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21 You Get Robbed

Once I came home from... I think it was dinner... And as we entered the house my dog was shining and barking and she was so scared and angry. My papa said it was nothing but as we came closer to the kitchen to put away leftovers, we realized our back door was open. My papa said it was my sisters fault until... We realized all three laptops were missing. We went back to my room and I said "Papa, I don't feel so good." He told me it was just because the robbers came. But then we realized... They pepper sprayed my dog! (POOR LITTLE JUNIE) Since my sister was at a sleepover my papa called their house and asked if I could stay there for the night. It was okay but I was scared to death. - AnonymousChick

It's even worse when they make your environment worse by pressure with the addition of their weapons and their high stakes demands which provides mental and physical force against the victim which that's my explanation of how the environment could be worse if you get robbed. - Kevinsidis

You are lucky if you're rich

Luck doesn't exist it's just inevitable or penetrable common times it's just time - Kevinsidis

22 Get Bullied

Really. Justin Bieber is worst then bullying? People are really taking the JB jokes way too far. JB should be at the bottom of the list and this should be number 5.

This is very bad search up Amanda Todd in the YouTube search bar and you'll see how serious this is. I was bullied from 2011-2013. And had to move schools because of it and now I have another bully and I have to move again. Out of state. She called me fat, stupid, dimwit, gg (goody goody), etc. like I said now I have to move again because this kid was older than me and could really hurt me. Thanks a lot my secret bully. (In sarcastic voice) yay can't wait to move.

Bullying is a terrible experience, coming from a healthy narcissist. I've never been bullied because of high confidence, but if you get bullied often, remember they're wrong. The only way to stop getting bullied are tell a trusted adult, learn to be a healthy narcissist (a healthy narcissist means that you have high self esteem and you feel nothing can put you down) and stand up for the bully yourself. I used to put myself down a lot, but thanks to narcissism it made my life a lot better. - Ohno

This happened to me in real life :(

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23 A Very Important Person In Your Life Dies In Front of You

Can't give any relevant comments for these...

This should totally be the worst what would the point be can you even go on with life?

It's better to sacrifice. - Ohno

I seriously always thought that loosing someone you love is the worst thing that could erver happen to you. I mean, imagine loving someone from the buttom of your heart, spending all your time with that person, telling them all your darkest secrets without being afraid of jugements, and then, in a blink of an eye, that person is no longer among the living, you will never see them again, never talk to them, never laugh at their stupid jokes, never kiss them, hug them or even heve the right to talk about them freely! isn't that the worst thing that could ever happen to a human being? loosing the only person that used to make them feel NOT lonely in this world!

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24 Accidentally Killing Your Significant Other

I have experienced this when my girlfriend died from a heroin overdose, with horse I got her, and the guilt from that is worst feeling I have ever experienced

Not bad at all if you hate your significant other

Why is this not number one

25 Every Girl Rejects You

Story of my life... What the hell is wrong with me?

This is me, but I have no idea why

I'm a girl, so I don't have to worry about this one! Girls usual stick together where I'm from

That would suck

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26 You Go Blind

This would be horrible someone would have to wipe your bum for you, put your makeup on for you (they may make it look horrible as well), choose your clothes ( they might choose a really bad outfit), you will never be able to look into your partners eyes, you will never be able to watch porm, you will never be able to look at rainbows or fireworks, you will never be able to say " wow you have grown" to a child, you will never be able to enjoy sex, you will have to go everywhere with another person or dog, it will be more easier for you to get robbed ( lets be real here most blind people don't act like the blind guy from the movie don't breathe), you will never know whether someone is giving you a dirty look, you will never know whether your idol of favourite celebrity just walked past you, you will never know whether the food your eating had flies going on it, you don't know whether you will still be blind in the afterlife.

I am blind it sucks. I get pranked like every other day.

True I hate being blind if I go blind I die promise that I swear.

Guy above is an idiot, obviously he has a scribe or some kind of software that types for him

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27 You Get Divorced

Seen these similar thing e.e

28 Rock N Roll Dies

It will never die, it is gonna stay forever. Before whatever is going to kill it, before it gets to the rock bands and artists, it is gonna have to go through all and every single rock fan. Rock fans am I right!? - RustyNail

The rock N' Roll never dies.

I have a guitar, I won't let it happen

It will never die but it will become worse. You know how it is. - Ohno

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29 Getting Divorce

Something to think about...If you never GET MARRIED, there is a 100% chance you will never GET A DIVORCE. Wished I listened to that line of reasoning.

That's sad if your husband/wife divorced you and It is not fun to be alone.

Your alone, and if your a guy, you gotta pay your ex wife all the time! - HeavyDonkeyKong

I'm a lawyer and I don't see much divorces,
Don't get why so much Okies about

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30 Be Rich and Lose the Money In a Day

Well its not that bad at least you were rich for 1 day

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31 Going Skydiving and Your Parachute Malfunctions

This is the reason I'm afraid to go skydiving, there's nothing more scary then jumping out of a plane and you try to activate your Parachute and it doesn't work. - egnomac

Actually I heard about a man who this happened to and he survived. I dunno, Google it. The point is, statistically, it's EXTREMELY unlikely your chute will fail. And even in the event that that happens, you have a backup chute. Trust me, I have been skydiving three times now and it's really not as scary as people make it out to be.

This is why I'm scared of doing this. I'd only do it with someone experienced.

That no problem I can swim! Oh crap sharks!

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32 Being Allergic to Everything

That sucks. You don't get to enjoy life.

being a

Then you would be allergic to h2o.

33 Being Forced to Eat Your Child

Someone Get Me A Gravestone

No I won't eat my Children because it's wrong.

How did this slot even become a thing? In what case scenario would you have to eat your child?

A diffrent speices probably put this here.

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34 Being Forced to Listen to Nicki Minaj

I don't want to have to picture that. That would be horrible! - PositronWildhawk

She may be a bad music artist but think again. Would this be worse than more serious issues like cancer and death and being burned alive? - SelfDestruct

My head would just explode after listening to 10 second's of Stupid hoe and Massive attack.

Stupid How and Anaconda are torture. - Turkeyasylum

I like nicki minaj!
People what is wrong with nicki minaj huh?

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35 Get Amnesia

Your personality would be gone forever, just think what the new personality could be like?

Losing memories of good times? Your first Christmas? Your marriage? Happiness? I'd never want to lose my memories. Savor the good times. - ethanmeinster

I cannot imagine this. The thought of it is quite repellant. - PositronWildhawk

I would hate to get amnesia. - 906389

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36 Getting Caught Watching Porn

Trust me, getting caught watching ponies is way worse.

That's funny! Lucky I did not get caught!

I caught a bully on this, and he got expelled! - Number18

You should not watch porn.

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37 Being Paralyzed

I think this would be awful cause you are sitting being bored crying wanting to die and stop waisting time on a wheel chair trying to say a guy KILL ME saying stop making me live and wishing you could be walking moving not feeling awful and wish I never lived.

I hope this doesn't happen to me!

I am paraplegic, I'm on a wheel chair rn, I don't know, I've been on this for 6 years, it feels nornal now

38 You Become Homeless

This can happen very quickly in fact. I know a person in a house his was renting when the landlord died. The family of the landlord after that decided to sell the house. He did get 6 months to find something else but he didn't find something in that short period. He had to rent a hangar to move all his stuff and going back to his mother. You could say that he had some luck because what if you don't have family anymore?

My church works with homeless people it's so sad to think of what they are going through. One time my dad saw a homeless women sit outside the food building crying her eyes out! That's so sad because she didn't have a home or family to go back to. It really put a good perspective on my life and how good I have it.

I never want to have this happen! My church works with homeless people and it always gives me a perspective on how good I have it!

Still there are good thing to do..

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39 Being Pushed Off the Grand Canyon by a Cow

That's what happened to me...

Hilarious. But still it sounds horrible. It happened to my uncle's friend.

Yeah I was pushed by a cow off a cliff and I was unconscious for a day when I woke up you was like "Ugh, I'm in hell? Colder than usual"

If that happened to me, I would probably laugh then start cursing. It's a bad way to go! Imagine being in the after life and someone asks how you died and you say, 'I got pushed of the Grand Canyon by a cow' That would suck!

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40 You Go Deaf

This would be bad but not as bad as going blind... when your death you don't know whether people are speaking bad things about you, you can't dance and join in that much with songs like whip nae nae, you will never know if you can sing good anymore, you will never get to hear anyone say they love you, you won't be able to talk on the phone, you will never know if your speaking too loud or too quietly, you will never be able to play chinese whispers I could go on

Dude stop lying I am so sick of people making fun of this I for really am deaf. its just wrong

You can't appreciate awesome music like Metallica!

But hey you don't get to listen to Nicki or Bieber - Ohno

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