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61 When you are listening to Black Veil Brides on your iPod really loud in school and a teacher tells you to turn off the stupid music

Teachers don't understand what good music is.

Sent to detention for listening to Vocaloid music in history... It was during a Pearl Harbor lesson, so maybe Japanese songs about suicide wouldn't be appropriate.

I listened to "Jihad" by Slayer one time at class during a lesson about terrorism. Luckily I wasn't caught. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

What middle school students like to BVB? And plus wouln't it be blocked on a school computer? - Lucretia

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62 When your phone rings in class during a test

Imagine if you had that "I like big butts and I cannot lie" song as your ringtone and your phone went off in class!

Even worse when the ringtone is inappropriate for school!

Even worse it plays A$$ by Big Sean

Vibrate/off during school hours is always good

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63 Your crush said you are ugly

Thank god that didn't happen to me

This happened to me and I was about to call her a whore

My crush said that my hair looked like a dogs hair. I didn't know if it was a compliment or not cause she may like dogs

It never happened to me, but I told my crush I liked him and all he said was, "I don't even know you! " Help? - mayamanga

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64 Telling your teacher you have to change your pads

Happen to my friend in gym class. Good thing are coach is a girl. And it was a lockdown. - Thatgirl

Oh yah I once had a leak while we were running in fitness and I had to tell him or else I couldn't use the b room.

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65 Someone says something they thinks funny about you and it becomes your nickname

I have had braces since I was 8. When I first got my braces, I started getting called brace-face, nerd, and dork. I kept getting called these names until two years later, when everyone else started getting braces. Now I'm not as nerdy! Yay!

Ya, my crush developed a nickname for me, which sounds cute, but it's really not. He thinks I'm so pesemistic, so he started calling me eyore

Mine is tomcat (tomboy and cat) and the sad part is that I'm a girl and tomcat is a boy cat (I'm a tomboy and I like cats)

In 5th grade I was called “the fumes” by a group of boys EVERYDAY. Plus points for extra annoyance when on that time of month.

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66 You forget your locker number

It's bad if u keep your phone in urban locker

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67 Barney comes and sings I love you to your class

Very unlikely... - mayamanga

Where do you people get this stuff from? - Popsicles

That never happen to me

Yea Justina beaver > I love you by Barney

68 You get in trouble because you started your period

Thank god it never happened to me that would suck!

This only happen to girls. I'm lucky am not a girl.

Good thing I got my first period at home :-) getting it at school would be embarrassing - MLPFan

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69 You go to an all boys/girls school and you don't see your crush anymore.

I can't handle it. I'm a girl and he's a boy. We'd be separated! And then I won't know if he likes me. - LittleLovelies

Lesbian for the win!

Yep, it's a hard life.
I wanna see him! He's too darn cute! - TheFrozenSnowflake

Bwahaha I'm lesbian! 😃

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70 You spill your food at lunch

This happens to me a lot during lunch - carafa0123

And if it's on u, u wear it all day all sticky. If u haven't had a bite yet, u may have to starve unless school is nice

71 You have to sit with girls and work with them

I usually don't really care, unless the girl you're working with is your crush. How hard it is to concentrate on a chemistry assignment when a future supermodel is right next to you!

Well this is kind of offensive...

Well this is sexist

I'm a girl, and even I can't handle this. I'm ignored while they talk about useless c*** the whole time and then you end up working on the stuff yourself.

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72 You have enemies in almost every grade..

I have an enemy but my enemy is my crush's best friend, which makes no sense since my crush is really nice, but her best friend is really snobby, and judges people on their looks. I can tell my crush is a bit uncomfortable with hanging round with this girl, and I think my enemy is a bad influence on my crush. I think my crush needs to use her other friends, more, because I don't understand why a nice, pretty, friendly girl, would be friends with a horrible, ugly, judgmental girl who brags about bring super skinny and says to people "Don't you wish your body was as perfect as mine? " I hate my crushes best friend but I still like my crush! Help! In the seventh grade, my enemy was fine, but now she's in the eighth grade, she became friends with a new girl who became my second enemy, and worst of all, she does drugs. Yes, drugs, in the eighth grade, and I don't want my crush to do drugs because she'll became as snobby as my enemies.

I have enemies in grade 5, 6 and 7. They are the WORST. They trash talk about my friends and I on FB and calls us names. But we fight back :D Not 'fight, fight', but 'talk fight' We're not the kind of people to swear! We NEVER swear unless we need to. We are REALLY passionate about poverty and we don't know why, but we HATE sassy girls.. Even though we are girls as well :P

2 6th a 7th an 8th grader made fun of me cause of my anger and for hanging out with my best friend

I hate when my 2 friend makes fun of me. And the ade is liaring to me. And My friend which he is india was use to be my friend but not anymore becaue he makes fun of me. 2 people join with him in the last day of schools l. They made fun of me to.

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73 Your love letter to your girlfriend gets stolen by some jerk and he tapes it onto the Notice Board

Yeah... True story that happened to my math classmate.

Sorry but that sounds hilarious

74 Someone asking you for the answers for homework

I don't care at all if someone asks me for the answers for homework. The way I see it, these kids asking for the answers are really struggling in academics, and it's no shame helping them. I would personally be flattered if someone turned to me for the homework answers. I have always been the loser in school, and someone thinking I'm smart and trusting to give them the answers is just what I need!

Yes this one girl in my class always is asking me for the answers I don't mind helping but I do notices I set by her in every class I have with her and she always asking me.

Triple digits? What?! Are you like 100 years old or something?

Do they even know what a calculator is?

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75 Show up to class late

Happenned to me once I was buying something and had to go back and forth

76 Get put in detention when you want to be with your mates V 1 Comment
77 Retaking math tests

I had to do this a LOT. Our teacher didn't even give us study guides!

Have done this a lot. I always fail math tests. my teacher did not want students to study math.

78 Being shoved off a bench and someone records it

It happened to someone I know. She was so brave about it!

79 Getting Caught Goofing Off During a Fire Drill

Fire Drill:-BEEP BEEP-
Everyone runs outside and your still sitting in the class doodling

I once said " It's the end times! " Really loudly during a fire drill and ended up having detention for 3 days and have to write sentences after my work for a week.

I wasn't really used to the sound of a fire alarm, so I accidentally screamed during a fire alarm. God, my teacher got mad.

I ran to save my Bible during a fire drill, I got in trouble that Bible was precious and expensive

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80 Your Enemy Punches You In the Face and You Fall Down In Front of Everyone V 1 Comment
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