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121 You get diarrhea on the bus

Does anyone have a spare pair of pants. Never mind I have shorts in my gym bag.

Just blame the person next to you!

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122 Pass out in math class

Although this never happened to me before, it always seems like it's going to happen. I am in advanced in geometry which probably explaines it all.

I passed out in English and when I woke up this quiet kid was holding me... Everyone was sensitive around e after that, which I hate.

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123 Getting caught masturbating in the boy's locker room

I wouldn't say school is the opportune place to do that... - Garythesnail

124 Wearing the wrong shoes to P.E. class

At my school if you wear the wrong shoes you have to take your shoes off its annoying to run barefooted on the floor it hurts my feet to I'm a girl so I want to wear flip flops but I have to take them off in gym and I don't like that rule.

, this happened to me last month. I was changing in the girls locker room, when I realized that I forgot my P.E shoes! I had two choices, either wear the sweaty old shoes from the lost and found. And Choice number two, wear my Ugg boots.

There this one girl at my P.E 7th grade who didn't wear her shoe. She did most days.

Did that everyday in middle school. Got me out of class, at least - Lucretia

125 Falling during your graduation ceremony

Haha I can imagine myself doing that

126 Your friend threatening to tell your crush you like them if you don't do what they want you too

Ugh. She does this every day

My crush knows I like her and I don't give

I do it to my friend.

Oh no. I never want my crush to know that.

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127 Vomiting in front of everyone
128 Not being in dress code

Apparently Australia is hellbent on making sure that students are ALWAYS wearing uniforms. - coolguy101

They make you stay in the office and give you a detention... - Lucretia

At my school, if your not in dress code, you don't go home, but you have to call your parents in the office if you have any clothes to wear at home. Otherwise, you'll get sent to ISS for the day.

129 Peeing your white pants in class

Doesn't your teacher let you use the bathroom? - Lucretia

130 Boyfriend breaks up with you
131 Your trunks come off in the swimming pool

Doesn't happen because my school doesn't have a pool. - Captaincrunch2015

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132 Getting backstabbed by your crush

Two years ago, I had a HUGE crush on some gymnast, and when I tried to flirt with her, she took advantage of me, getting me in trouble and leaking me lose my friends! That's why, to this day, I am staying away from my crushes, and trying my best not to flirt with them. When something is too good to be true, like a hot girl acting likes she has a thing for you, it usually IS! The moral of the story is to never trust girls! They are phonies!

I'm a girl, and I just want to say I'm sry you had an experience like that, but answer is, don't like girl at all. It's disgusting, lol

Oh, god..this happened last year. So close and then...let's just say I was so mad, I had to begin counseling. - Garythesnail

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133 Being pantsed outside in February while wearing briefs
134 Kids stealing snacks

One Time When I Was On The Computer I Saw Reese Stealing My Snack!

135 Someone owns you in a rap battle
136 You're forced to watch Tentacolino

I would watch it while on a sugar rush. - Captaincrunch2015

137 Tornado Warning During School

This happened to me in may of 2014.
I was in last period hanging out with my friends when it suddenly got dark outside and started raining really hard and turned to golf ball size hail. Everyone started panicking and the school went into sever weather mode. My mom happened to be across the street at the elementary school that day and and her 2013 Dodge Avenger got hail damage along with most of the other cars. I found out on the news later that day that the hospital 10 minutes down the road had baseball size hail and had sever damage to the windows of the building and all the cars in the parking lot. My one friend that goes to a different school about 15 minutes away had there skylights smashed by the hail. It was not a very good day. (Written in 2016) - wrhenry

It happened while I was just chilling in math class but luckily it was up north - Captaincrunch2015

This happened to me when I was little - mayamanga

138 In the bathroom you see two kids having sex in the stalls

Wish it was me and I was like 0_0 and I knew who it was

This happened at the school my mom teaches at

Eww why do it in a public bathroom?

What... - Lucretia

139 A lesbian asks you out in front of a crowd

We were all working quietly, when my drama queen friend wanted to have some fun. She went up to the girl sitting by me and said, "Christina, will you marry me? " Then sat back down and acted like nothing happened. Awkward.

In high school, I was FORCED (pushed into the group of guys as a straight girl) to ask if one of the guys there would go out with my "bisexual" "friend." I'm so socially awkward and shy. My friend says he's "shy." BULL! He was a cute guy too. I wish the guy saw what he did and punched my "bisexual friend" in the face.
/mostly unrelated

If someone did that to me I would say: "No way! I'm straight." And walk away. - RiverClanRocks

Say "Um no I only go out with nonbinary demigirl, agender trigender, bigender trasgender genderqueer pansexual, as a nonbinary demigirl, agender trigender, bigender trasgender genderqueer pansexual, plus I need Tumblr and would rather date Tumblr." - Lucretia

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140 You get an erection

How old are you when your in middle school? - Lucretia

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