Worst Things That Can Happen to You in Middle School

All of these have happened to me.
I am so glad I am home-schooled now.
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1 Someone hurts you physically and YOU get in trouble for it.

Once I stepped on the foot of someone who just got his cast off and was really sorry and apoligized, he told someone that I hurt him and that dude, from the kickboxing team, kicked my knee and almost broke it, then in the hall, this dbag put me in a headlock and punched me in the face repeatedly. I'm a brown belt in karate but I didn't fight back so I wouldn't get in trouble and didn't want to go to the nurse cause I would get in trouble, but everyone saw the blood all over me and made me go to the nurses, in short, I got suspended for being involved in a fight and he got nothing

Gets worse in the real world: If someone sets me up and I get a threat to have a big dog sicced on me or a gun threat, and I attack, I can be sued since I was on their land and then the educational system would have me sent away because of this "zero policy" BS. Then since I would have injuries the military wouldn't take me and there would be very few options as people often keep to themselves or ostracize me and there is almost nothing around.

Yes, those kinds of threats and set ups have happened to me before.

So stupid that you can't defend yourself against bullies. All I did was face them like a Real Small Man and then I get in Trouble for giving them a black eye, lots of Knuckle sandwiches, bloody noses and bruises. They bullied Me FIRST. If I would have run away like a Coward, I would still have these bullies bullying me today and bullied by the rest of my school mates. Not FAIR. They should have got suspended for Picking on me about my height in the first place!

Oh I hate this so much Back in 6th grade there was this kid (we'll call him Tard) who bullied me so much I thought about killing him. I told the counseler all about it and the principal I think he did talk to Tard but for the band UiL field trip he was being a butthole AND HE EVEN SAT NEXT TO ME! He was kicking me and all and on the bus I punched this kid cause he was being mean and punched me first and I got 3 days of detention for it! Tard and the other got off Scott free. And one of the most annoying and immature kid is being a butthole to me this year!

2 You get bullied all the time

Has happened to me since elementary. I'my hoping that I won't get bullied at high school since 2016 will be my first year. I already in Marching Band and have many High School friends but a freshman who's been bullying me since I was in 7th grade is in there and nearly made me quit band forever and made my life hell before

I have been bullied since kindergarten and I am now in 8th grade. When will it stop. I have tried telling teachers at recess, but then they ask are you tadiling, I say yes but I am being bullied, they say stop tadiling. And then they just walk away. I have yelled 7 times this year at our wrestling team.

This should either be Number One or Two on this list. When I was in middle school, I was bullied like hell. And that's what made hate bullies like there's no tomorrow.

Those who claim that people should suck bullying up and deal with it are liars. I refuse to suck it up and deal with it. If anyone forces me to do those things, I'd fight back. After all, social Darwinism's for sheep who can't think and stand up for themselves.

My First day of middle school August 27, 2011
I was trying to feel confident but around that time
Pumped Up Kicks was playing nonstop on the radio
Confidence Killed

3 Justin Bieber visits your school and sings

GOOD MUSIC WILL COME AND REIGN. LOOK HOW NIRVANA CAME. NOBODY WILL REMEMBER BIEBER BECAUSE HIS SONGS HAVE NO DEPTH. people remember led zeppelin, nirvana, and queen. do you remember any teen stars from the 70's or 80's? nNNNO... trust me, he'll be gone and forgotten and then come back on a celebrity rehab show.

This actually happened at my school well, sorta At my school the gym teachers play music suring gym and one they they actually played Baby, by Justin Bieber!

You think this is the worst thing and got it to #2? You think this is worse than School shootings and Bullying? And no, I'm not a JB fan. Not at all. Just common sense.

I would rather pick up horse poop! I mean there are a couple songs that I used to like, but now I just like nirvana, sai, imagen dragons, you know? Good music.

4 Getting Expelled

I remember a kid getting expelled just because he spilled coffee on the principal. Though it was kinda funny.

I got kicked out of middle school for chasing six graders I thought we were playing like seriously

So true! I have parents from India who expects all A's and not involving in school drama!

One of my friends got expelled for something dumb, I couldn't remember but it was dumb.

5 Getting an F- on your final exam

My parents would literally start packing my bag for me and booking a flight to another country for me

My Asian parents will be like "Find a new family"

Never has and never will happen to me

That would be the worst if that happened

6 Getting a C or below

In 7th grade, my elective was Technology: Design and Modeling, or Engineering. We made cool designs of chairs, key chains, floor plans, and houses on computers. I was absent one day and had to make up some work, namely the floor plan. I had a hard time starting, and I accidentally deleted the first floor plan. The computer started glitching, and I couldn't work as fast. Then, since the quarter was ending really early, I had to rush and finish what I could. Then, I ended up with a C. And I've had straight A's for basically my whole life. While everyone had 4.0s and was enjoying the awards and privileges, I got nothing. Man...

Dude my parents are awesome they say " as long as we know that you tried, we will not be angry unless you get a f, now there's a different story" anyways I remember when I was in sixth grade I got a d for a grade - holy cow now everyone watch out, I was a mess crying and everything, since that day I make sure I don't get d's or f's

If I get BELOW a 97 then my parents are going to scream their heads off about how easy school is for me and how if they were in my grade they would have above a 100 or something, seriously the most annoying thing. And on top of that my parents make me feel so bad about grades. I got a 96 on a math test and my dad yelled at me.

I have to study very hard! That's why I have not too much time to play! One day I studied hard and then I forgot all I have studied the other day and then when I got to school and I finish the test, the teacher gave me a stupid F! I try hard! I wish I could have a smarter brain!

7 School shooting

This is the undisputed worst thing that could happen in school. Bullies are a pain, relationships and crushes cause constant heartbreak, and I wouldn't really like to have a bad singer visit, but if any of those sound worse to you than a school shooting, you have serious problems. Imagine this: your friends and teachers getting shot, your school getting wrecked, and all of the trauma caused by it...this should be number one. No questions asked.

Change The Top Tens to We Hate Justin Bieber (and One Direction)
Americans get it out of your thick skulls you are not living in the Cowboy and Indian days anymore. Close your gun stores, get rid of them in your supermarket you know Walmart.
Or do you want a cowboy hat and horse and shout Yeehaw shooting bullets everywhere

Think your crush getting kissed by someone you hate is the worst? Imagine the person you hate shooting them.

How isn't this first would you rather die or not get good grades or the girl you wanted just think about it

8 Watching your crush kiss someone you hate.

He went out with me, and to make this less awkward and not dramatic.. I promised we will be friends afterward.. I don't even like him that much, but his friends made a biggie about it and spread rumors... So we avoided each other.. It was painful when he stood up for this girl in my group, she was saying bad stuffs about our group.. And most people don't believe me, so did he... Until I proved that it was true, he went out with that girl.. A few days later he broke up with her, but they are still friends.. Might go out again.. But now all he did was avoiding me.. I didn't even do anything! No matter how hard u tried, middle schools' relationships are just suck..

If I have a crush and this happen to me it would be...
After school, Like usual I rush to the school bus to go home and this time, I was different on my room
Me:Grrr! I HATE YOU! (Makes a mess in my room like what most girls do)
I jump to my bed and cry all day long. I didin't go to school and just made "I'm sick"Excuse. But, I spend it on bed, crying and putting my knees to my chest.
Glad I haven't felt it and I dhaven't have a crush yet. Even if I did, probably some fictional young boys of my age. If I would go out, I say I should go out at college because I'm too young. I mean, not all adolenscents (Sorry if I spell it wrong. It's so difficult) have to fall in love in that age

Oh my God. I am thinking of that and now it seems SO LIKELY. The girl I hate, let's just call her "A" okay? Is a neighbor of my crush "B" their parents are friends and A comes to B's house just for the heck of it. B is good friends with A so it is very likely they kiss. EW. B does not deserve A! She is super short and brags about being short! Come on, bragging about being SHORT? Not right. Just, not not not right.

This happened to me in 7th grade. She was literally kissing the guy on his lips, even though they were together for basically 3 weeks. I didn't really hate the guy, but he definitely wasn't my best friend. I nearly threw up on the way home. Well, if they're French kissing already, looks like I don't have a chance.

9 Poop yourself in class

A boy at my school did this once because our nasty substitute teacher wouldn't let us use the bathroom. I don't think she noticed since she was too wrapped up in her silly life.

A kid on the bus had to go take a piss, so he pissed in a bottle. he then proceeded to throw said bottle out the window AT A CAR. long story short, we had a bus monitor.

I peed myself in 2nd grade, thanks to my teacher who wouldn't let me go to the bathroom. But I have never pooped myself in middle school.

I peed myself twice in first grade, both times due to the fact that the teacher never saw my raised hand which was raised for lime ten mins

10 All of your worst enemies gang up on you and beat you up

I only have one enemy. His name is Chris Rice and everyone calls him Rice Crispy. He hates it, but I think it’s hilarious!

I added this because it's a nightmare

And if everyone hates you...

This would be HORRIBLE

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11 Going to the bathroom during a fire drill

A kid in my class told me that when she was at her old school and her friends were in the bathroom and there was a lockdown and some guy came in and started banging the sink with a stick he was arrested later

That happened to me too. My friend and I went to the bathroom last year without the teacher's permission (her idea, not mine... ), and the alarm went off. We thought they were looking for us and we were completely creeped out.

This happened to me and I had to hurry and wash my hands and I ran down the hall back to my art class to find they were already outside. It was horrible

Whenever I go to the bathroom at school, I always get worried that the fire alarm would go off. I have no idea what I would do if that happens

12 Your crush tells you they hate you

He threatened to call the police on me if I didn't leave him alone! And everyone in preschool through 8th grade makes fun of me! Everyone who's my friend says everyone likes you to me, then I say his name, and they say, well everyone but him. And because I liked him so much, those girls have now stopped talking to me! My only friend is a weirdo who eats boogers!

Happened a lot to me. I couldn't take it anymore. I just wanted to stop loving anyone. I've been rejected so much by girls that I jut quit. One girl BEGGED me to break up with her! Oh I was pissed. The most recent was today with an outstanding record of 5 SECONDS! Yeah now my theme song is Surfacing by Slipknot

They hate me because life is just a jerk to me. And also girls in my school judge by looks whether they admit it or not. I see them talking about my acne. I hate middle school with such a burning passion.

Happens to me ALL the time. I get over it after a weekend of cartoons and eating. That's why you have back-up plans. Being friend-zoned, however, is worse.

13 Your best friend dies in a car accident on the school bus

My BFF doesn't ride the bus but if she did I would cry so much and get homeschooled

Ah noo me and my BFFL are so close we r like sisters! I couldn't handle that EVER!


I would be DEVASTATED if this happens to my best friends.

14 You get your period and have to explain to your male teacher why you are late.

I feel you sister even though I'm not in 7th grade just yet I already had my period and its not a good thing... My first reaction when I had my first period about 2 months ago was, I was in gymnastic's practicing flips when all of a sudden I did a cartwheel then bam I fell hard to the ground because I felt like a bug running through my legs and I thought I peed but then all the little girls started at me and said "She's dying! " "Ill cancer! " And I'm like what? Then I looked down and I'm like oh ... What is this! I though I was dying My teacher came over and said oh its only your period! My period YAY! But then months later I developed big bouncy boobs ARMPIT hairs and hairs down the black hole and a wired teenager voice people even ask me are you an 8th grader and I'm like bruh... And my period is still stuck on me but I actually got used to it. Don't worry you'll get used to it girls!

I hate periods! You eat 5 times more than average. You poop a lot, sleep forever, your afraid your gonna leak, People ask why your being rude, and hate doing work! I absolutely hate them 4 ever. Sometimes I cry from pain in my stomach (take medication! ). WHY DO GIRLS DESERVE THIS! UGH! UGH! UGH!

Yea whenever I think I'm going to leak I cross my legs and my friends are like I feel you. Then like when ever you have your period you just get like cranky and grumpy and don't want to talk... Then when ever cross my legs the boys just stare at me and whisper I'm afraid they know...

It's worse when you get your FIRST period in school and have to explain it to your male teacher. Luckily, it never has happened to me, but I have started my period twice in a row in a class that I had a male teacher -_-

15 You get food poisoning from the cafeteria food

Plot-NO!Just like the school shooting one,this is too bad!Some CHILDREN die of food poisoning.Please reply me-xxxgalaxywolfxxx

Happend to me I had a burrito and started puking in the bathroom. I love my girl friend and o her lots for getting the nurse. My girlfriend has a stronger stomach than I do and is probly the only one in the world that would have helped me

Once my old friend Jaylin, she ate a rotten slice of pepperoni pizza and got really bad food poisoning! What she was puking all over the place. That was in elementary

A few years ago, there was a kid in my school who ate pudding from the cafeteria. Turns out that there was METAL in it and he went home sick.

16 It is Pizza Hut day for lunch at school and you forgot your money

I was going to vote for "Justin Bieber visits your school and sings" but when I saw this I thought "This is the one"

The horror. This beats Justin Bieber with a grain of salt. I mean, come on. You can always bring like headphones, or earplugs or something.

Every Friday at my school we get Dominos or Pizza Hut pizza and the first slice is free.

We have Wanking to Wendy's Girl While Licking the Month Old Sauce Off Little Caesars Pizza Day

17 When you realize your crush only pretended to like you

This hasn't happened to me, but if it did, I'd probably go insane and burn the school...
Huh? Why, no, mister principal, I didn't threaten to DESTROY ALL OF YOU!

You gotta be great looking and a star sportsman for a girl to like you in middle school. Thank god I'm great at soccer.

Aparrantely, you have to be perfect looking, perfect at sports, and be a total jerk for a girl to like you in middle school.

That's worse than him not liking you. It's just like how fake friends are worse than enemies.

18 You have to repeat 6th grade

I almost had to repeat the 5th I don't want to repeat the 6th espesilly with more people. Repeating a grade is terrible your learnig the same thing over again try your best to make good grades it's very important because it can refect on your highschool schlorship, collage, your job try your vey best at all the subjects. I was once in a private school it was terrible I was almost held back and got kicked out because of tuittion.

I was in 6th grade due to being a very premature late bloomer (That is NOTHING to laugh at. It can Ruin your life especially if you are a Girl) until I reached 18 and the teachers just gave up on me. I HATE American Schools!

I almost repeat 6th grade. I got only one honor roll in 6th grade. I got all honor rolls in 7th grade. I am doing much better now. 8th grade I do a lot more better.

There is this guy in our school who's 16 years old and still in middle school.

19 You have to be The Flower Fairy Princess in the school play.

Even I watch Ponies, I would say "No! I don't want to be Venus Flytrap So Annoying"Why? Ponies isn't so girly. I mean, if it's girly, why would millions of people watch it including grown up men?. I'm more of the bookish shy type of person. My 8 year old cousin would love to be Flower Fairy Princess. She is so girly, she loves pink, she like fairies, princesses and flowers and glitter. If I get this role, I'll just go against the script like the newest popular comment but I'll dress up as Sherlock Holmes or Doctor Watson instead... LOL. And when I was supposed to say to the younger Flower Fairy Princess with a high pitch squeaky"That Evil Wizard Is So Evil! " I would say like Sherlock holmes "Elementary, My dear Watson" And I would play as a detective and have fun as much as I wanted to instead of re-enacting as something extremely girly. - MLPFan

My Grandma sherry would love to play that part, she loves flowers and rainbows and butterflies, and she thinks I do to. Tough luck! I like Death, Metal, and Blood. - Trivium

Ouch I did it once and let me tell you my older brother told everybody in his class AAAAH - 123wmx

If I was younger, I would LOVE to be the Flower Fairy Princess. I used to be a girly girl when I was little, but now I'm a complete tomboy. I like skateboarding, surfing, the color green, basketball shorts, hockey, soccer, and roller skating. As a 12 year old (which I will be in less than 2 months), it would be torture for me. The only "girly" things I like are dresses (sometimes) and My Little Pony.

20 You get harassed by others

I would get vengeance like always

21 When you ask your crush out... and they say no

This happened to me recently. I really like this boy in my class whom I was also casual friends. I finally worked up the courage to ask him out and he said "can we just be friends? ". Ever since then my life has been getting worse and worse. I'm depressed, I can't concentrate on anything anymore, I'm pretty much faking my way through a friendship, I've tried to run away and kill myself multiple times. I still like him but seriously - how could he do this to me?

My crush asked me out and I said no because I didn't want to reveal my feelings for her, but I still like her, but she's not asked my that question since then and I'm too nervous to ask her myself.
I should have just said yes the first time, I feel bad about rejecting her.

When I ask out girls I like they either say "Sorry, I have a boyfriend/I just want to be friends with you" or "If you so much as look at me one more time I'll file a restraining order on you! "

That happens to me every time I ask out a girl. I wish they can say yes god I'm not the best looking guy in my class but I'm one of the most popular and the class clown

22 Being bullied in front of your crush

I think that boys shouldn't be afraid of their crush knowing they have a bully...
Everyone has problems, and lots of the problems we face are problems we can't handle on our own. I know people will say that you're a wimp or that you're weak, but remember these words: "To be weak is to be strong in the eyes of the ones who love us." Bullies are bullies because they've been hurt too. People don't go ruining other peoples lives for no reason, it just means that they have problems too, and it's unfair of them to treat people the way they do because of that. But when I look at a bully, I see someone who is hurting inside so badly that they feel like they have to make everyone around them feel the same way. Bullying is kinda of a two-sided story. A terrible cycle.
But if your crush ever finds out about you having a bully, don't freak out. Because if your crush judges you for it, and thinks that your not man enough, that's her problem, and that just means she's not good enough for you ...more

It is happening a lot lately. She tries to help out, but nothing ever works. In gym I slapped him in the face and yelled at him saying, DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH PAIN I HAVE BEEN THROUGH IN MY LIFE!? I have been through a lot lately. My dad just got diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. I will ask her the question one day.

Wow, this is why my mother taught me that you always sand for yourself. Which I didn't need to learn from her, I would've known, but still.
That would suck.
Really, for you victims out there, I am truly sorry for you. I'd love to help you, but I can't since I don't know you at all... Very sorry.

Peter, he is really skinny and not really strong and once this big bully charged into him while we were holding hands and knocked him unconcious (my school is small but has big students). I took Peter to the emergency room and he had a concussion so I had to break up with him. :-(

23 Someone pulls the fire alarm when you're going to the one class of the day you share with your crush

I pulled it so I could tell him I liked him. He kissed me! Best day ever! And we got let out early!

I have 3 classes with him so I wouldn't really care

Plot twist te person who pulled the fire alarm was your crush (true story)

I only have 2 lessons without her

24 You get pants'd right down to your private parts in front of a big crowd of people

That happened to a friend of mine except you didn't see her privates it was so funny everyone laughed and the teacher didn't see so nobody got in trouble, later that year she wrote that down as her favorite memory of the year!

That happened to me once my cousin was horsing around and I guess he actually pulled my underwear and the people I was talking to we're disgusted and laughed and even worse ONE OF THEM WAS MY CRUSH!

This had happened to me once in the hallway. Some kid pants'd me then walked away. It's been a few years now and kids are still talking about.

I have actually been through that in my language arts class... I got pants by a girl too everybody wouldn't let go of that for WEEKS

25 When someone says "I don't know", the teacher gets mad, so we all have to take a quiz

This is like, the worst thing ever! In grade 3, I had this teacher and whenever we didn't listen to the instructions, she would tell us we had to stay in at recess for 10 mins sitting at the tables and NOT doing anything!

That SUCKS! In 6th grade my Science teacher was like--

"Okay, you, what's the formula of speed? "
"Uh... I don't know."
"Get out your pencils and a clean sheet of paper and write down what you think the answers are on the board, this counts as your grade by the way."

Like... really?

And they punish everyone, even the people being as silent as possible.

" yes when I was in 5th grade and I had a teacher Mr.lenz every time someone said I don't know we all had to do a test all over again"

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