Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen In Life

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161 Getting Attacked by Pigeons

I would love that to happen to someone I will e there laughing

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162 Dr. Dre Retires

He started rap and if he retires, real rap dies. This would be sad?

I would commit suicide

163 Tripping Over When You Are Drinking Anything
164 Being Turned Into a Toilet, But Still Be Alive and Conscious.

I would be scared, especially if this fat guy came to take a dumb. TTnTT - mayamanga

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165 Getting Stuck In an Elephant's Behind

That would the worst thing of all time

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166 A Call Off Wedding at the 11th Hour
167 You Are Disowned by the Entire World and Sent to Live On Venus

It isn't actually possible to live on Venus...

Well then I would die - mayamanga

168 Drinking Orange Juice After You Just Brushed Your Teeth

I've eaten an apple after brushing my teeth. One word: Bitter. - mayamanga

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169 Positronwildhawk Dies
170 Being Forced to Watch the Problem Solverz

Problem Solverz take 30 minutes to solve these problems.. - tent2

171 Tinnitus
172 Being Without Any Satisfaction Though We Have Everything In Our Life
173 Having an Addiction

I'm addicted to Strawberry Pocky. - mayamanga

174 Stabbed to Death by Toothpicks
175 Being Castrated

Come on guys that is a top ten.
The whole purpose of life is said to carry on your seed.

176 Anticipating Your Death
177 End of Linkin Park's Career

That would be a sad day

That just sucks. The end of Nicki Minaj's career is better.

We all need to move on in life.

178 Getting Tired of Listening to AC/DC
179 Living In the Cold for Life

You could get used to it if you have grown long hair all over your body like most animals who live in the snow.

What about the country's that are cold almost year round? Adaptation is a thing, people. - LostDream258

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180 Lose Your Home and Car

That's pretty weird last month I lost everything and in those few days I got it all back. I consider myself lucky.

I would not care about the car, but would be made about my home. But, then again, those things are replaceable... - LostDream258

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