Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen In Life

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21 Sleeping With Justin Bieber

*refuses to think about this*

My girlfriend would be so pissed that I cheated on her with the worst singer of all time. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Isn't sleeping with Nicki Minaj even worse?


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22 Being Burned Alive

I think this would hurt worst than being buried alive... - funnyuser

This totally need more vote imagine being burn alive but my feet I burn them when I was a little kid

I don't see how Justin Bieber is worse than being burned alive.

This feels so horrible it had to be put twice - Ohno

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23 Being Executed

This would especially be bad if you were executed for something you didn't do.

Now that's just depressing.

I would hate that.. just knowing you're gonna die in a few seconds:in the waiting room someone calling people one by one. a few seconds after they go the crowd go crazy then the next person.
Then he says its you next to the guillotine.
That (of course) is not how people are executed these days but that is a huge fear of mine.

You do not wanna Ride the Lightning.

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24 Being Forced to Eat Your Child

Someone Get Me A Gravestone

No I won't eat my Children because it's wrong.

How did this slot even become a thing? In what case scenario would you have to eat your child?

A diffrent speices probably put this here.

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25 Accidentally Killing Someone
26 Accidentally Killing Your Significant Other

I have experienced this when my girlfriend died from a heroin overdose, with horse I got her, and the guilt from that is worst feeling I have ever experienced

Not bad at all if you hate your significant other

Why is this not number one

27 Every Girl Rejects You

Story of my life... What the hell is wrong with me?

I'm a girl, so I don't have to worry about this one! Girls usual stick together where I'm from

This already happens to me anyways - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Well... I kinda did that to a guy. but why is Justin Bieber worse that this? honestly?

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28 Being Born Into A Family With Abusive Parents

You can choose the family you're born with. You'll spend holidays seeing commercials for happy families and feel sad because it doesn't apply to you. You'll see all the kids you go to school with be happier and make more friends because you're parents stripped you of what would of been natural extroversion but discouraged you so now you're that weird kid that you never wanted to be. And the while time everyone is telling you that you're parents are always right and what happens to you is ultimately you're responsibility even though in your heart you know your parents are to blame

29 You Go Blind

This would be horrible someone would have to wipe your bum for you, put your makeup on for you (they may make it look horrible as well), choose your clothes ( they might choose a really bad outfit), you will never be able to look into your partners eyes, you will never be able to watch porm, you will never be able to look at rainbows or fireworks, you will never be able to say " wow you have grown" to a child, you will never be able to enjoy sex, you will have to go everywhere with another person or dog, it will be more easier for you to get robbed ( lets be real here most blind people don't act like the blind guy from the movie don't breathe), you will never know whether someone is giving you a dirty look, you will never know whether your idol of favourite celebrity just walked past you, you will never know whether the food your eating had flies going on it, you don't know whether you will still be blind in the afterlife.

I am blind it sucks. I get pranked like every other day.

True I hate being blind if I go blind I die promise that I swear.

Guy above is an idiot, obviously he has a scribe or some kind of software that types for him

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30 Be Paralyzed and Not Able to Communicate

I've always feared that I'll become disabled or paralyzed and still have a brain that functions normally, always having to depend on someone to feed me, take me to the toilet etc. I can't imagine how terrible it would have been if I wasn't able to talk to anybody or to express my feelings and not even be able to write it down for someone and have to keep every thought to myself. It must be hell on earth to not be able to do anything you love to do due to paralysis in addition to the loneliness that will follow when you can't join a conversation. You can hear what everyone else says though, and you won't be able to tell them to shut up if you think they are talking to much crap. I can't see anything but what a miserable life that would've been, and you can't even kill yourself to end it.

31 Rock N Roll Dies

It will never die, it is gonna stay forever. Before whatever is going to kill it, before it gets to the rock bands and artists, it is gonna have to go through all and every single rock fan. Rock fans am I right!? - RustyNail

The rock N' Roll never dies.

I have a guitar, I won't let it happen

It will never die but it will become worse. You know how it is. - Ohno

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32 You Get Divorced V 1 Comment
33 Getting Divorce

Something to think about...If you never GET MARRIED, there is a 100% chance you will never GET A DIVORCE. Wished I listened to that line of reasoning.

That's sad if your husband/wife divorced you and It is not fun to be alone.

Your alone, and if your a guy, you gotta pay your ex wife all the time! - HeavyDonkeyKong

I'm a lawyer and I don't see much divorces,
Don't get why so much Okies about

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34 Be Rich and Lose the Money In a Day

Well its not that bad at least you were rich for 1 day

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35 Get Amnesia

Your personality would be gone forever, just think what the new personality could be like?

Losing memories of good times? Your first Christmas? Your marriage? Happiness? I'd never want to lose my memories. Savor the good times. - ethanmeinster

I cannot imagine this. The thought of it is quite repellant. - PositronWildhawk

I would hate to get amnesia. - 906389

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36 You Become Homeless

This can happen very quickly in fact. I know a person in a house his was renting when the landlord died. The family of the landlord after that decided to sell the house. He did get 6 months to find something else but he didn't find something in that short period. He had to rent a hangar to move all his stuff and going back to his mother. You could say that he had some luck because what if you don't have family anymore?

My church works with homeless people it's so sad to think of what they are going through. One time my dad saw a homeless women sit outside the food building crying her eyes out! That's so sad because she didn't have a home or family to go back to. It really put a good perspective on my life and how good I have it.

I never want to have this happen! My church works with homeless people and it always gives me a perspective on how good I have it!

Still there are good thing to do..

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37 Being Allergic to Everything

That sucks. You don't get to enjoy life.

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38 Being Cheated On

Being cheated on by someone you have been with for a while and are deeply in love with, could be one of the worst things in life. It also would suck if the person had been doing it for years and you didn't know.

If someone created on you, and you were suposed to get married in two days. Then they let the wedding go on and didn't tell you anything about it until you already had a kid together.

If the child you had went to the hospital and they were the emergency contact

You were invited to the cheater's wedding

39 Getting Caught Watching Porn

Trust me, getting caught watching ponies is way worse.

That's funny! Lucky I did not get caught!

I caught a bully on this, and he got expelled! - Number18

You should not watch porn.

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40 Being Forced to Listen to Nicki Minaj

I don't want to have to picture that. That would be horrible! - PositronWildhawk

She may be a bad music artist but think again. Would this be worse than more serious issues like cancer and death and being burned alive? - SelfDestruct

My head would just explode after listening to 10 second's of Stupid hoe and Massive attack.

Stupid How and Anaconda are torture. - Turkeyasylum

That is so horrible! It may not be as bad as being imprisoned for life and someone dying but still! This is torture! It really deserves to be on the top 20!

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