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41 Sexiest Women Golfers
42 Greatest Things Ever

Seems a little to broad to me. - Darrell

43 Top Ten Free Translation Tools
44 Best Soccer Goalie in Marion Elementary V 1 Comment
45 Ten Best Songs by Flesh Terror
46 Best Serena Ryder Songs
47 Top Ten Reasons Why Adventure Time Is Better Than Ebola

Does Adventure Time have anything in common with ebola? No. So why make a list comparing the two when in common sense you already know the answer? Adventure Time= harmless kid's cartoon, ebola= extremely deadly and contagious disease that is at the moment uncurable. Yeah I dislike both but I'd rather be stuck watching a kid's cartoon I don't really care for rather than die from a horrible disease. - Anonymousxcxc

What does some cartoon have anything to do with a fatal disease? - Pony

What does an animated kid's show have to do with a deadly disease? - Anonymousxcxc

Ebola = Death by Disease
Adventure Time= Death by Suicide
They are both terrible! - ExxonWireless

V 4 Comments
48 Best Bail Bonds Providers
49 Top Ten Ways To Tell if Some If Someone Is A Psycho

Actually found this tongue-in-cheek list quite amusing. It's not a list to be taken seriously. And if you check in on it, you would see just how popular it is... - Britgirl

This list is extremely offensive towards people with mental illnesses! Just because someone might have some mental problems it does not mean that they are freaks or that they're extremely violent!

50 Best Business Planning Resources

Seriously, stop the Spam. - Darrell

51 Top 10 Greatest Marketing Moments in Cruise Line History

this is the funniest top ten I've ever read! - tiannerules

52 Top Ten Fashionable Ways To Roll Your Eyes In Front Of Your Teacher
53 Top Ten Reasons to Hate Jackie Evancho
54 Reasons Why We Should Listen to Black Metal
55 Top Ten Gibson Guitars
56 Best One Direction Songs

Not only is One Direction painful, but the list of "Top 10 Best/Most Tolerable One Direction Songs" is wrong!

57 Best Lupe Fiasco Songs
58 Worst Selena Gomez songs

This is just stupid to do a list like that. she works hard on her songs and movies, and it's really mean to do this list.

I think this list deserved to be made. Why, she is a pathetic excuse of music. - SelfDestruct

59 Top 10 Best Religions

All the religions are equal. There is no BEST or BETTER religion.

HEY RANDOM PERSON. the top ten list even already have a list of top 10 best religions! How could they make a list that they put into their worst lists!

*do you get the point? All religions are equal. Sorry for my bad English, I've tried my best

60 Favorite Pizza Toppings
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