Worst Times to Yawn

What would you do - you have to yawn, right? But at THAT moment, in THAT place. A loud jaw-breaking yawn or a more polite stifle. When is the worst time?

The Top Ten

1 In Church
2 During The Two Minutes' Silence

There is not a sound...except for YAWN! "Sorry, carry on." - Britgirl

3 When Your Boss is Giving a Morale-boosting Speech

This is so bad. Your boss is giving a talk on 'Team spirit' and 'For the good of the staff' and all you want to do is nod off or yawn in his face but I don't think doing that would be good for morale. - Barry2013

You know what I'm talking about. Hell hath no fury like a boss being yawned at! - Britgirl

You could'nt imagine the look on his face when I did it!

4 At a Funeral

Hopefully not like in the Simpsons; at the end of the episode "Homer's Enemy". Homer just drowsily tells Marge to "change the T.V. channel", and everyone laughs. - PositronWildhawk

5 At a Wedding

"I love you, I want to spend the rest of my life... " YAWN! - Britgirl

P.W: that WOULD be pretty funny! - Britgirl

Imagine if the priest fell asleep! Laugh out loud! - PositronWildhawk

6 Giving Birth

Oh my God! I should think this impossible to do anyway! - Britgirl

7 When Someone is Showing You Boring Holiday Snaps
8 In a Lift

Make sure it's one of jaw-breaking ones as you call it. The louder the better and for the longest time. It's awesome fun. - Barry2013

Yes. Yawning's infectious. Have any of you heard 'The Yawning Man? ' just hearing it makes me...YAWN...! Sorry.

Go into a loft that is full of people and yawn straight away. I garuntee you by the time you get out, at least half of them will have yawned - Danielsun182

9 During Giving a Speech
10 During an Interview

"So, as a potential employee, what can you offer this company? "

"I'm alert, on the ball..." YAWN!..."and dedicated." YAWN!..."I'm the best candidate for the job." YAWN! - Britgirl

I sincerely hopes this never happens. Especially not to me. - PositronWildhawk

You don't know how close to the truth that is. It's spooky. - Barry2013

The Contenders

11 As a Guest in Someone's House
12 As a Giant Wasp Is Flying Right at Your Mouth.
13 When Singing On Stage

It's funny that someone would add this. I was watching Les Miserables O2 concert and kept thinking how funny (and indeed embarrassing) it would be if whoever was singing were to yawn mid-song:

"I dreamed a dream in times gone by, when hopes were high and life.., " YAWN... "worth living... " - Britgirl

14 When by a Swarm of Insects

This is just nasty - Curti2594

15 While Making Love
16 While Singing
17 While Reading to Somebody
18 While In the Middle of a Nightmare

How does that even work?

19 While Using the Bathroom

That's gonna be difficult to... (you know)

20 While Dancing Ballet

You:How would you keep your balance?
Me:I dun no.
You:Well think of something.
Me:Nah... too lazy.
You: <-<

21 While You're Being Murdered
22 When a Pooping Seagull Flies Overhead
23 At School
24 When in jail
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