Worst Things That Can Happen to You in Middle School

All of these have happened to me.
I am so glad I am home-schooled now.

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41 Being kicked in the privates.

Ouch, it hurts, watch out for it in P.E. some people take things way too seriously.

Once I had do do a flip then I landed on my back with my legs spread out, next thing I know some idiot tries to do the same thing and lands on my... Thing

It doesn't feel too good I hate that feeling - michaelwalton

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42 You accidently spill liquid over yourself so it looks like you wet yourself

This happened to me in front of the person who was bulling me so, guess what he did, he told everyone that I peed myself, the bugger, he is just an right big farty laugh out loud

That happened to me. There was this one really tiny kid who was bullying me (or at least trying to) and he said that I wet myself and I'm so dumb. So I turn around and say "Yeah, I peed myself when I walked by you because I am SO intimidated by you." I said it in a sarcastic tone of voice. - username34

Back in school, some other dude sitting by me accidently knocked a carton of milk on his pants and everyone who didn't see him spill the milk thought he pissed himself,

It almost happened. If Jae tells anyone,I can always ignore her and her annoyingnesS!
f jae - LittleLovelies

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43 You get your period while wearing white pants.

This is EXACTLY why I don't wear white pants in public

I got my period, and get this, I'm not even in middle school YET! This is why I only wear dark skinny jeans to school instead of that really light khaki color pants that's part of our uniform. Thank God I read this list.
Note: Always wear dark color pants when you get your period.

A girl at my school, had this happen to her while she was wearing white skinny jeans. I felt so bad for her.

I got my period on my first day of middle school. It was awful.

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44 When your "inappropriate" ringtone rings during class

This happened to my friend once we were playing a march in band class. Suddenly while we were playing you heard "I'm sexy and I know it! " My friend ran to shut off his phone and my 63 year old teacher was like what kind of music is that

That's the funniest thing that happens during class because if it is a weird song everybody starts joking on them and at my school people would joke on their self but if it's a good song everybody starts dancing and gets hype

This happened to my friend. We were reading in English class and suddenly THIS 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER SONG JUST STARTS PLAYING OUT OF NOWHERE. I pretty much did the laughter equivalent of a million sit ups that day

If my new school aloud phones in class then I don't think my teacher would like to hear The Zelda rap. - coolguy101

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45 You get your period in the middle of class and it bleeds through your clothes and onto the chair.

That happened to me in one of my classes. Good thing I had a sweater and the teacher was a female.

This happened to my friend. It was a male teacher which really don't help and they never spoke again

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46 Lose Best Friend because an idiot took them

This should be higher on the list because it is painful losing a best friend you had for so long because they find some other person and never hang out with you anymore.

This actually happened to me this summer. I'm going into middle school and my 'best friend' decided a boy who probably has already hurt her, is more important than her best friend. I never liked boys so this is just another reason not to!

It happened to me. I sat alone CRYING at lunch and now Celia (My old best friend) probably hates me right now just because I don't like the girl who took her. - mayamanga

I had a friend like that she used to be so good now she gets suspended,secret boyfriends u know stuff like that.

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47 A sewer pipe breaks in the ceiling and floods the room

How the heck does "A guy is trying to sharpen a mechanical pencil" beat "A sewer pipe breaks in the ceiling and floods the room"?

Watch Hot sewage floods classroom on YouTube. Possibly the grossest thing that can happen in a classroom

If that was just a water pipe and it was school, BEST THING EVER

It is not so likely to happen though.

48 You get in trouble in front of your boyfriend

Getting in trouble period isn't even that bad of a thing at my school because everyone does and it could even be for no reason

I don't even have one

I'm a boy and honestly, if my girl gets in trouble, I would be at her defense - wren6

All the single ladies,all the single ladies
Put your hands up!
i'm single and ready to mingle - LittleLovelies

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49 You get in trouble for cursing at someone who really deserves it

I have one strike left and then detention...

A couple of guys in my math class kept calling my a racist, communist, and a feminist so I flipped them off. I didn't realize the teacher was standing right there watching. - Popsicles

My friend got suspended for calling this stuck up kid a posh twat. Schools are literally way too sensitive about this.

This girl cussed out our teacher. She got ISS for 3 days. I was so glad somebody cussed out Ms.McCollam. - LittleLovelies

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50 Getting homework every period in your agenda

I would just cheat and look up answers to any homework

Well then I'll do alottle of it. It's only 5% of my grade so I don't need to do ot - LittleLovelies

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51 Being new at school

I'm new this year- worst part is it is the 7th grade in a k- 8 school- all the groups and clicks have been established and this is my first time I've had to socialize with kids in my own grade- all my friends are in 6th and 8th grade- why is middle school such a hard time socially and academically? :(

Gotta start all over again :(

Ouch! This happened to me and after the first two weeks about everyone toys with me! - blst0033

I'm military so I get this all the time

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52 Letting someone borrow your pencil and never getting it back

I gave one to a kid in my homeroom because he said that he came back from baseball practice and all of his stuff including band instrument was GONE! So I give him one out of pity and he gets his stuff back by third period. Never returns pencil.

Another time I lent out a pencil and never got it back.
Then, the 2nd one happened AGAIN to me in third period today! I call the kid out on my way to a class (4/5th period maybe? ) and tell him a BILLION times: "I need my pencil back! Please! " and his friends were talking over me and he couldn't hear me. Never got it back.. So now my three pencils I use to lend out are gone. :-l - ShyGuySwag

This is why I never let anyone use my pencil this happend to me before and I got in trouble for it

I was at middle school and I lent a mechanical pencil from my dad's office and lent it to my friend for a day. After about 1 or 2 months, she still didn't return to me. And she told me to buy her one. UGH

Its not only pencil... I lost all of the thingsI let others borrowed... It's so frustrating when I need it and then realize that I lend someone without getting it back :(((

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53 Your teacher gets her period in the middle of class.

It happened in P. E some of the other students did not even no what was going on.

This would be hilarious. I know, my sense of humor is screwed up. - AngryByrd

Never happened but my P.E. teacher was pregnant once. Most awkward gym classes of my life

Ha that would suck deez nutz

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54 You get locked outside

Bonus if this happened to you and you had to use the bathroom. (It never happened to me, but I don't wanna even think about it! ) - mayamanga

My school always keeps there doors locked during school hours and after school hours

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55 You do something really embarrassing and everyone (including your crush) gets to know about it and you're made fun of everywhere!

Who wants to be the butt of every joke made by his/her crush and friends. A simple deed can ruin your whole middle school reputation. So be careful!

I would then swear vengeance on all those who laughed and teased me (even my crush) and those who made fun of me shall be slaughtered but how is what you're asking. Those who highly respected, valued, and didn't make fun of me will help me get vengeance and the sword of God shall help me get vengeance and justice shall be done

I hate when that happens, then the other person passes it on to one person to the other

This kid always falls asleep in class and every time the whole class explodes with laughter. I swear my friends will never let him live it down. - Captaincrunch2015

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56 Every one in your class tries to get you kicked out of the class including the teacher

This happened in Science, when someone farted and blamed it on me, then tried to get everyone to join in accusing me, so the teacher would notice and yell at me for being inappropriate.

I would build an army of students from other classes whom I can trust, get vengeance, then my army of students will destroy them

I was sent to the principals office just because I didn't clean my trombone slide for a week. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Lol I would have just walked out then

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57 Coming Into Class Late and Everyone Stares at You

Its like if they saw a ghost or something!

Or when you ask for a pass to the bathroom in front of everyone, come back 3 minutes later, and people look at you like you're a two headed monster.

Story of my life

Everyone stares at me during a presentation too...am I the only one being stared at by everyone constantly and when some other person does it barely anyone stares. - KittenCat

It happens to a lot of people (including me)

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58 When a group of girls have a disrespectful conversation about you and you hear it

I hear this and I think "What the actual HELL? They're girls, I can't hit them, call them a bunch of bastards."
And if I respond in any way, they tell the teacher I'm bothering them... Christ, sixth graders suck.

That happened to my friend before. She got pissed. - Pegasister12

This happened to my best friend in fifth grade and she started crying

Yes and it pisses me off they are so stuck up

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59 Your teacher puts on Sanjay and Craig

Not sure what the educational value is there... - Garythesnail

I never watched Sanjay and Craig, but if there is an episode called Fart Baby, I don't even wanna know what that's like...

Even worse if they play the episode "fart baby" - FlakyCuddles43

I actually wouldent mind it I like it respect peoples opinoins - epictoonsfan1

60 You're late for your period and get after school detention

God. I was infamous for being 2 or 3 minutes late for 3rd period almost every day. I had about 50 or more tardies to that class only by the end of the year. about 20 lunch detentions. So many that I kind of got used to it and took it as a routine activity. - username34

So if your pregnant you get detention?

In school even if I am late I never get detention

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