awful. I don,t mean to sound like an edgelord but I feel hallow, like every positive emotion has leaked out and you are nothing but a husk of your former self. My dad was a brilliant, hilarious, unpredictable man who gave me a sense of direction in life.

I always worry about this! I love my parents, and never wanna lose them! That's why I always call them like every two hours when they go out. I love them too much to lose them.

Yes. I was 10 years old when I lost my mama. It's the worst thing that happened in my life. We missed her so much but we need to accept because that really happens in life.

Everyone on Earth will most likely outlive their parents because they're older and were younger. Be ready for the pain when it comes, because it will come.

The time when you care for your parents the most is when they're gone. Obey them as much as possible. - Animefan12

Losing a parent is just like an city without an electricity.. Agree if you understood

Wow yes Morgan I am so sorry that must have been horrible I hope you all are feeling better and recovering

What can hurt more than seeing your parents die, nothing and it's also the most motivating thing that can happen to you.

My parents got divorced, luckily my dad kept us, because my mom kept getting drunk all the time

I lost both my parents in a car accident

Very sad, terribly tragic for anyone but especially a child - and to lose both at once. I hope you find peace and some recovery and remember that your parents did not want to leave and want you to thrive and carry on to the best of their hopes and dreams - Billyv

Usually I don't respond to this kind of thing but the sympathy and caring in my time of need. Well I am in a foster home now but honestly thank you all

Lost a grandparent in 2013. It was the saddest day of my life. I was depressed for the whole day :( - Jordansalesguy2392

I also lost a grandparent in 2013. And she was the LAST SURVIVING grandparent. - Pony

Losing a parent has got to be #1. You don't have a chance to go back, and a lot of things will never get to happen.

When I'm 30 or 40 Years Old it will be Really Sad if my parents died and I will be crying forever